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In the vein of Mary Roach s Bonk, a brilliant microhistory of the sex toy that ultimately tells the story of our changing sexual s and evolving cultural values Once only whispered about in clandestine corners, vibrators have become just another accessory for the suburban soccer mom But how did these once taboo toys become so socially acceptable The journey of the devices to the cultural mainstream is a surprisingly stimulating one.In Buzz, Hallie Lieberman provides a riveting history that tells the story of sex toys from ancient phalluses to 21st century vibrating rabbits She focuses on the period from the 1950s through the present, when sex toys evolved from symbols of female emancipation to tools in the fight against HIV AIDS to consumerist marital aids and finally to mainstays of today s pop culture Lieberman s history is populated by vivid and fascinating characters, including Ted Marche, an entrepreneurial ventriloquist and dildo maker Duane Coleglazier, the gay ice cream truck driver who founded the first boutique sex toy store Dell Williams, ex communist advertising maven who created the feminist sex toy store Betty Dodson, whose workshops helped 1960s women discover vibrators and Gosnell Duncan, a paraplegic engineer who invented the silicone dildo And these personal dramas are all set against a backdrop of changing American attitudes toward sexuality, feminism, LGBTQ issues, and.Both educational and titillating, Buzz will make readers think quite differently about those secret items hiding in bedside drawers across the nation 16 pages of color images [[ Free ]] ↽ Buzz ⇰ Once Only Whispered About In Clandestine Corners, Vibrators Have Become Just Another Accessory For The Suburban Soccer Mom, Showing Up In All Manner Of Pop Culture, From Sitcoms To Talk Shows To The Pages Of Glossy Women S Magazines But How Did These Once Taboo Toys Become So Socially Acceptable The Journey Of The Devices To The Cultural Mainstream Is A Surprisingly Stimulating OneIn Buzz, Hallie Lieberman Who Holds The World S First PhD In The History Of Sex Toys Starts At The Beginning, Tracing The Tale From Lubricant In Ancient Greece To The Very First Condom In To Advertisements Touting Devices As Medical Equipment In Th Century Magazines She Looks In Particular From The Period Of Major Change From The S Through The Present, When Sex Toys Evolved From Symbols Of Female Emancipation To Tools In The Fight Against HIV AIDS To Consumerist Marital Aids To Today S Mainstays Of Pop Culture The Story Is Populated With A Cast Of Vivid And Fascinating Characters Including Dell Williams, Founder Of The First Feminist Sex Toy Store, Eve S Garden Betty Dodson, Who Pioneered Bodysex Workshops In The S To Help Women Discover Vibrators And Ran Good Vibrations, A Sex Toy Store And Vibrator Museum And Gosnell Duncan, A Paraplegic Engineer Who Invented The Silicone Dildo And Lobbied Dodson And Williams To Sell Them In Their Stores And These Personal Dramas Are All Set Against A Backdrop Of Changing American Attitudes Toward Sexuality, Feminism, LGBTQ Issues, AndBoth Educational And Titillating, Buzz Will Make Readers Think Quite Differently About Those Secret Items Hiding In Bedside Drawers Across The Nation The first person to receive a PhD in the history of sex toys, Hallie Lieberman has written a fascinating book that tells you everything you wanted to know on the subject, and For example, did you know that until as recently as 2008, it was illegal to sell sex toys in Texas Obscenity laws there and elsewhere set the stage for decades worth of headaches and careful maneuvering for anyone involved in selling them Regardless of the specific topic whether it s about manufacturing, advertising, or selling there is always a story to tell on how things were done, and how they evolved over the years If you enjoy learning the history of how commonplace items came to be, this is an interesting read I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Pegasus Books via Netgalley. This was an interesting look at the history of sex toys, though it focuses primarily on their history in America rather than worldwide I was fascinated to discover that dildos sprang from prosthetic penises that had been developed for men who were disabled Lieberman touches on legal issues surrounding the marketing and distribution of sex toys in the past, which are fascinating particularly as some of the issues are still unresolved in certain conservative states A lot of focus is given as it should be to sex positivity pioneer Betty Dodson, as well as some other prominent feminist figures who were less inclined to celebrate the development of dildos and vibrators, seeing them as another tool of the patriarchy rather than a means to sexual liberation Lieberman does provide some analysis of modern day sex toy stores and their intersectionality and or lack thereof with feminist philosophy I think I went in expecting a slightly academic take than what I got, but the information was still fascinating and valuable for anyone who is interested in the history of human sexuality I received access to this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review While I appreciate the access, I did find that this particular galley copy was riddled with typos and grammatical errors, which slowed down my reading pretty thoroughly I understand a few formatting grammar etc issues in a manuscript, but I ve never encountered 2 3 errors per page before now That aspect definitely hampered my enjoyment of this title. Loved this book Lieberman has written a thorough, readable, and just awesome history of sex toys I really appreciated her discussion of queer issues and disability issues within the sex toy world Previous books I ve read on similar topics barely covered queer issues and didn t even talk about disability issues. I find I am between two places after finishing this book I enjoyed it and thought it was wonderful, at the same time I need to caveat of sex toys in America And probably another disclaimer that it speaks of and researches heavily in the legal and irrelevant history of personal sex boutiques, activists, and sexton makers.Honestly I didn t care about the guy that got indicted for tax fraud or someone s personal awakening at having an orgasm I think I could ve tolerated it if it was one or two chapters focussed on personal details of people in the sex toy industry But because the book was done chronologically instead of maintaining each story to a chapter the same people started coming up and you would forget who they are what they had done before I almost needed a family tree or a list of who s who at the start of the book I did not like how focussed it was on America It was heavily focused She would mention things happening in Germany or Japan that seems so fascinating but she never got to it Or she would say that they were getting their supplies from various countries and then not talk about it.Rather than being stimulating I found it a disappointing tease.It gets four stars out of five because i did have lots of interesting facts and I did learn enough and I enjoyed parts about feminism, disability rights and other equality rights that were helped by sextoys I didn t expect a book about sex toys to be so dry and tedious Far from a comprehensive history of the sex toy, Buzz quickly turns into a play by play account of the arms race between sex toy manufacturers and, later, sex shop owners in the United States Much of Lieberman s research seems to be based on the firsthand accounts of folks in the trenches of the industry in the 70s and 80s sex educators including the amazing Betty Dodson , heirs to sex toy empires, and feminist shop owners but she includes far too many biographical details about her subjects than appropriate for the scope of this particular book Buzz suffers from lackluster writing, a general lack of focus Lieberman lurches from chapter to chapter with no overarching narrative and little continuity , and an odd ambivalence toward academic tone Overall a disappointing read on a sorely underresearched topic. What a great and enjoyable book to read.The time line ran smoothly through the history of the toys Each chapter had just enough to keep you interested.Even the cover had a fun feeling texture.Would recommend and pass this book along.Look forward to another from Hallie Well, this was certainly an interesting read The history was enlightening, I never would have guessed so much was illegal until so recently Worth a read. Interesting and very well researched Ending was abrupt and it could have been edited down a little.