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sighhhhh and just like that my hopes come crashing downthis book was a real shitshow and considering the last one was a minor shitshow thats saying something first of all this is spoilery af so dont read any furthur.okay so some real sick torture shit happenstheres lot of stupid weird issues and infighting i mean like reaaaaaallll stupid the sort of stupid people usually grow out of when they are teenagers and while they technically still are their all parents to be not to mention closer to college uni age so really should be far mature and less prone to tantrums i mean especially given that their elementals and they legit bearly lost their bonded i mean usually the person you love nearly dying puts shit in perspective also elementals and emotions are connected so how the effing eff of effs can they all be considered like the ultra cool 4 whatever when they are all acting like whiny little boys well thats a generalisation as there are some DANE who are greatly so than others DANE also what dumb fuck ignores not only the intincts of the chosen one blah blah blah but also a mothers instincts and the fact that she literally had a vision about it like excuse me can we see a grown arse woman up in here because that shit wouldnt happen around estrogen lemme tell you OH AND LETS NOT EVEN GET STARTED ON THE FACT that there was like zero nice relationship stuff i mean im not pissed over lack of sexy because obvi she was tortured malnourished etc but not even like some cute family fun like the pool in the last book or cooking together i mean WHHHY is the first cute thing they do all together the ultrasound and then they just DONT SAY THE GENDER i mean fuck me give me that at least or some time spent talking about names literally it was like they all just completely forgot aboit there relationship and this book was all about danes drama and treating evie like a invalid idiot walking baby maker i mean sure she has idiot moments and you wont see me calling her a genius especially not after the multiple TRUST MY INSTINCTS THEY NEVER LET ME DOWN then getting weird vibes from her dad than once and the vision and yet still trusting him are you fucking kidding me well besides that she showed how strong she was in this book you know holding up under torture like a champ etc and not giving them what they wanted and what not only protecting herself her babies her bonded for what a month but then doing some exorcist shit yeah good girl im proud WHAT REALLY fucks me off the planet is that dane who fucked me off the last book when he broke evies trust so fucking horribly is that in this book he literally cant take the thought that his previously established arsehole of a father might be a threat to his bonded pregnant person without demon influence WHAT A SHOCKER considering he knows how shit his father is to his mother in the first place im starting to imagine dane as a knuckle dragger tbh like protruding jaw drool lice the whole shebang so what does he do literally endangers her life on purpose because fuck off if your bonded can endure 3 weeks of torture and morning sickness without giving in you sure as shit keep ONE ONE god damn thing that you were specifically told not to say to anyone to yourself even in a hissy fit FUCK ah i m angry and you know what the cliffhanger where said moron gets stabbed was i surprised yes did i have much sympathy no because tbh i kinda wanted mike to give him a beatdown and the fact that mike was the only one who actually seemed to have an ounce of a clue to danes fuckery really pisses me off especially when the whole book is legit aboit protecting her and the babies YOU HAD ONE JOB.THERE ARE FOUR OF YOU FOUR like thats not even counting the good dads and the unbonded bonded and her grandpa yeah you guys suck like A LOT.fuck now thats over with lets hope the 3rd and im assuming final book is about them getting there act together and less about an even bigger demon shit show i dont have high hopes any if i were her id probs just tell them all to fuck off and come find me when they grew a brain and a set of balls ones that did than knock bitches up also thank god the virgin girl no virgin guys trope was addressed in the last book it shits me to no end when the guys are all manwhores with no reprecussions but if the girl kissed a guy when she was 4 they want to track him down for the kill and then keep her isolated from anything with a dick and a pulse like fuck not okay good job to teddy for keeping it in his pants and also thank god evie appreciated that and the other pricks felt bad they should itd be different if it were evie not knowing what she was etc but all thise fuckers knew they had a bonded and according to info tend to meet theirs pretty young anyway considering christian at 23 is basically considered a spinster btw is their a male word for that cause i feel some serious sexisim from that shit if the word is bachelor which is made to be all cool and lucky and not an equally dried up grouchity old unloveable husk term then fuck that i dont trust men who know they had a fated soulmate who theyd meet when they were young and what they couldnt wait a few years i mean shit at the very least if you know your chick is most likely keeping herself for her fated why the fuck arent you you ball bag wahhh you see when i read books im usually too immersed in the story to feel much than minor annoyance or what the fuckery but when i sit down afterwards and think about i realised how messed up it is like your literal would die without soulmate is out there and instead of idk focusing on bettering yourself or preparing like ways to take care of them or be a good partner or ya know LOOKING for her you decide fuck it ill find some hot humans to fuck whats worse is one of the guys at least thought that if he hadnt found his bonded aka evie which he had and knew at the time her evil bitch nemisis cheerleader was hot enough that hed probably do her even knoeing shes satan and his soulmate is there and bullied by her EXCUSE ME THE FUCK like you know what theres heaps little things that arent addressed like the shitty art teacher who doesnt turn in her abusive parents and the fact that some gross neighbour abused her im assuming sexually in some way because its eluded but never mentioned again ah i feel like i need to eat chocolate and lie down to make me not want to jump inside this book and kick some arses you know when your so pissed frustrated that you feel like youll explode if you dont talk out the anger or scream into a pillow yeah im there needing a pillow to scream into this book it has a 3 because babies and its technically RH even though this book was not reallyotherwise it probably would gotten a two MAYBE even a 1 idk im feeling like a moody hoe atm so no mercy especially when i just know the story could have been GREAT like just imagining how it could be with mature characters and in depth stuff cut up some of the unneeded bs focus on the harem and less on one or two individuals like fuck as much as i like multiple pov we didnt need to be flicking between each person every 5 seconds i felt like i was getting whiplash ugh okay im actually going to stop being a stroppy cow now and attempt to read the next book with that out of my system so i dont have a total determined to hate you grudge going in. Ack POV swaps all over the placeOk The writing remains choppy The flow of thoughts remain bumpy and scattered POV changes every couple paragraphs and it is very distracting The father drama is the main focal point of this book in the series, as is the surprise bees of little ones I understand that the characters are late teens but they re also supposed to be high ranking elementals with super powers Yet they all bicker like children and defer much too easily to the very people they were just opposed to I think I m going to break from the series before I try to read book 3 Come at it with fresh eyes because while the mystery interests me the style still reads as YA and the romance element doesn t flow as well in it. So, the story picks up right where the last one left off The guys trying to figure out how to save Evie, and Evie being held captive and tortured.It was all fine and dandy but man This book is like the ultimate drama queen among all other books out there The drama just kept building and building view spoiler First, there was the fact that the council members were possessed by demons I mean, really Demons Then, there was the unexpected pregnancy Then we find out that there will be potential bonded guys for Evie how much , exactly Then that one of those potential bonded guys is actually Dane s ex And finally we have the betrayal which I think everybody saw coming of her father hide spoiler Once again I have a mixed review I enjoyed book 2 of the Evelyn Storm series than book 1 The story progression is nice, the spacing is good, and I appreciated the original character development as well as the addition of new, critical characters However, there are still too many editing issues The writing is choppy jumpy at times and there are still way too many typos or incorrect word usages I would have given this a 4 star if it had been edited better Still improved from the first draft of book 1 This is an action packed booked full of danger and intrigue There s less time for romance between Evelyn and her guys which was a shame It was nice to get to know some of Evelyn s family Evelyn and all of the guys make for great characters The guys are equal measure frustration and perfection The book ended on a cliffhanger very similar to the first one With so much left uncertain I am eager for book 3 It looks like we could get a mix of heartache and happiness mingled in with the adventure I still have high hopes for this series. Entertaining read.I ve enjoyed this series so far The reverse harem genre is new to me and definitely entertaining My main issue with this book is the somewhat whiny inner dialogue It seems someone s feelings are getting hurt every few pages and it became irritating Regardless, I still liked the story and I m curious to see what happens in the next book. This reverse harem sequel was good I really love the evolution of the paranormal aspect Lots of sad issues in this book and I cried a bunch My only complaint is that the romance was really steamy in the first book and this one had practically nothing But the story is still great and kept my interest Grabbed the third book right away so I could see what was going to happen Five glittery stars |READ DOWNLOAD ⚖ Saved Elemental (Evelyn Storm, #2) ♠ What Do You Do When You Re Kidnapped And Have No Way To Use Your Powers You Give Up But Not Me I Know My Guys Will Come For Me I Just Have To Wait For Them Starved And Tortured, All Evie Has To Do Is Wait To Be Rescued But When Circumstances Change Can She Risk Waiting For A Rescue That May Come Too Soon Or Will She Find A Way To Rescue Herself Ends On A Cliffhanger Not Again..Poor Evie Things don t ever stay smooth and safe for long Terrible cliffhanger, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat Good cliffhangers leave you panting for I m dying to know what gender her little ones are I love the addiction of Christian Thinking that now I have a clear favorite Book 3 here I come Love this series I do see the editing and plot holes but I still love this series so far The characters and story line are awesome Can t wait t read the next one. EmotionalOk so I didn t put this one down until I was finished reading it Some parts were emotional for me Great read.