(Free Epub) õ Hoshi wo Meguru Otome ⚫ eBook or E-pub free

(Free Epub) ò Hoshi wo Meguru Otome ⛓ The Novel Takes Place From The Viewpoint Of Aerith And Is Divided Into Seven Chapters Beginning Immediately After Her Death, Aerith Meets The Spirits Of The Dead Characters From Final Fantasy VII, Including Jessie, Biggs And Wedge, Professor Hojo, And Her First Boyfriend, Zack Fair To Some Of These Spirits She Is Able To Console Them And Help Them Move On, While Others Cling To Their Deeds In Life And Cannot Be Helped Throughout The Novella, Aerith Philosophizes On Her Relationships With The Various Characters And The Nature Of Life, And Watches The Effect Sephiroth Is Having On The Lifestream As The Novella Ends, Aerith Commands The Spirits Of The Lifestream To Emerge And Help Holy Push Back And Destroy Meteor, Saving The Planet