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Enjoyable collection of James Bond shorts, most of which have been adapted to the film series in title only, some not at all Many feature Bond in roles not typical of the high stakes spy, or even only peripherally They paint a typical picture of the gentleman secret agent, with a penchant for the finer things in life, and of course the over the top sexism one could expect from a 60 s era Bond.From a View to a Kill 3.0 For Your Eyes Only 3.5 Quantum of Solace 2.5 Risico 4.0 The Hildebrand Rarity 3.5 Octopussy 4.0 The Property of a Lady 3.0 The Living Daylights 3.0 007 in New York 3.0 I picked up this book because I enjoy the Bond films so much The Bond of the book world, however, is different in some ways from the Bond of the film world This Bond, although confident and poised, experiences some inner conflict about the things he must do to serve his country As in the films, he is a ladies man The Bond women are always attractive, with just enough spice to make them interesting bed mates, but in the end, they always end up compliant I find it an amusing portrayal of what makes an ideal woman, and very one dimensional But I won t psychoanalyze Bond.Bond seems driven not only by his devotion to his country, but by a desire to cure boredom It seems he ll take up almost any task so long as it engages his mind and gets him out and about.I found some parts sluggish, heavy on description and difficult to get through, while others were exciting and made my heart race Overall, the stories are good entertainment, and Bond is a memorable figure I think anyone who enjoys the films will also enjoy this collection of short stories. The ultimate bathtub or plane reading book It goes from the eyes to the brain, but doesn t stay long there In fact it s pure air with a promise of something else But that something else doesn t come along.I was raised with James Bond in the pop culture background, and it s interesting to read the original source All the short stories here are enjoyable but at the same time it s crap.The beauty of James Bond isimportant than the actual literature by Ian Fleming But saying that I have only read Casino Royal and then this collection i imagine that the stories first appeared in various men magazines In between the Brut ads and various whisky advertisments You can smell the after shave lotion in these stories So on a camp level they work well. These nine stories arerealistic and less fantastic than the novels there are no depraved villains, no evil global organizations, no elaborate plots to take over the world, no futuristic gadgets Instead the tales are grounded in the geopolitical context of the late 1950s and early 1960s Castro s incipient revolution in Cuba, the accelerating collapse of the British colonial empire and, most of all, the Cold War with the Soviet Union Most of the stories follow Bond as he carries out a discrete MI6 mission, but in three stories Quantum of Solace, The Hildebrand Rarity, and Octopussy Bond plays only a minor role in relation to the central action For readers seeking the full James Bond experience in miniature, the best choices would be From a View to a Kill and Risico, both of which are exciting, tightly plotted, and manage broadly to capture the feel of a Bond novel in short story format.I ll provide brief notes on the three stories that emerged as my personal favorites Risico M orders Bond to Rome to identify the source of the heroin that s been pouring into England, and to put a stop to it Bond is told to meet with the shady and mysterious Kristatos, who points the finger at Colombo, a Roman restaurateur But Colombo is onto both Kristatos and Bond, and neither Colombo nor Kristatos turns out to be just what he seems The plot takes several twists and turns, moving from Rome to Venice to a ship at sea, and culminates in a dramatic dawn shootout explosion in an Adriatic port Some of the plot elements here were used in the film For Your Eyes Only The Hildebrand Rarity Ian Fleming displays impressive nature writing skills, offering vivid descriptions of Indian Ocean marine life in this non spy story set among the Seychelle islands Bond has completed his mission, which was to investigate political conditions in the Seychelles for the British Navy, which may need to relocate its forces from the Maldives, where Communists from Ceylon are beginning to stir up trouble Bond concluded that the only conceivable security hazard in the Seychelles lay in the beauty and ready availability of the Seychelloises Now with a week to kill, Bond agrees to help out on a private expedition collecting marine specimens aboard a millionaire s yacht The millionaire is Krest, a cruel, arrogant, alcoholic American who berates his guests and beats his pretty young wife this domestic violence emerges as the core subject of the story The Living Daylights A quintessential Cold War spy story A year before the construction of the Berlin Wall, Bond is sent to Berlin to help a British agent possessing important intelligence to cross from the East back to the West M has learned that a KGB assassin will be taking aim at the agent, and Bond s assignment is to assassinate the assassin Fleming creates a very realistic atmosphere and includes many vivid cloak and dagger details A key element of this story was used in the film of the same name. That I truly enjoyed these short adventure gems of Mr Bond in service to Her Majesty came as quite a happy surprise Decidedly, I am not a fan of the Bond films although I adore some scenes and marvel at the stunt fest opening Albert Broccoli committed to film over his years of producing the franchise installments and have had only limited exposure to Ian Fleming, having read Thunderball as a youngster And after nearly fifty years, that is of no real value at all To a greater or lesser degree, each tale has merit and serves to define and expand the character, the life, and times of this exceptional Cold War warrior, but one or two of the stories absolutely illuminate the human condition, especially the eponymous tale I hope I never forget the central lesson of Quantum of Solace In the story, Bond complains of suffering through a dull evening but only internally he s too wise, polite, and considerate to voice his opinion aloud in the company of dull people leading small ordinary lives In the end, after the other guests depart, his host recounts a most amazing tale about people whom Bond had considered too common, too comfortable, too complacent, too unremarkable in every way, he has pronounced even the attractive older woman of the husband and wife couple as completely unworthy of consideration But in this case, as his host recounts the tale within the tale, Bond is reminded of the human penchant for being far too quick to judge others, and far too harsh in our evaluations It is too easy to glance at the circumstances of another s life and make a snap assessment We are often guilty of hastily categorizing others, ascribing dubious qualities to them, making of them a caricature, seeing them as failing in this or that regard, and invariably finding fault we frequently sell others short Habitually and without shame or regret, we underestimate the obstacles and challenges others have overcome we diminish their worthiness and accomplishments, all the while glibly overestimating and overvaluing our own Obviously, in James Bond s line of work, underestimating an adversary can have deadly consequences In our own lives, the results may not be so dramatic, but then again, taken to heart, the lesson can prove invaluable In the end, Quantum of Solace is a cautionary tale serving to remind us that an evident quantity of comfort is not always achieved with ease, or without struggling with the vicissitudes of life Each of us who attain it have our own story that may include lessons learned and a high price paid for the accomplishment.Bond is certainly a larger than life character, but unlike the film versions, on the printed page the outcomes hardly seem inevitable our hero is neither infallible nor invincible He suffers the same pangs of humanity as any of us might in his shoes he feels remorse and is keenly aware that each action has consequences, and each extracts a toll upon his psyche He is not impervious to the sins he commits in the name of serving and protecting his country and her allies While Bond exhibits supreme confidence, it is not ego but his training and experience that justifies his approach he has an unbreakable will to prevail I m familiar enough with that turf to recognize that it is a quality lacking in myself, which explains my failed businesses and depleted bank accounts, but that s another story In each episode, Bond s assignment has him confronting brutality he must carry out a potentially brutal action or prevent one from occurring Although sometimes abstracted the necessary acts are often brutal nonetheless, but can appear as brutality one step removed, like bombing civilians from thirty thousand feet, or offer mitigating circumstances, as in killing an assassin before the assassin can kill again Naturally, there are always surprises, as in The Living Daylights, where Bond watches a beautiful young woman cellist through a high powered telescopic sight day after day on her way to rehearsal, and is surprised to find himself feeling pangs of heartache and desire that he hadn t felt since he was a young young man He is surprised to feel such things especially under the circumstances, which have placed him with the unenviable task of killing a sniper before the sniper can kill an escapee from East Berlin, crossing with valuable information He is farsurprised at the critical moment when he sees the identity of the sniper through his scope, and yet it is vital to neutralize the shooter Each contact Bond has with danger, each brush with death seems to inspire in him an elevated appreciation for life and pleasure Surviving incredible missions with Bond is living on the high wire each experience is heightened by uncertainty, fear, and the proximity and threat of death He imbibes that oft noted paradox In Death There Is Life, and Bond not only believes in living, he believes in living pleasurably believes in giving and receiving pleasure There are hundreds of reasons to admire James Bond, and hundreds of reasons to desire him as a friend hundreds of reasons a woman might want him as a lover, butthan anything, you want the man on your side Having Bond against you may be the last thing you ever want The spy genre attracts its fans as does science fiction, horror, romance, and as readers and devotees of every genre, we all carry our preconceived notions to the bookshelves from which we make our selections Recall the famous anecdote if only I could remember the context, the speaker and interlocutor in the dialogue , wherein a reader expresses surprise This cannot be science fiction The companion glances at the book and asks, Why is that Without appreciating the irony the speaker replies, Because, I like it Yes, well Occasionally, we are lucky enough to broaden our horizons by stepping outside of the familiar and plunging into a different reality outside our comfort zone We readers travel virtually to new realms, and just as a voyager in the physical world, we come back the better for our efforts, if we come back at all.Okay I m willing to admit Now that my hair is gray and my middle is expanding alarmingly, perhaps James Bond and his ilk serve the same function that the Frank Buck in darkest Africa comic book adventures served when I was seven or eight not having experienced life at the twin peak pinnacles of danger and pleasure, maybe I need a vicarious thrill now and then to keep my juices flowing Fine Whatever.Here s the long and short of it If you haven t tasted the Cold War up close and personal haven t had your fill of The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, The Kremlin Letter, John le Carr and the like, you could do worse than spend a day at the beach or a night in your favorite chair with Mr Bond and M Now, then Where are my George Smiley novels I enjoyed all the Bond books, and read them at a clip in 2008 This one is just a collection of short stories, but if you ve read a few full length volumes ahead of this, the change of pace will be nice.Some are a bit humorous and flimsy, others are hard hitting If you re just sampling Bond, this might be it, or it might be one to skip If you re going for the series it s of course a must and I d read it in the order of publication.I will say that it s nice seeing how different this story is from the film that came out later Check it out. |Download Pdf ♚ Quantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories ♌ Many Of Ian Fleming S Short Stories Have Been The Inspiration For The Extremely Successful James Bond Film Franchise, And Included In This Collection Are Such Stories As Octopussy, The Living Daylights, And For Your Eyes Only The Title Story, Quantum Of Solace, Lends Its Name To The Upcoming James Bond Film, Slated To Release In FallThis Collection Will Be Published To Coincide With The Film S Release, As Well As To Continue Penguin S Centenary Celebrations Of Fleming S Birth It s been a few years since I ve read any of Ian Fleming s work, and I d forgotten how enjoyable of a writer he is His collection of James Bond short stories was a delight to read though definitely not for everyone.Fleming s 007 should not be confused with the Bond of the silver screen Readers looking for gadgets or shootouts or wild car chases will be disappointed Most of these short stories are suspenseful, but not particularly action oriented And, in some, Bond is nothingthan a passing character, a sounding board for someone else s story This collection,than anything, is a series of tales of the human psyche Fleming is a master writer, and all the stories were engaging I will admit that some were harder to get into than others While From a View to Kill the most stereotypically cinematic entry , Risico and The Living Daylights draw you in from the start, others such as Octopussy and the titular entry Quantum of Solace took a bit to gain my interest These are the two entries in which Bond is furthest removed from the central story, appearing by and large in passing, and though Fleming renders flawless and vivid descriptions, I felt as though I was waiting for something to happen during most of their narratives.Fleming s James Bond is complex, intellectual, a bit of a snob, and he has reservations about the parts of his job that require killing One of my favorite passages came from The Living Daylights, where an officer assigned to assist Bond criticizes him for having a drink before getting down to business Look, my friend, said Bond wearily, I ve got to commit a murder tonight Not you Me So be a good chap and stuff it, would you You can tell Tanqueray anything you like when it s over Think I like this job Having a Double O number and so on I d be quite happy for you to get me sacked from the Double O Section Then I could settle down and make a snug nest of papers as an ordinary staffer Right Bond drank down his whiskey, reached for his thriller novel now arriving at an appalling climax and threw himself on the bed.It is hard to imagine the Bond of cinematic fame saying anything silimar, and it is passages like this that made the book particularly enjoyable It is interesting to see such an iconic character humanized and built layer by layer I am looking forward to revisitingof Fleming s works and getting reacquianted with Bond in his original form. The original James Bond stories are an interesting read if you want to see what the character was originally like Ian Fleming s written style is very easy, but I have to say, the stories are at points hilariously dated due to overt un PC comments for today s standards One great example from the short story Quantum of Solace Bond says he wouldn t mind having a flight attendant girlfriend because it would be fine to always have a pretty girl tucking you up and bringing you drinks and hot meals and asking if you had everything you wanted And they re always smiling and wanting to please If I don t marry an air hostess, there ll be nothing for it but to marry a Japanese They seem to have the right ideas too The stories are definitely a product of their time and all I can say is that it s good that the films have been updated for the society we live in now Despite the comments that would be considered vaguely racist or sexist today, the stories are entertaining and easy to get through Bond is ahuman character than earlier films and isn t just a killing machine in fact, he actually dislikes having to kill anyone The stories are less action packed than the movies, yet they still held my interest because they were a littleon the realistic side of life. Don t ask me why I ve a soft spot for Bond, but I do I suspect it s my inner car geek mmm car chases combined with my inner gadget freak I read my first Ian Fleming long ago while I was in school, but I can t remember which one I remember being unimpressed at the time This time around, however, I enjoyed it The stories weren t as sexist in the ways I d expected and yet, they weresexist in ways I hadn t expected Same with the racism Anyway, fun in a vintage way in that it provides an insight into Western cultural history of the era.