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A wonderful, classic Beverly Cleary There is something about the characters innocence that lacks so much in contemporary books Reading this, I wish that children could still leave without all the unnecessary gadgets and electronics that add very little to the human experience. In just under a month, Beverly Cleary will celebrate her 100th birthday, and for well over half a century, her books have delighted readers everywhere with their believable and sympathetic characters and the ordinary situations they face.Mitchell and Amy Huff are twins just starting fourth grade Like many pairs of twins, these two have very different personalities Amy is an enthusiastic Girl Scout who loves reading and is very good at arts and crafts Mitch is something of a clown who loves all things mechanical and hates sitting still.And like siblings everywhere, Mitch and Amy take great pleasure in annoying each other Mitch has a lot of trouble reading, and his mother regularly has him practice reading aloud with her Amy, though she knows she shouldn t, somehow can t resist sitting in on these sessions, ostentatiously reading her own thick novels and smugly announcing how many pages she has read, while Mitch stumbles along in what he considers babyish books.And the twins will happily argue over anything, from who can read Dear Abby s advice first to whose fifty cent piece is shinier This drives their parents up the wall.But Mitch and Amy still care about each other, and when the chips are down, each can count on the other for support and understanding Amy has great difficulty learning her multiplication tables, not least because she wastes so much of her energy avoiding the task, but when she is finally forced to tackle them, Mitch surprises her by offering to help.Mitch s biggest problem this year is Alan Hibbler, a smug, smarmy boy a year older Mitch had managed to embarrass Alan twice as the school year began, and Alan has now dedicated his life to making Mitch s life miserable Mitch tries his hardest to ignore Alan s taunts and tricks, but he is beginning to get angry and very tired of the constant bullying he is too proud to tell his parents or a teacher of the problem, and too prudent to confront Alan himself But as his patience wears thin, it s clear that a showdown is inevitable.The twins gain a new friend and ally in Bernadette Stumpf, a seemingly eccentric and unkempt girl in their grade whom they regard with a mixture of annoyance and admiration When Amy and Bernadette are paired up to take their turn at providing refreshments for their next Girl Scout meeting, Amy is surprised to learn that Bernadette and her five older brothers do most of the family s cooking and housework themselves because their father works and their mother is a full time student This explains Bernadette s rumpled appearance and precocious self reliance, and Amy rather envies her messy, comfortable house and her competence in the kitchen.The book was written in the sixties, and it shows in several delightful ways the fourth graders are excited to find that their new classrooms are equipped with slide projectors, TV s, and record and cassette players Amy is very surprised that Bernadette s mother is in college, and her own mother is a stay at home mother who enjoys The French Chef on TV But the kids rivalry, the gloriously messy pinata making party Amy and her two best friends have, Mitchell s troubles with the insufferable Alan, and their everyday struggles and triumphs, are timeless. I loved this book While it does not have the charming and hilarious characters such as Ramona, it touches a time in childhood where children not only become invested in solving their own problems but self aware enough to see the fragility of others. We all laughed so much aloud in this one and it was the magical car audiobook experience I ve dreamed of. This book Mitch and Amy by Beverly Cleary is about two twins Mitch and Amy and they are their own enemies This book reminds me of me and my older brother we are always fighting, but at then when its over I always end up feeling bad for the way that I acted But then later we always forget about it and move on I gave this book a five star because it was just the right reading level and I can relate so it was interesting In the book they each have their own problems Mitch has trouble reading and Amy has trouble with multiplication And they are always bugging each other about it so me and my brother are always bugging each other about stuff like that So yes, i would recommend this book to readers who like realistic fiction and a little bit of comedy. I ve always avoided this title because I thought it was one of Cleary s teen romances I don t like teen romances But Mitch and Amy are twins, not boyfriend and girlfriend I fell in love with the competent Bernadette in this book The way she deals with the bully is a thing of beauty, but so is the aftermath.One interesting effect of going through all the Cleary books in a row is seeing how certain small anecdotes get recycled sewing pants for stuffed elephants, for instance, and the shave and a haircut postscript to a processional and subtly changed I think maybe these are the anecdotes that are truest to life Cleary s writing has an immediacy and a charm that somehow I missed as a kid And she s also the perfect model on how to write books that never need to be scrubbed and updated because of brand names while I know who the French Chef is, it doesn t matter a whit because it s a descriptive name And the curly haired lady on TV who tries on skis in her living room could be anyone on a sitcom, not just Lucy And so on. |EPUB ☨ Mitch and Amy ⚆ Double Trouble Mitch And Amy Both Think Being Twins Is Fun, But That Doesn T Stop Them From Squabbling Amy Is Good At Reading Mitch Is A Math Whiz Amy Likes To Play Pretend Mitch Would Rather Skateboard They Never Want To Watch The Same Television Show And They Always Try To Get The Better Of Each OtherThen The School Bully Starts Picking On Mitch And On Amy, Too Now The Twins Have Something Rotten In Common Alan Hibbler This Twosome Must Set Aside Their Squabbles And Band Together To Defeat A Bully Mitch and Amy is one of those books that will always remain timeless within children s literature It tells of the trials and tribulations of Mitch and Amy Huff, nine year old twins who are about to enter the fourth grade at Bay View School.I first read Mitch and Amy back in the fourth grade Our school library had a birthday tree where students could have a paper ornament on a tree to indicate their birthday One could also pick a book from a box and have a placard placed inside in honor of his or her birthday I d chosen Mitch and Amy since it was the only one by Beverly Cleary in the box, and I d already read all of the Henry Huggins series.The story takes place around the San Francisco Bay The book has ten chapters, and is told by the twins in the third person Mitch s point of view is in the odd chapters while Amy s is in the evens Summer is ending and both twins are looking forward to the new school year and the fourth grade So are Mr and Mrs Huff who have to endure the endless bickering of their children.One thing that I ve noticed is how one twin s strength seems to be the other s weakness, sort of like the yin and yang symbol Mitch breezes through multiplication tables while Amy gets easily frustrated with them Yet Amy excels at reading and spelling while Mitch has to plod along reading aloud to his mother He d rather go outside and either bike or ride his skateboard around the neighborhood or, when the school year starts, play kickball before classes begin for the day Meanwhile, Amy enjoys working on home ec and arts and crafts projects as well as plays the cello Mitch plays the French horn Mitchell also has a tendency to build things The book starts out where he s building a homemade skateboard He s excited to road test it, and it leads to disaster not by his own volition Mitch runs into the school bully Alan Hibbler, a fifth grader, and his buddy Dwight Hill, who s going into junior high school Alan smashes Mitch s skateboard, then he and Dwight make the younger boy run and throw the wrecked pieces at him Mitch flees the scene, then realizes that he ll not only have to end up dealing with Alan at school but on the way there.September and the school year soon begin At first, Mitch and Amy were both excited for school to start Now have their own issues to deal with than just each other The quibbling siblings are off to a rude awakening Mitch still struggles with spelling and his aversion to reading books though he s still the math whiz Amy, though she s still in top reading group in her class, continues to have problems with multiplication which increases vastly when her class gets tested with audio visual aids.Alan Hibbler resumes tormenting Mitchell on the way to school Mitch tries to ignore and avoid the bully mostly to no avail Alan delights in throwing eucalyptus buds at Mitch and stepping on his shoes He coerces the younger boy into a game of Chicken with their bikes one day after school Mitch manages to avoid a serious accident though Alan who gets badly injured by his own undoing vows revenge on him.Outside of the multiplication tables, Amy has her own share of troubles She and Mitchell continue to goad at one another whenever the opportunity arises Amy thinks that her brother gets in the way whenever she has her friends over Mitch butts in when Amy and her friends Marla and Bonnie are trying to earn badges for their Girl Scout troupe by scrubbing the Huffs kitchen floor though he ends up saving the day for the girls The three girls later work on a pinata for their class Christmas party and they forget to put a hole on the top for the pinata Since Mrs Huff won t drive the girls and their fine feathered friend to school due to a neighborhood pact the moms made the summer before , Mitch walks behind the girls to keep an eye out for Alan Hibbler Alan fails to wreck the pinata and, as revenge, starts to torment Amy as well as Mitch Despite being at opposite ends of the spectrum, it s time for the twins to unite and stand up to Alan who s now their common enemy It s obvious that Beverly Cleary based this book on her own twin children her son Malcolm and her daughter Marianne I would assume that Mr and Mrs Huff are drawn from Mr and Mrs Cleary and their own experiences on raising twins Over the years, I ve often wondered if these ten chapters are based from what Marianne and Malcolm have endured during the fourth grade.Beverly Cleary writes another timeless book for children that will continue entertaining generations of kids and their parents Mitch and Amy is one of my favorite books of hers As with Henry Huggins and Ramona Quimby, it would have been nice for Beverly Cleary to have also written a series on Mitch and Amy It could have continued to finish their year in fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, junior high school, etc You get the idea But it s one of those books that you can take off of the shelf and continue reading every now and then and never get tired of it Rating What I thought about the book Mitch and Amy was that it was a really good book I really liked how Amy went and stuck up for her twin brother Mitch when Allen Hibbler tried to bully Mitch by breaking Mitch s skateboard that he built by hand out of recycled wood and roller skates I also liked the fact that Beverly Cleary went and took pieces of what each twin was good at by showing that Amy was good at reading and liked to do arts and crafts and how she made Mitch good a being a math whiz and how he would actually rather go and skateboard most of the time and about how he does not always want to sit and practice reading so he can be come a faster reader so he can go in a lot faster reading group in his forth grade class.