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Blizzard is one of a pair with Schneider s The Nameless Dame, and the two lead detectives Bobby Sabbatini and Augustus Boyer are a pair as well Boyer is a pothead private eye with a rock star daughter Sabbatini is, in Blizzard, a detective with the Minneapolis police The Blizzard in the title refers not to a Minnesota snowstorm, but to a Thomas McGrath poem that reflects the protagonist s state of mind and spirit.Sabbatini, you see, has become not only enad of poetry, but an evangelist He s on a mission to get everyone around him memorizing poetry with the idea that it will transform individual lives and eventually the world If you re an English major like me, you eventually get bummed at the number of poets and lines you ve never heard of You feel like a poetic illiterate Still, Bart Schneider picks good poetry, appropriate to the situation, so my angst is not his fault.Here s a Creeley poem, for example I ve heard and read of Creeley, so it s not him I m talking about when I talk about illiteracy As I sd to myfriend, because I am always talking, John, Isd, which was not his name, the darkness sur rounds us, whatcan we do againstit, or else, shall we why not, buy a goddamn bigcar.Believe me, the verse fits, and it brings a smile, as so much of Augie Boyle s narration does.And, oh, the crimes It s right before the Republican convention, and a big right to life rally is planned There s a lot of big money involved and an enormous amount of hanky panky with guns and violins and Nazi s Augie s daughter s a target of the extremists, which makes the whole thing very personal.The tale meanders a bit, as befits Boyle s impaired state, but the conclusion is as fast, furious, and suspenseful as you could want A book with a very positive difference. Great story encompassing what s really going on in today s political climate Very funny real life characters, main character Augie Boyer reminds me of an old boyfriend the most predicable book ever written my pug could ahve written this in his sleep Really A great read with well drawn characters Have a trip to Minn St Paul coming up this is the book for you. So Much Reefage.It was entertaining enough favorite passages were when the main characters would get high and recite poetry to each other. The many local references almost made up for the writing. &READ E-PUB ⇮ The Man in the Blizzard ⇱ If Marlowe Lived In Minnesota If Spade Spouted Poetry If The Big Lebowski Were A Small Time Private Eye Meet Augie Boyer, Privatedetective Once Upon A Time, Sam Spade, Miles Roby, And Bill Maher All Went To Bart Schneider S Laboratory There Was An Accident A Spill, A Flash Oflightning And Only One Character Came Out Schneider Named Him Augie Boyer You Ll Love The Big Lug Sean Doolittle, Author Of TheCleanup Private Eye Augie Boyer Is Out Of Sorts He S Been Smoking Too Much Pontchartrain Pootie, His Favorite Varietal Herb, And Scarfing Down An Excess Of Fried Food Hecan T Stop Thinking Of His Therapist Wife, Who Left Him For Another Therapist, And Despite His New Girlfriend S Best Efforts, Augie S Testosterone Levels Have Sunk Lower Than Thewinter Temperatures Of Minneapolis On The Eve Of The Republican National Convention, A Beautiful, Blond Violinist With Multiple Personalities Walks Into Augie S Office She Draws Him Into Acomplex Case That Involves Neo Nazi Violin Collectors, Mind Control Specialists, And Thousands Of Antiabortion Activists Who Ve Come To The Twin Cities For A Rally That Will Bring New Meaning To Labor Day Butwhen Augie Uncovers An Assassination Plot, He Must Scramble To Prevent A Deranged Act Of Political Violence That Strikes Dangerously Close To Home With Wit, Compassion, And Plenty Of Laugh Out Loudmoments, Bart Schneider Creates A Lovable Yet Flawed Character And Delivers A Thrilling Contemporary Tale From The Trade Paperback Edition Good story An aging private investigator gets caught up in stolen violins which were taken by the Nazi s from Jews that were murdered His life is in somewhat of a mess, but all is good.