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This came out when I was heavily into my campus bus driving days It s surreal but if you ve ever commuted or driven a bus, it ll make you laugh I secretly posted a few pages around the driver s lounge and in the mechanics shop and everybody loved them The mechanics really loved the one with the bus posing as a pin up from a calendar We probably all needed to get out I still have it and it still makes me laugh. I would give this than 5 stars if possible It s incredibly well drawn, smart and really funny. This was one of the million comics my dad brought home when we were kids I don t know if they were intended for us or him, but my guess is both Being a city kid, I got buses, but I remember coming across it again once in my late teens, and realizing that I hadn t fully understood all of the comics the first time around read bus sex. As a daily bus rider I loved this book The collection of strips covering the absurd and mundane of transit riding make this collection a joy to read Wonderfully drawn, at times bordering on the surrealistic, this book hit the mark. Five stars are way too few to rate this comic strip collection The humour is surrealistic, yet very simple I really, really loved it and I ll definitely get the bus 2 . I just love The Bus You never know what will happen next. Deliziose variazioni sul tema passeggero aspetta l autobus , un tuffo nel surreale davvero piacevole. More thoughtful than funny, and employing sight gags that allude to metaphysics, metafiction, surrealism and science fiction, this text frequently seems a comic book equivalent of The Twilight Zone One of the enjoyable tensions is the ambiguity with regard to whether the bespectacled passenger or the bus is the protagonist of the strip. {Free Book} á The Bus à U Se V M N Kdy Stalo, E Jste Nasedli Do Autobusu A Vysedli N Kde Jinde, Ne Jste Cht Li Zaru Ujeme V M, E Podobn Pocit Za Ijete Poka D , Kdy Otev Ete Tuto Knihu P Ij D Dopravn Prost Edek Z Jin Ho Vesm Ru Autobus Nezn Hranice Prostoru, Asu Ani Fantazie Stripy Paula Kirchnera Zvan Autobus Vych Zely Pravideln V Legend Rn M Americk M Komiksov M Asopise Heavy Metal V Letech Esk Vyd N Autobusu Obsahuje Nejen V Echny Vydan Stripy, Ale Tak Est Strip Dosud Nezve Ejn N Ch Paul Kirchner Laskav P Ipravil Pro Esk Vyd N Zvl Tn Doslov I started reading this in the library, and I had to check it out I am not looking forward to reading it This book does not have any reading, so it is hard to review the text But the events of the bald man on the bus are quite memorable, and I think I am going to buy a copy of this, and part 2 Loved this one.