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!KINDLE ♧ Shadows Messenger (Aileen Travers, #1) ♟ Coming Home From Afghanistan Was Supposed To Be Something Great That Ended When I Met Tall, Dark And Handsome In A Bar And Wound Up In A Dumpster Sporting A Nice Set Of Fangs And My Life Flipped On Its Head Now I M A Messenger For Hermes Courier Service Trying To Make Enough To Support My Ice Cream Habit While Staying Below Vampire Radar When This Newest Job Of Mine Goes Disastrously Awry, It Puts Me On The Hook To Be Indentured To A Sorcerer For The Next Fifty Years Unless I Can Find A Way To Fix Things What S Hidden Can T Stay In The Shadow S Forever And My Life Will Never Be The Same The book Shadows messenger An Aileen Travers Novel by T.A White started out interesting but quickly turned into annoyance and disappointment Compared to the other books i read from this author this was underperforming.In short too many and useless inner monologues and an annoying heroine acting childish and hypocritical Again one of those books where you get stuck too frequently in the head of the main character The heroine s thoughts dominate the book The storyline is constantly interrupted by it Either she remarks everything in a mostly wannabe quirky way, or you get a family or military history anecdote, or she is reminiscing about everything and nothing If you would remove all the inner monologues and weigh it against what s left, this would be a short story It sometimes interrupts dialogues for up to 2 pages cellphone , that is ridiculous.And it isn t even vital for the current story I just early on started skipping her inner monologues completely At this point the book was readable again.The inner monologues aside I also do not have a big love for the heroine as the story progresses Here some examples Being an ex soldier with military training, but does a job she never really cared to check all angles about, like the contract rules and possible penalties Her ignorance of what is going on around her is astonishing Adding her strong tendencies to be independent, it makes a joke out of her She stumbles from one incident to another without any knowledge Then blames others why they hadn t informed her on their own accord She calls for help as soon as she discovers she is again out of her depth And complains when she does not get help quick enough By the people she constantly holds at arms length She manages to escape on her own but does not even bother to tell the people who were running to aid her She tells half truths and keeps stuff to herself but gets mad when people don t confide all their information with her She is a petulant, arrogant child She is a walking talking contradiction Who has moments of wisdom and moments of otter stupidity It is really hard to like her.I very much enjoyed the Brokenlands Series by T.A White This series not so much. I really enjoyed this book It was a different take on vampire novels I highly recommend it 3.5 stars I got sucked into this series enough to read all the currently available books but I wish I hadn t Let me explain why.This is a series about Aileen Travers, baby vampire struggling to retain some control over her life in a supernatural world that plays by incredibly brutal rules That s the pitch that made me pick up the book and T.A White follows through on the promise of her premise Aileen is smart and likable and tough, but she s got very little power and few friends Almost everyone she meets treats her horribly they threaten her, torture her, use her, lie to her She survives and thrives despite it all.On the one hand, I really appreciate that TA White doesn t pull any punches Aileen s goals don t seem terribly lofty she wants to fly under the radar and mind her own business but she might as well be wishing for a pony Once the power players are aware of her existence, she begins to lose control over her life She struggles but it only delays the inevitable Every line she draws in the sand is a line they ll force her to cross She s fighting a war of attrition and she s losing That sounds rough even in vague terms, but it s worse in specific She s basically in a handful of abusive relationships with people who hurt her, over and over, for her own good She has a couple of friends who care about her her love interest is the worst of them and sure, they ll step in to save her in a pinch but turn the page and they ll be the ones taking away her freedoms, stomping all over her goals, turning the screws.And just in case you were inclined to believe they re really acting in Aileen s best interests, take note of how these friends treat everyone else Aileen s love interest mostly gets what he wants through torture He starts with threats, quickly escalates to violence soon enough all these secondary characters are whimpering and cringing in his presence, clutching old wounds or sporting fresh ones This series is good enough that, once I started reading, I cared about the characters, I wanted to know what would happen next So I kept reading honestly, it just gets painful with each book Most of the characters are cruel They are cruel to Aileen And she loses a whole lot than she wins. 2 1 2 stars The story has promise and pulls it off ok It is interesting to read about a very not powerful vampire However, Aileen gets a bit annoying She is so willfully ignorant to the point of being stupid It would help to understand something of the new world that you are stuck in Yeah, a bit overwhelming at first and I probably would want to hide from it except for the bare necessities for a while, but not 2 years No wonder she gets in major trouble She also is a hypocrite Hates when people keep things from her but she does the same thing Aileen loathes that the vampires and others think they know what is best for her but she goes ordering around a werewolf and sorcerer in the same manner I get wanting to be independent but her attitude pisses off everyone, including her own family How did she ever survive in the military If you skip over some of her hissy fits and interior dialog the story actually is interesting The premise is interesting and could lead to some good cases in the future There was a lot of action and she doesn t always come out on top She does a lot of running away, which at her power level, is the smart thing to do Once she has to actually deal with some things in the supernatural world she negotiates and uses some people outside of the normal route of how things go to get what she needs done Sometimes she even asks for help I liked the story except for a few small plot holes and the above mentioned peeves It is a little bit of a different take on vampires and on urban fantasies If you are tired of the same old, give it a try. Good paranormal creature mix No romance which I would have liked The h is a mixture of tough stubbornness and bumbling amateur It looks like the start to a series which would be fun to continue Not an earth shattering read but a fun, compelling read that I would continue with There are vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, witches, and draugrs. New must read author for me Right all I can say is that when a Mexican cartel comes for you in the middle of the night, and delivers you to my cellar to spend the rest of your days writing books for me, it s your own DAMN fault, T.A When I started this book, I sat thinking, this is a really great book, why have I taken so long to read any of T.A s books Only to discover it and all the other books are new releases and there AREN T ANY AVAILABLE TILL NEXT YEAR What can I say I loved all her books which I read in a few days and I can t wait for , all three books had very similar strong, snarky leading ladies that I just loved I highly recommend her books to fans of Michelle Sagara and other similar books.TA now tops my list a fav authors. A vamp with a different edgeAwesome read A plot that will have you cheering for our heroine as she not only wades through the paranormal world, deals with her turning but also tries to find who is the mastermind behind the deaths hitting the city I had guessed early on part of the answer but the second part eluded me.Coming home from Afghanistan shouldn t have ended with her waking up in the morgue Now she is trying to earn a living as a courier and dealing with the fact that she is a vampire Her jobs are all time sensitive and this last one should have been easy except doris the recipient being dead and she was the number suspect Worse the clause for non delivery has kicked in and she now faces 50 years in servitude This death is one of many in both the human and paranormal world Investigating it might be a way to get her freedom if the vampires don t get her first Add in witches, werewolves, a killing machine and a sorcerer to the mix All have their own agenda Can she use this Will she be able to solve who is pulling the strings Great characters especially the pragmatic, capable heroine who never gives up hope.