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!DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♫ Shattered Hope ♆ The Most Thorough Account Yet Available Of A Revolution That Saw The First True Agrarian Reform In Central America, This Book Is Also A Penetrating Analysis Of The Tragic Destruction Of That Revolution In No Other Central American Country Was US Intervention So Decisive And So Ruinous, Charges Piero Gleijeses Yet He Shows That The Intervention Can Be Blamed On No Single Convenient Villain Extensively Researched And Written With Conviction And Passion, This Study Analyzes The History And Downfall Of What Seems In Retrospect To Have Been Guatemala S Best Government, The Short Lived Regime Of Jacobo Arbenz, Overthrown In , By A CIA Orchestrated Coup Foreign Affairs Piero Gleijeses Offers A Historical Road Map That May Serve As A Guide For Future Generations Readers Will Come Away With An Understanding Of The Foundation Of A Great Historical Tragedy Saul Landau, The Progressive Gleijeses S Academic Rigor Does Not Prevent Him From Creating An Accessible, Lucid, Almost Journalistic Account Of An Episode Whose Tragic Consequences Still Reverberate Paul Kantz, Commonweal Good narrative about history of Guatemala in the 40 60s Devestatingly depressing about American FoPo. Fairly detailed account of the decade immediately following WW2 during which Guatemala moved towards agrarian reform that smelled too strongly of communism for the US government and dictators in the region leading to the ouster, with considerable US aid aka Dulles brothers CIA of the best government Guatemala ever had and a return to serfdom for the natives and good times for those in power, including the military Sad reading as things are still not much better, and possibly worse 60 years on. Great use of historical documents to make the case of Eisenhower s decision to overthrow Arbenz was due to fear of communism spreading to the Western hemipshere than the desire of United Fruit Company of Boston Mass. A red or pink interpretation of the fall of the Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzm n It reads like a survey but it s nonetheless a strong monograph. Overall, Piero Gleijeses has done an excellent job in his post mortem analysis of the murdered Guatemalan Revolution of Jacobo Arbenz Mr Gleijeses other works are also of equally excellent caliber.Here comes the however I disagree with his conclusion, that the US primary motive in doing so was cold war anti Communism, pure and simple, rather than an expedient excuse for defending the United Fruit Company that the US would have overthrown Arbenz Revolutionary Action regime even if Guatemala had had no bananas This is too one dimensional I hold that Schlesinger and Kinzer s take in Bitter Fruit is much on the mark Gleijeses conclusion only begs the question, as it was unlikely a revolutionary movement would have arisen in the first place without the Fruit Company s massive holdings and equally massive bribery of the Guatemalan government and military By Gleijeses own account UFCo was in on the counter revolution from inception.The presence of Communists per se in the Arbenz government though important seems excuse than reason Leftists were also present in the National Revolutionary Movement regime in Bolivia following that country s revolution in 52 The discrepancy in reaction between the two smacks of schizophrenia, until one takes a closer look The Bolivian MNR nationalized the tin mines, with their heavy US investment, but in turn agreed on compensation, to open its markets to US imports, and finally to a neo liberal bank friendly stabilization program in 1957 Guatemala, however, began a program of import substitution, would not compensate UFCo on the company s terms, and perhaps most importantly spurned the strings attached to US aid as a form of bribery Obviously, only avowed Marxist Leninists could cop such an attitude to US trade, aid and investment hence US Ambassador Puerifoy s convenient dodge on the land issue by insisting on the Red Menace within the Guatemalan government Schlesinger and Kinzer very thoroughly detailed the links between UFCo, the State Department of John Foster Dulles, and Dulles partnership with UFCo s Boston attorneys, Sullivan and Cromwell Guatemala s Communists were not doctrinaire Leninists, instead advocating political and social democracy as their country s only viable program Such was the real menace in Guatemala One might as justly state Arbenz would have been overthrown even if there had been no Communists This anti democratic hysteria engendered from Washington spoke much of the US military corporate state of mind than on the real state of Guatemala under Arbenz For this reason I must whack off a rating star on Mr Gleijeses otherwise excellent forensic study. another masterpiece of Gleijeses A banana republic tries to gain some autonomy and actually starts to do some wonderful things for the rural Maya, a group every reform seems to miss and eventually ends up paying for others mistakes or indifference And, as soon as these things start to happen, the United States under the guise of getting rid of this communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere plots and overthrows the president Arbenz Really the US just gets along better with dictators because they do what is expected of a Latin American country put the natural resources at the disposal of foreign companies and keep the masses in line with brutality It was amazing how familiar the stump speech was of what America would consider a threat to its homeland and how it would endeavor on a pre emptive strike.