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Samuel Levine is a psychopath tortured by the others who live inside his head We follow him on a journey, real and imagined in which he wants to right the wrongs of the past and create the perfect family along the way The story, is in part, told by one of his victims, Melanie, a 16 year old he kidnaps because she could be a twin to his dead sister Claudia.The story switches between points of view and explores the effect of multiple personality disorder not only on the victims but also the perpetrator Written at a time when this kind of information wasn t general knowledge it is a well structured and told story Parry constructs a good, solid story meant for young adolescents Easily read in class my students have found it a fascinating tale. #Free E-pub É Monster Man õ WHEN LIFE SEEMS LIKE A BAD VIDEO CLIPMelanie Spence Was Just Another Sixteen Year Old Until The Sunny Afternoon She Was Kidnapped Suddenly Her Everyday Problems An Oversexed Boyfriend, An Irritating Mother, A Dad Who Left Home Paled In Comparison To The Sick Fantasyland Her Kidnapper Called RealitySamuel Levine Was About Forty, Trapped In His Own Demented Netherworld Of Domineering Monsters, Dead Sisters, And An Obsessive Desire For A Family Melanie And A Little Four Year Old Girl Were His Prisoners On A Terrifying Odyssey Of Danger And Destruction There Was No Way He Would Let Them Gonot Alive, AnywayThough Bound And Gagged, Melanie Refused To Give Up Hope She Still Had Her Brains, So Why Be A Victim When She Could Be A Survivor i found myself being confused all the time with this book and its not because im a bad reader or anything but i just coudnt understand some of the things that where going on I can remember reading this as a teenager, and really identifying with Melanie It took me years to hunt down a copy to own.What I loved most about the book is that although Melanie is your typical teenage girl, she s not your typical damsel in distress Her background and the events she has had to overcome really instilled a resilience inside her, preparing her for what was to come.Being Australian, I loved the references to our culture and brands The descriptive writing isn t overpowering, and the exciting storyline will appeal to teens and adults alike.It s a quick read, however it s paced nicely and the ending doesn t let you down We get to see the cogs ticking inside the antagonists head, and Melanie s internal dialogue keeps us on the edge of our seat.I ve always wondered why this book isn t as well known as it ought to be It s deeply disturbing, intense and a great example of a heroine who uses her brains to get herself through what is a thoroughly terrifying experience. We read this in high school, I remember thinking, is this an appropriate book to give teens It s aimed at that age group but there s some pretty confronting themes for young adults It was a good read though, if disturbing.