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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♓ Slave to Love ⚇ Sweet Nights, No PromisesAfter Her Year Long Affair With Solomon Maclaine, It Was Clear To Roberta That She Would Never Be Anything But His Mistress Mac S First Marriage Had Left Its Scars On Him, But He Still Seemed To Give Most Of His Time To His Ex Wife And Spoiled DaughterRoberta Faced A Hard Decision If She Were To Have The Commitment And Children She Craved, She D Have To Leave But Could She Really Give Up The Love She Shared With Mac A Love That Brought With It No Promisesbut The Sweetest Nights Of Passion 2.5 rounded up to 3Michelle Reid is one of my favorite HP authors, but this wasn t one of her best works despite the fact that it s one of my favorite plots Heroine is mistress to the hero and leaves when she s finally had enough of being taken advantage of unappreciated.Okay, so she wasn t technically a mistress She worked for his company, granted but you get the impression that she did actually do work there I d call her of a live in booty call He gave sex and lots of it, but little else She was 10 years younger and he was her first lover She was in deep, completely head over heels and he knew it Yet, he made it clear that sex was all he was offering.The entire drama centers around his ex wife and daughter Mostly his daughter who was the result of a shotgun wedding between her parents when they were her age She s 18 and spoiled rotten However, she never got over the divorce when she was 10 and blamed the H for it since he was the initiator Her mother wasn t exactly happy with the marriage either just the comfort it provided, she kept lovers Apparently the daughter refused to even speak to her father for some time after the divorce and since then he walked on egg shells around her I sympathized Really, I did He loved her and I respected him for that, he just didn t handle the situation well I love my bratty teenage niece than anyone in the world and there s no doubt she s obnoxious these days Her father has passed and there s a lot of drama with that situation, however me and my sister her mother are doing our best not to cater to her B.S sadly, my dad does though.So, in an effort to keep bratty Miss Lulu happy, the hero pretends that he doesn t really have a significant other and, for the most part, keeps the h hidden He also drops everything whenever Lulu calls, even if it s an obvious manipulation Plus, he and his ex wife pretend to be practically in love when around her to make her happy She buys the act so well that she truly believes the two would remarry if Daddy s bimbos would just get out of the picture The H finally invites Roberta to one of the family functions but it turns out he didn t really expect or want her to accept She goes and is subjected to Mac ignoring her all night and his daughter telling everyone around that she s Daddy s latest bimbo Final straw time She leaves the party and moves out of his apt.Yay, right Well, it never goes anywhere He refuses to listen to her Refuses to respect her decision and patronizes her to the point where I d have liked to smash his face in If I was her friend, I d have called the police on him for trespassing in my apartment where the heroine had moved in Apparently they have great sex and he uses that attraction in a very aggressive way to bring her to heel When she admits that she still wants him but also wants marriage and children which he s made it clear he isn t going to give her he taunts her with the fact that she can t find someone else since she loves him That was cruel since he s never once said he loved her or made any commitment beyond making their relationship exclusive which is, IMHO, just the safe sane thing to do for any sexually active person and not a great sign of commitment I gave the heroine credit for trying, but was frustrated that she didn t break a lamp over his head or most importantly just QUIT HER DAMN JOB Jeez Obvious much Maybe it s just my unfamiliarity with England and the job market there I m not saying it s easy to find a new job here on this side of the pond, but it s not like you can t quit If the H gave a bad reference, I d have sued his pants off We re not slaves and I d assumed England had left the feudal system behind long ago She was an executive assistant that s something every company needs and she had resources friends and even her absentee family who could have provided her with some support while she job shopped All in all, very frustrating all around.Still it kept me reading until almost 1am, so I can t give it a horrible rating.ETA Just NO on the bunny rabbit pet name That s what my dad calls my 6 yr old niece and what he even sometimes still calls us older girls It s what I call my little niece and other cute little things like my kitties Therefore it s just a huge ick when put in a sexual context like this NOOOO What I liked the heroine has a trip to Vienna It gave me some ideas for my holiday there next year the heroine generally is reasonably intelligent at least emotionally I actually felt like the position she was in was impossible But that leads to the rest What I didn t like the hero calls the heroine bunny or bunny rabbit A lot And vomiting isn t enjoyable or good for you the hero is emotionally immature I get really tired of the whole I had one bad experience with something important so I m turning my back on that forever the hero is a jerk When the heroine is faced by his horrible ex wife and horrible spoiled daughter, and they continually put her down, he does nothing to intervene, and despite having the evidence of how horrible they are, he than once fails to stand up for her, and than once tells the heroine off the hero is a jerk When the heroine in very clear and reasonable terms explains how this relationship is not working for her and can never work for her based on his demands and refusal to change his mind or compromise on anything , he threatens her job, threatensher with sexual harrassment, manipulates her, decides consent is not really necessary, and embarrasses her in front of others I understand that HP heroes are very often alpholes and macho douchebags who are over the top and selfish and all that Most of the time, though, they manage to stay under toxic levels Especially Michelle Reid s heroes they can be ridiculous, but there s something that typically mitigates the alpha ness This one, though Honestly, I alternated between wanting to punch him, and wanting to phone a domestic abuse line to get some help for myself, to recover from the experience of reading about him Not romantic at all. 3.5 stars rounded up.I was going to avoid this one but heard it called disturbing and my draw to train wrecks pulled me in However, I found this to be a rather fun story about a heroine, Roberta, who was fed up with playing second fiddle to an ex wife and child 18 year old child , being chased hot and heavy by an overly amorous hero, Mac, who is unwilling to let her go Lot of angsty moments dealing with with H as well as neglectful parents and angry, teeth gritting scenes when you just want to bash the H in the face with a lamp for the crap he loads onto the h Although the h did indeed let him get away with much than he deserved, she at least let him have it in the kisser often and strongly enough to keep me from losing too much respect for her The utter possessiveness and high grovel level from the H helped too So if you like them angry and angsty with an uber possessive H who refuses to give up his territory, then this one might be fun for you. Worst book by this otherwise much liked author. The heroine, if she d been male she would have been accused of being led around by her you know what, is so in love with this nasty smarmy man, I honestly thought the brother was the hero when I first started reading the book.So she s in a relationship of sorts with her boss, and he s invited her to his daughter s 18th birthday party She s so happy thinking he s finally moving forward in their relationship, but instead he ditches her on his brother and ignores her the whole time Meanwhile, his horrible daughter circles the room and informs everyone that she s daddy s latest bimbo She finally grows a pair and takes off with every intention of leaving him.She goes back to the apartment and was in a horrible accident In a coma in the hospital for days, no one knew who she was until the hero finally drags himself away from his family at the end of the weekend and she doesn t show up for work He feels like a complete asshat because he couldn t be bothered to worry about the heroine when there were important things to worry about, like pretending he was still happy families with his ex He feels incredibly guilty and realizes what a douche he was to the heroine.Oh wait No I only wished that would have happened.Heroine leaves him and he tries calling her but can t find her But does that worry him enough to leave and go looking for her Nope Not this guy, he doesn t care about her at all But the heroine s resolve is sorely tempted when she realizes she s cutting herself off of some hot sex Mostly because she s never had it from anyone else, so doesn t realize it can be JUST AS GOOD, and PROBABLY BETTER, from someone who actually cares a little bit about her So she s going to leave him, but he ll have none of that So now she s not going to leave him, but wait, he pulls another asshat trick Now she s DEFINITELY going to leave him this time Oh no she s not And..now he s going to behave even worse She should have just given up She was never going to leave him It made me sick to my stomach that she kept going back to him Good lord Happily ever after would be if the book ended when she finally made up with her parents.I could totally take a chick lit on this one She doesn t need to be with him, it s much better if she s not.But no, the great heroine completely understands everything the hero was trying to say before, and she also doesn t want to hurt miss daddy s latest bimbo any than the set down she already gave her.Just tell the truth for once No, you don t want to be with him, no little brat, it s not just your fault, you re only a minor problem, it s your nasty nasty father No woman in their right mind would want to be stuck with him forever No wonder the ex wife hated being married to him and cheated on him He s yucky. 3 Star Harlequin Presents Michelle Reid is a favorite Harlequin author of mine When I stumbled across this book reviewed on Goodreads by my friend Mia, I thought that I would give this a go since I was feeling a little bit blue after the recent high I felt reading A Lot Like Love by Julie James Halfway through I did realize that I had in fact read this a long time back as parts of the book kept coming back to me Though I don t support overly much what happened in the story, nevertheless the rabid fascination that always takes a hold of me during these types of reads kept me glued to the pages till the wee hours of the morning.This story kicks off in the midst of the birthday bash of 18 year old Lulu Maclaine, the one and only daughter of Soloman Macmillan Hunter Maclaine and his ex wife Delia Though divorced from Delia for the last 8 years, both Mac and Delia maintain a facade of indulgence and affection in front of their daughter and both their families who had been ecstatic by the fact that Mac and Delia had been forced to marry one another when they were both just 18 years old with Lulu on the way Badly burnt by the less than perfect marriage Mac had with his ex wife, he is vehement on the fact that he is not open to the prospect of marrying another woman and conducts all his relationships with this fact out in the open.When Roberta Chandler, the only child of two wildlife experts comes across the enigmatic, sexy and charismatic Mac who focuses all his efforts and charms into winning her into his bed, Roberta doesn t know what hits her when all the rules by which she has lived her life comes tumbling and crashing down right in front of her For someone who has made a promise to herself to never be second best to anyone else in her life, she certainly does the opposite where Mac is concerned when all throughout the 1 year during which their relationship runs its course, Mac s ex wife and her coveted daughter Lulu together with his cutthroat business demands takes the center stage of his life.The final straw of the many final straws in the story comes up during Lulu s party where Lulu calls Roberta daddy s current bimbo in front of her friends and family and the humiliation that she ends up suffering with Mac almost ignoring her in favor of making Lulu s birthday party a most wonderful one as can be Determined to walk away from their relationship, Roberta moves out from the town home that Mac had set up and is well on her way to severing the ties that binds her to Mac until he storms in and kisses her senseless, proving to her without a doubt just how vulnerable she is to him.Its a constant war of walking out and succumbing to Mac s charms that takes place throughout the story I found myself going dizzy with just how many times Roberta issues ultimatums and tries to walk out on their relationship only to give in to the heady desire of being back in Mac s arms though he refuses to see just how much Roberta is suffering from his divided loyalties when it comes to sharing his time and affection between his family and Roberta.I found myself really pissed off at Mac for his callous treatment of Roberta and her feelings And I was really ready to slap some sense into Roberta who ALWAYS ended up following Mac and his rules in their relationship, no matter how firm a resolve she comes up with to end things between them.If I were the one who found myself in Mac s ex wife s home and Mac proposes to his ex wife first even to rule out the possibility of them ever getting back together, I would have slapped Mac silly and walked out and hooked up with the next available guy that I came across I was that pissed off with his half assed attempt to apologize and woo her back into his life and suddenly admit that he loves Roberta than anything else in this world.But, as I said before, even though I was ready to scream in frustration at the characters, nevertheless it was a riveting read, a testament to Michelle Reid s ability in spinning a tale worth indulging in from time to time. I think this has to be one of the worst romance stories I have read.The things you do for love but you don t become a doormat to a douchebag Weak female character she capitulated too easy and a the male lead was just so over the top He barked and she ran to him.The writing language was stilted e.g I have decided to conclude our relationship when she left him for about the hundreth time I must accept that it can never happen to me because I love you and therefore must concede to your dictum EEK Gave up at 76% Re Slave to Love Michelle Reid makes her h a very distant sloppy second in this story of an H who continually prioritizes his ex wife and his Parvo toxic, bovine daughter over anything other than his mega corporate business in life.MR lets us know that the h has been the H s live in girlfriend for just about a year She is the PA for his younger brother in the family firm and met the H a few days after she started working there, the H wasted no time in sweeping her off her feet and into his bed.The problem the h is having isn t that she wants to marry the H necessarily, she understands that he is gun shy after he got his suitably appropriate wealthy teen aged date preggers 19 years earlier and the two families were happy to force them into a shotgun marriage The H and his ex were massively unsuited to each other, but they stuck it out for ten years and then divorced after his ex wife brought another man into the marital home while the H was off on business and in front of his daughter The divorce doesn t please their now 18 yr old daughter, who firmly wants her parents back together and the girl takes on a level of nastiness usually reserved for HP OW to force it.When the book opens the H s daughter is wandering around her birthday party, that the H invited the h to hoping she wouldn t show, telling everyone that she is outraged that her dad s bimbo has been let in to contaminate the bonhomie family togetherness mood.The h, who got pawned off on the H s brother so everyone else at the family party can ignore or insult her, is finally realizing that the H only wants her for her bedroom skillz and has no intention of ever making her a significant part of his life Because the h is the child of two environmentalist parents who also made her a distant second priority in their lives while she was growing up, the h is finally figuring out she needs to move out and move up with a man who is actually man enough to stand up to the manipulative family the H doesn t have the chutzpah to deal with She is really tired of being second to everyone else s priorities The h concludes that if she eventually wants a husband and a family, she isn t going to get it from the H, who can t even make it clear to his own people that she is important to him Tho I would also recommend not responding to the nickname Bunny if you don t want to be thought of as a guy s bimbo blow up toy So the h gets the H s brother to take her home from the party early and moves out of the H s flat that he put her in for easier access When the H furiously corners the h at work on Monday because the h wasn t where he put her when he called, the h calmly points out that for all his ranting and raving, he only called, he did not leave his devoted family to actually look for her.Then the h tells the H they are through, she wants to think about staring a family and she needs to find a man to do that with The H complains that she has years as she is only 25, the h responds with a tart I should wait until your through with me then The H does manage to look a bit abashed at that statement, because he quickly retaliates with the strong application of roofie kisses and attempted lurve force mojo moves The h is perilously close to weakening her stance, but the H s brother saves the day.We get a big scene where the H and his brother square off over who has dibs on the h To her horror, the H winds up punching his brother in the face and the h kicks both of them out, cause she isn t the brass ring on the local merry go round Then the H manipulates the h into an overseas business trip on her own, so the H can try and corner her there.The H s brother managed to get one of his friends to woo the h on the trip, trying to thwart his brother s devious plans for seducing the h when he crashes it The H manages to mess up the OM seduction attempt, but does do a lot of sexual harassing of the h on his own when he suggests the h sleep with him and he will save the business deal for his little brother and preserve lil brother s status in the family firm That may be a problem for some readers of the book The H is the Head Honcho and ultimately the h works for him That leads to a lot of abusive and outright sexist behaviors that the H never makes up for So try to keep in mind that we aren t very far out time wise from the flagrant misogyny of the HPlandia of the 70 s and 80 s and adjust your mental mindset accordingly Eventually the H manages to seduce the h again, she just has NO resistance to the H s lurve force mojo which really messes with her attempts to leave his hiney The H is thinking he has won and the h will be his blow up doll to play with again, when the phone rings.The H s ex wife is in hospital with a serious infection, so the H and h have to rush back to England The H s daughter manages to corner the h in the hospital waiting room and makes all kinds of vile and nasty accusations to the h about the H two timing her with his ex wife and various other tarty tramps names Then when the H shows up, the daughter dramatically throws herself on her doting daddy and accuses the h of being mean to her and wanting her mother to die The H kicks the h out of the waiting area and tells her to leave, full of contempt for the h who abused his precious bovine parasite The h is finally done with the H and leaves the country with her parents for two weeks The h and her parents have a little mini reconnection while educating us readers on on environmental preservation.When the h gets back to England, the H is furious she walked out again and the h tries to resign The H also admits he deliberately set the h up on the business trip and then he practices roofie kisses on the h Sadly she totally melts and all the calcium she recently acquired is flushed away by the Lurve Force Mojo The H refuses to accept she is leaving and asks her to wait a week while he travels for business The final day of that week arrives and the H s daughter shows up at the h s office and runs her sewer swilling mouth again This time the h doesn t tolerate the brat s excrement laden mouthy spewing and proceeds to deliver a very well deserved and long time coming verbal smackdown It is the very, very best moment of the book The h does it with class and dignity, but she does do it very well and the H is nowhere to be found to ruin anything.The H s daughter then has a conniption fit and the h doesn t care At least she doesn t until the H shows up and starts to berate the h for being mean to his daughter So the h explains just what the girl has been doing behind his back and also explains that the H better help the girl sort her baggage or he is going to have a problem child for life.The H s answer to that is to drag the h over to ex wife s house and both the wife and the H tell their daughter they are not getting remarried Then the H tells the h he is marrying her and the h goes utterly brain dead The H s daughter decides she will have fun driving daggers into the h if she is her stepmother and the bovine little blob pustule fakes a conversion in attitude which the h believes.However the h does gather her wits enough to say no to marriage with the H, so he gets to make a pretty decent I am sorry I treated you like dirt speech, which does convince the h he loves her and he does a pretty good apology too.The h and H then realize that they need to cement their newfound commitment on the Golden Shores of Transcendent Bliss and we leave them planning the wedding and lurvin it up for a sorta sparkly HEA.This one is very intense and it is very well written, I just have no hope that the H will be able to hang on to his manly Alpha mojo for than a night or two This H was clearly a wimp in the face of his family and his daughter was probably a better Alpha, so I am not holding out hope for the long term HEA.Plus I think if the h gets a few Flinstones with extra calcum, the h might actually develop enough spine to dump the H, her job and find another HP millionaire to get herself an HEA.Still I liked the story and I liked the h As far as OW drama goes, the H s daughter was exceedingly excellent and that makes this one a pretty nice jaunt for an HPlandia outing but a bad day on the long term HEA believability front. She went through HELL with this guy and his ex and 18 yo monster child This guy was a real POW and POS And the brother What a weasel