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I won this book here on Goodreads, Thank you.It s a futuristic book were realities collide Humans now coexist with magical beings inside them otherwise the choice is death of either one i have not read any books from this author before and i found the concept of this book extremely interesting The main character is Wren the creature inside her is an unknown whom she calls e, because she deals in emotions I enjoyed the book but for me it is one of those books i want to read again because i might have missed something I won t say anything because i don t like to give anything away.Give this book a chance i think you will be pleasantly surprised. Okay, review time I ve read quite a few books over the past few weeks, but this one was definitely one of my favorites To start, Hamm s fantastical world consists of human beings that play host to magical entities, a coexistence that is necessary for their survival There is a LOT of exposition to get through in the early parts of the book, but it was well worth it Sometimes I read books and have no use for all of the information provided up front, but Hamm creates a world that justifies such an exposition.The main character, Wren, is a juice seller juice is actually emotions It reminds me of one of those fantasy RPGs I used to play on Xbox Oh Guildmasterrrrr Anyways, Wren also has an unknown magical entity inside of her, referred to as E Apparently this is unusual in Wren s world, as we get labels abilities for other types of magical entities, but Wren knows very little about her own Which brings me to Burke His magical entity is a Dream Walker, which means they can go inside peoples dreams and even make changes to the dream and vice versa, the dreamer can start to control them as well.A concept I can get on board with.There is a slow burn buildup with Wren and Burke, which I of course loved My only complaint was that I would have liked to see a longer and descriptive love scene, because I m a romance junkie perv and I just spent 250 pages waiting for these 2 to seal the deal I am what I am Sorry Hamm is very attentive to detail and I can tell this story was created with a lot of imagination and love Awesome cover art as well A great read, especially for those who really enjoy the fantasy genre 5 stars #Download Ebook é Silver Blood õ A PROPHECY TO FULFILLTwo Hundred Years Ago, Our World Changed Forever Two Realms Combined In An Explosion Of Magic One Morning Everything Was Normal And The Next Every Human Body Was Host To Another Magical Creature Who Had Thoughts And A Mind Of Its Own However, With Power Comes Darkness Someone Wants To Wipe This Earth Clean And Will Stop At Nothing To Consume It SHE IS NOT A HEROOr So She Thought Wren Had Grown Up With Another Voice In Her Head But Had Never Considered Herself Magical She Doesn T Have The Talents Other People Have She Certainly Doesn T Have The Abilities Anyone Else Has But She Is Charming And Manages Her Business Quite Well She Deals In Emotions And Makes People Happy It S A Simple Life, But It S Hers HE THINKS SHE COULD BEBurke Was A Bodyguard First And Always He Had Been Sent To Collect Her And Deliver Her In Person To The Most Powerful Creatures In Their World But The Moment He Steps Through The Broken Door Of Her Shop, His World Changes Forever She S Strange She S Uncomfortable And She S So Damned Beautiful He Is Convinced She Is Part Of A Prophecy That Can Save Their World But How To Convince Her A solid 3 and half stars I enjoyed the story and the world building There were some definite issues with consistency and head hopping, which did distract from the story I liked the characters, but at times I felt like we were being told who they were rather than us being shown, especially near the end Some of it rang a little false because of this However, the mystery of what is happening and the secrets held by some of the characters drew me in Overall a fascinating read. I loved EVERY FREAKING MOMENT OF THIS BOOOOOOOK Yeh I know 5 Stars might be a bit overboard even for me but this book was seriously like catnip, I had to roll in every page of it s sheer deliciousness, fantastical, wonderfulness, I am at a loss for words of just how much i enjoyed it.Alright now that I have recovered let s get down to the nitty gritty of a review, this is the first book I have read of Emma s so I was basically going in cold, but the story and the world Emma created hooked me from the first page Wren, is a juice emotions seller in a world where two realities have collided and resulted in humans having to coexist with a magical creature inside of them or the choice of either one of them dying in the process Wren s creature is an unknown which makes her a Curiosity to those around her, but E for Entity despite not revealing itself will do anything to ensure Wren s safety very sweet Now we add a prophesy, even powerful creatures, Jiminy Burke a Dream walker love interest and a really bad guy who wants to destroy the world and we are in for a wonderful adventure I must say that the cover even though nice didn t quite live up to how I imagined Wren, and the one below was the best I could find.As the story progresses and Wren is unwillingly drawn into helping to save the world and we get to know about E, who is strangely powerful yet weak I am not sure if that works for me, because everyone is so scared of E yet it can t really do anything, maybe that will develope better in the next book but I did love how weird Wren became when E took over, luuuvly.Anyway I can t recommend this book highly to those lovers of fantasy with a swirl of romance, I can t wait for the next book, but in the meantime I am going to give another of Emma s books a go. Sparks Are Set To Fly As Magical Entities Human Beings Co Habitat The Same Body.A Fresh Take On Magic, Like No Other Encountered Before An Original Storyline Wonderfully Written, A Tad Slow To Start, But Well Worth The Wait,With Endearing Characters Who Jump Out Of The Page, Demanding To Be Let Into Your Heart 3.8 Overall, But Well On It s Way To A 5 Series An Enticing Read Guaranteed, This Reader s Left Wanting More Interesting and unusual Different to anything I ve read before, I enjoyed the unfurling of the reality of the main character Wren Looking forward to reading about her, Burke and their newly formed team. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.In Silver Blood, Emma Hamm has created a world where magical creatures good and evil inhabit human bodies This symbiotic relationship allows them to live either as 2 souls that co exist or to merge and become 1 soul Each magical creature has different abilities.Wren is an eccentric juice maker and her creature is called E E for entity, as Wren has no idea what type of creature E is or what magic E has She doesn t even know if E is male or female Their relationship is strong and forms the backbone to this whole story Ever since she was abandoned at a young age, E has always been Wren s best friend and her protector I found both Wren and E s characters fascinating The very complex relationship they have is what drew me into the story From the beginning I wanted to know about E Burke is a dream walker who can enter and change people s dreams He is tasked by the mysterious Five to find the subjects of a prophecy and convince them to work with the Five Burke believes Wren is part of this prophecy after meeting her in a dream He is also strangely drawn to Wren and cannot stay away from her However the Five are not the only ones interested in Wren Silver Blood is full of fantasy and suspense with just enough romance to wet your appetite.I cannot wait to read the next 2 books in the series and learn about these characters. A magical World Of WordsThank you so much to the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.For a debut, this book is amazing And if you love unique fantasy, you need to start reading it now.The best thing about this book is that it s incredibly unique and imaginative And not in the silly, abstract way that makes you think wut the heck is going on this is so weird I can t understand why it s been published no Silver Blood is a riveting, refreshing debut that stands out in the sea of independently published YA novels.The atmosphere is electrifying and the imagery vivid The world building is deftly spun, and Hamm gently whispers it to spellbinding life The writing s strong, but occasionally the narration is clumsy and awkward There s also a lot of telling primarily at the start of the book and the beginning also suffers from very tedious info dumping But that does fade as the story progresses.The story is constantly entertaining It s fast paced, unpredictable, intelligent, and tightly plotted The descriptions are deeply evocative, and the dialogue is witty, characterising, and compelling It s fantasticCome with me, he said fiercely I will keep you safe How can you The whisper sounded like a scream to his ears Wren is a lovely heroine She s vulnerable, spunky, capable, independent, and doesn t let anyone push her down When Burke does an undoubtedly unacceptable thing by coming in while she s bathing, she doesn t excuse his behaviour and instead demands an explanation, all the while letting him know he s done an inappropriate thing In a world where YA heroes constantly get away with inexcusable things because the heroines are too awed by their hotness and secretly turned on, it s awesome that Wren sticks by her guns and lays the blame where it belongs in situations like these on the guy And to Burke s credit, he respects her boundaries.But I don t like how Wren spent the last quarter of the book I can t give spoilers, so I ll just say that she s reduced to an incapable damsel As much as I felt sorry for her, it did mean Burke got to do the rescuing and basically save the day, and I don t like that Wren was so incapacitated and docile I wanted her to have a big part in saving herself The secondary characters are equally compelling I love Jasper and Lyla and how original and three dimensional they are, and I also like the depth of Burke and Pitch s characters.But I do wish the villain had been as fleshed out.The romance is very swoony and sweet and I especially enjoyed the dream sequences between Burke and Wren But I don t like how Burke was frequently overprotective he respects Wren, certainly, but his protectiveness frequently becomes too much That leaves me undecided about the romance.Otherwise, however, Burke compliments Wren s character wellSilver Bloodis a beautifully crafted and utterly unique fantasy, dazzling in its characters and world building While I didn t always like the romance and where the story found Wren towards the end, it s an entertaining, clever, and marvelous debut that I highly recommend. DNF at 34%, because as much as I enjoy Emma Hamm s writing style I just can t connect to either of the main characters plus, I am implementing a new philosophy when it comes to a lot of activities in my life, including books, and this is the first victim of it and said philosophy is if it s not a hell yeah then it s a no XOXOA