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This is an update to my original review which is still below I wanted to add a couple stars after the edit revisions It is much improved although it still has too many errors I also applaud the book being added to KU Mistakes are much forgivable when you don t have to look at a book s sticker price I still maintain that the actual story and characters are wonderful WOW This book was definitely not a bad idea not terribly original, but a good concept It was very poorly executed It is in severe need of proofreading and editing There is hardly a page without typos And yet that s still not the worst of it I think the author would benefit from a writing class complete with grammar and spelling rules I am truly trying to be helpful, not mean There are so many cases of run on sentences, incorrect grammar, and incorrect word usage in general that it s distracting The sames mistakes are repeated throughout the book, so I don t think it was only poor editing Even though the pages were labelled by character, when conversations started up, the speakers would change, going back and forth within a paragraph, sometimes within a run on sentence, so that it was confusing All basic writing rules were ignored to the detriment of the book Enough of the criticism The story has potential and the characters are engaging With quite a bit of polish this could be a good series I wish I could read the follow up book, because I am interested to know what happens next, but I can t pay for another low quality book I would be than happy to review it, even help edit it, but I can say that this book definitely wasn t worth the listed price. 2 stars my biggest issue is the author s lack of follow through on the simplest rule of good story telling Show don t tell Ex Telling me how they feel does nothing for me I need to feel the chemistry between them This books is filled to the brim with tell barely any show I will continue the series. Evie is an outcast at school, abused at home, and has weird things happen in her presence like electrocuting a babysitter trying to molest her with her hands When four new hunky guys show up at school, she figures it will only increase the taunting she receives, but instead, they immediately form a friendship with her Turn out, they were sent by the Elemental Council to find her Of course, when they do, they determine that Evie is even special than they were told, but they have to convince her of that.I read the rewritten version of this book and can only imagine what it was like originally Nothing about it made me feel good or bad There were parts I thought were stupid and parts I liked, but overall I was pretty neutral on what I was reading, except for one part at the end when view spoiler I might have thrown up in my mouth a little when her dad told her that her purpose was to repopulate the earth Evie thought she was going to be a badass savior warrior, but nope broodmare hide spoiler A paranormal reverse harem series instalment.Had simplistic narrative but since there were like 5 POVs, that actually helped Not very fond of many elements in the story The h was bullied, abused, had terrible dating experiences which was hard to read about , especially all the violent abuse Also not a fan of high school teen pregnancy all the H s had sexual experience except the h in their culture they wait for their bonded but none of the H s bothered to wait for the h Well, except maybe Teddy he did other stuff though, even if he didn t go all the way The h was so happy to get some positive attention in her pathetic life that she overlooked all this, even though it did bother her.However the world building was okay and the guys were good to the h So an overall 3 stars. DNFing The writing was horrible The heroes and the heroine weren t believable at all The heroine finds out she is an elemental and she doesn t freak out at all She just went with the flow like a robot Just can t deal with this. Soooo poorly written Choppy and all tell not show Nope Not to mention the sex scenes are so badly and awkwardly written that it actually read like teenagers fumbling in the dark Nothing remotely sexy about that Just felt awkwardly voyeuristic and made me glad I wasn t a teenager any shudder DNF 47% I couldn t go on because The book needs serious editing The characters have zero charisma The pace is too fast I don t enjoy the relationships. The storyline of this book was really interesting and fun to read Unfortunately, the writing style of this book isn t exactly the best Even though the content of what the story is about is clearly shown, the way that it was presented wasn t exactly that great In the beginning of the book, how paragraphs connected wasn t exactly that smooth either, though in the end, it became smoother Despite the writing style, I am excited to read the next book After all, the content of the book was really interesting and exciting. (EBOOK) ⚣ Fallen Elemental (Evelyn Storm, #1) ⚛ I Thought I Was Human I Thought I Could Finish School, Leave My Abusive Parents And My Old Life Behind I Was Wrong I M An Elemental And I Can Use Not Just One Element But All Of Them That S Not All Though, I Can Control Lightning No Elemental Is Able To Control Lightning But I M Not Just Any Elemental A Prophecy Has Marked Me As The Ultimate Power no lo se, ese final fue muy espeluznante y me desilusiono un poco ltimamente no soporto la injusticia aunque sea ficticia y cuando todo pod a mejorar no fue justo ese final.