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~Download Ebook ⚖ Ruby Rosemount and the Magic Carpet ⚖ Ruby Rosemount Is Flying A Magic Carpet With Attitude Is About To Take Her On The Adventure Of Her Life To A Magical Oasis There Genies, Wicked Villains, Sand Sprites, Spells And Dungeons Will Test All Of Her Powers Including The Ones She Still Doesn T Know She Has I found this book a week or two ago when I was cleaning out a draw which I hadn t touched for at least 2 or 3 years In it I found this book, one that I now remember loving when I was about 11 or 12, but hadn t read since then Reading it now brought back so many memories that I had completely forgotten, so for that, I m very grateful of it. My childhood fave This is a very exciting adventure that all children will love Jodie has the exquisite talent of creating a world that is real, but has the addition of fantasy fun All children and adults alike will want to read this and then dream of flying across the globe on a magic carpet.Ruby thinks she is an ordinary girl of 11 until she starts to question some funny things that happen around her house Her mother, Ann, tells Ruby she is imagining things and of course the teapot runs out, but Ruby knows her mother didn t refill the teapot even after filing 20 cups For Ruby s 12th birthday she is given a carpet from her Grandmother and is stored in the attic But Ann tells Ruby under no circumstances is she allowed into the attic Ruby can t help herself and goes to investigate A magic carpet hovers and Ruby hops on The carpet takes off out the window and Ruby is screaming silently Ruby falls asleep and when she awakes she is in an Oasis Ruby hasn t learnt how to control the carpet yet, so covers it with sand in order to find help Ruby finds help and then discovers that her carpet has been found and sold to Horas, the conqueror of Oasis Everything is not as it seems, there are Genies and little sand creatures called Spriggans Ruby finds out she has a whole bunch of relatives and all of them Genies.Ruby now has the task of recovering her Magic Carpet without being captured With the help of her cousin Avalon and her friend Jaffa, they endeavor to break into the palace to steal it back Of course it is no easy task Will Ruby recover the carpet without casualties This was a fantastic story that I highly recommend to all children and adults alike Full of adventure, fun and hilarious in the magical items that Jodie has created within her story I will certainly be getting the next in the series, to find out what Ruby discovers next Katie Turner The Kindle Book Review My primary school favourite, second to the Sister s Grimm, reread. my favorite I ve decided to re read this series as it was what really got me into reading and I m in a reading slump at the moment, going on about 2 years now Hmmph CHILDHOOD CLASSIC that ending whew i still think abt u ruby u QUEEN This book started my love for adventure This books is amazing It drew me in right from the start and I couldn t put it down until I had read it front to cover I continue to come back to it when I want to escape the real world.