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Cute fast paced story with a nancy drew vibe It was a fun read with a sweet cast of characters facing the challenge of protecting a friendship and following their gut Good YA read with a great moral. I think my daughter had already read this and if she hasn t I will definitely be pushing her to read it as it is the type of story I know she loves.The characters are great, I m not a massive fan of reading about teenagers, frankly living with them is bad enough lol, but I genuinely enjoyed reading about Ruby, Riley, Catriona and Lucy The story is fast paced, thrilling to read, and best of all it has a dark aspect but one that is written in such a way that it is totally suitable for younger readers especially those that like grittier reads. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚡ #MEET ⚤ When Ruby Knight S Best Friend, Catriona Taylor Disappears Ruby Knows Something Isn T Right Time Is Ticking And The Race Is On To Find Catriona Has She Run Away Is She Really On A Holiday With Her Parents Has Something Sinister Happened To Her These Are The Questions Facing Ruby Can She Find Catriona Can She Ask Her Detective Mam For Help Or Will She Leave It Too Late Follow Ruby On Her Journey To Find Her Best Friend I have always loved YA Na even now that I am over 30 I couldn t put this book down, the story gripped me andwith the social media generation in full swing it not only highlights and tackles a real issue but Meet does it with style and grit A teenager turns detective when her best friend seemingly disappears Is she over reacting or is something not quite right Aswell as dealing with the main plot line you also get the day to day drama of female high school life that I m sure we remember so well.I really enjoyed this well written escape from reality and hope there may be adventures to be had by Catriona and he replied friends. Although I m older than the intended audience of this book I find YA an easy read and when I read the synopsis on the book it sounded good and I was not disappointed Found it a good easy read with an easy to follow plot line and although kinda knew where it was all headed was still enjoyable to read. It has been so long since I have read a book like this And I loved it It was such a refreshing read for me Full of so many questions that has made me put book two on my TBR list I fell in love with Ruby from the word go This is a book that adults and teens a like can read an enjoy together It would make an ace TV series too I cant wait to read from Ruby 5 starsBrilliantly written book about a very serious subject Ruby is a wannabe detective just like her mam and when her friend starts acting strange and disappears she is determined to find out where she is This book highlights the dangers of meeting strangers online and is a must read for everyone. This was truly an inspirational story that was just packed with action and adventure It just goes to show that you need to be exceptionally careful you know who people are A truly wonderful book with characters that I just absolutely fell in love with One of the must reads of the year To begin, the beginning didn t capture my interest By the middle of the book, I was intrigued Not once had I expected it to be suspenseful This Author proved me wrong, and I m happy at the outcome Ruby s best friend gets kidnapped but no one suspects a thing until Ruby goes with her gut instinct She partners with Riley, her newfound friend to find out what had happened It threw me off, and that s what I enjoyed the most about this book ARC I m writing this review on behalf of my 13 year old daughter She loved this book She was very animated and emotional as she told me about the storyline This is a storyline that is relevant to today s teenagers, it highlights the dangers that can be associated with social media Communicating and meeting strangers As a parent of teens and a daughter still to reach this milestone, I would urge parents to introduce this book to their kids.