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I wasn t fond of the ending of this novel There weren t many loose ends, but I felt there was a hole in the story with Old Woman Perez especially concerning her daughter Add to that my general confusion over what happened with Milagros mother and I wasn t a fan of the plot The story seemed to largely drift at parts, searching aimlessly for a course of direction Maybe I just don t really understand magical realism but I didn t understand how the story went from made up Las Brisas aka Away to Maine Also the villaness was unrealistically evil Yes she was jealous but after awhile her actions bordered on extreme and I just didn t think it was plausible I also found it odd that Milagros goes to school but it s never mentioned She only has one friend, Old Woman Perez and I wished she hadinteractions with people her own age.Even with all my issues with the plot, it s the writing that truly carries this story and makes it beautiful The writing is alluring and definitive I was easily able to picture the lovely yet fictional Las Brisas which is in the Caribbean and the very different world of Holly Pointe, Maine The author easily captured how shocking it would be to go from the warmth of the people and setting of Las Brisas to the colder and grayer Maine The feelings of alienation Milagros feels is one that many can relate to and I liked her small acts of rebellion Milagros is feisty and seeks revenge on all those who tease her and treat others unjustly I liked that she sought revenge not only for herself but for others as well I was also fond of the frayed mother daughter bond Milagros mother, Rosa, does not pay fit into the conventional mother mold that Milagros has She envies the other girls whose mothers scold them about their bad behavior and ask about their report cards Rosa doesn t appear to care, but she does care about Milagros As is often the case, too late, Milagros realizes that her mother does indeed love her and she wants nothingthan to leave Maine and find her mother who put Milagros in a dinghy to escape and Milagros hasn t heard from her since.Milagros Girl From Away is an enamoring read The creative aspects of magical realism were somewhat lost on me since they resulted in confusion on my part but the writing and descriptions are so delightful I didn t really mind I also loved the incorporation of manta rays into the story Such an usual element I don t think I knew anything about manta rays I didn t even know they were referred to as manta rays which is the overall name Sting rays are a certain type and while this book doesn t provide much information about manta rays, it does explain that they really aren t that dangerous and are pretty creatures to observe I wish the plot had been stronger withdetails but the slower pace suited me because it allows time to revel in the writing I also really liked that Las Brisas incorporated only the good of all the Latin Caribbean islands, it was sunny with nice beaches and a relaxed atmosphere A perfect place. Don t let the terrible title and truly horrible cover art keep you away from this lovely, magical little book. I really liked this book It seemed so real that I got lost in the characters The end somehow didn t come as a surprise Definitely a good read. Wonderful book Very sad and very beautiful. This book will resonate with those who have known the experience of immigration leaving home and adapting to a new language, culture and people It relates the experience of being different and feeling out of place, but, also, the strength we gather from overcoming obstacles and the magic in listening to our interior voice that let s us know who we truly are. The way I would describe this book is charming I loved the setting of the island of Las Brisas, and I sort of wish we sawof it because only the first part of the book takes place there I grabbed this book when I was working on the discard cart at the library where I worked The other book I picked out from there didn t turn out to be that great, and I was expecting to be unhauling this one as well It really surprised me that I liked it so much, so this onw I will be keeping It wasn t perfect by any means, but it was very compelling and the writing was great.When I first read the synopsis, I was reminded of Island of the Blue Dolphins mixed with Goddess of Yesterday, two books I really love I had high hopes going into this, and it definitely met them As I was reading I was reminded of other books as well, such as Pictures of Hollis Woods and Princess Academy, likely beause the book is about a strong young girl trying to figure out her place in the world.The story is about Milagros, a young latina girl living on a small island in the Caribbean It s not fantasy but rather magical realism, including fantastical elements within the everyday world Magical realism, as I learned, is primarily a South American latino tradition, so I was happy to see it here.Spoilers I definitely liked the setting of Las Brisas and I wish we gotof it I felt like the whole part where she ends up in Holly Pointe could have been shortened to allow the Las Brisas part to be longer The book took a darker turn than I thought with the attack of the Rubians I liked the part where Milagros is in the tree and she looks down and sees Dr Lopez and Senorita Alma laying there dead underneath her The sight really hit home because we knew Milagros really liked Senorita Alma and that she and the doctor were a week away from getting married I do think that because this is middle grade the story didn t dwell that much on the death part especially once Milagros was at Holly Pointe I think that if this were a YA novel it could have dwelledon the fact that everyone Milagros once knew is likely dead, including Eugenia, whom she seemed to have a running feud with I think it could have pushed this a bitin the current form, but if this were YA it would have been grittier.Soeaking of the Rubians, there is a conflict mentioned with them and the fact that Las Brisas has so much while they have so little, but it wasn t really developed It seemed to be given as the motive for them attacking and killing everyone, but it was only mentioned once and it came from Rosa, not the Rubians themselves One Rubian in particular that I wanted to talk about is Delfin I honestly thought he would play a bigger part in the story somehow, especially because he is actually given a name I expected him to pop up again later in the story somehow even after Milagros leaves Las Brisas but we never see him again after that. I like the feeling the book leaves It takes a turn from what it seems to be at the beginning It feels like a book I d love to talk about in English classes I grew up taking. Read for book riot live 2016 I enjoyed it It was a bit of a slow start, it took a while to grow on me but I liked it by the end, it was a sweet story I liked the magical realism too. This is a very good book that really kept my interest So many times in reading a Juvenile book, I have a hard time connecting with the main character and then my attitude towards the book is , So what But the author of Milagros really did a great job of helping make that connection and still keeping the book to the number of pages that a young reader would want to read I cared what happened to Milagros Anyway, this book has a beautiful Caribbean island, love, excitement, treachery, pirates aargh , fantasy, and a little bit of magic An enjoyable read `Read ✙ Milagros: Girl from Away ⇻ Milagros De Le Torre Hasn T Had An Easy Life Ever Since Her Father Sailed Away With Pirates She S Been Teased At School And There S The Constant Struggle For Her Family To Make Ends Meet Still, Milagros Loves Her Small Island In The Caribbean, And She Finds Comfort In Those Who Recognize Her Special Gifts But Everything Changes When Marauders Destroy Milagros S Island And With It, Most Of The Inhabitants Milagros Manages To Escape In A Rowboat Where She Drifts Out To Sea With No Direction, Save For The Mysterious Manta Rays That Guide Her To Land In Stunning Prose,Meg Medina Creates A Fantastical World In Which A Young Girl Uncovers The True Meaning Of Family, The Significance Of Identity, And, Most Important, The Power Of A Mother S Love