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Jimmy Flick lived with his dad Gavin, older brother Robby and mum Paula But Jimmy was different different from Robby and different from all the other kids His mum was the only one who understood him, who could help him when his cells got out of control and he started running, racing, careening all over until he was stopped with a big, gigantic hug Then Jimmy s cells would slow to equal the pace of his mum s heartbeat At night when Jimmy couldn t sleep his mum lay beside him and they counted sheep together When he could see deep into the eye of the sheep he would feel calm he could sleep Jimmy s dad didn t understand him as Gavin dipped deeper into the bottle of Cutty Sark, the family life deteriorated Jimmy found it hard to keep quiet all the time so he didn t annoy his father, and what was happening distressed him his anxiety sky rocketed and his cells became too fast again With unexpected suddenness everything changed how was Jimmy to understand this change His mum tried to explain, but Jimmy s constant need to know, the repetition of his questions, demanding answers over and over began to wear her down What would happen to Jimmy s world What could he do to make it all right Could Jimmy survive his confusion What a wonderful, emotional and heartbreaking story This is definitely a book which will stay with me for a very long time I loved the character of Jimmy Flick and though I didn t mention Ned above, the connection Jimmy had with this beautiful dog was deep and trusting An amazing novel by Aussie author Sofie Laguna which was incredibly sad, but also uplifting and real I have no hesitation in recommending The Eye of the Sheep highly.With thanks to TRR and Allen Unwin for my copy to read and review. [Read Pdf] ♌ The Eye of the Sheep ⚖ Winner Of The Miles Franklin Literary Award Meet Jimmy Flick He S Not Like Other Kids He S Both Too Fast And Too Slow He Sees Too Much, And Too Little Jimmy S Mother Paula Is The Only One Who Can Manage Him She Teaches Him How To Count Sheep So That He Can Fall Asleep She Holds Him Tight Enough To Stop His Cells Spinning It Is Only Paula Who Can Keep Jimmy Out Of His Father S Way But When Jimmy S World Falls Apart, He Has To Navigate The Unfathomable World On His Own, And Make Things Right This recent winner of the Miles Franklin award in Australia was a winner too for me in every way I would have given it six stars out of five if that was possible.Jimmy and his voice is such a unique and exceptional creation, totally original and poignant.He is a boy, very different to other children, somewhere perhaps on the autism spectrum but with a wisdom and an insight beyond that of his elders.This is such an empathetic story which covers abuse and love in equal measure and allows redemption in the end All the characters are beautifully and believably depicted with all their faults and sins Even Liam, a boy in care, towards the end of the story will move the hardest heart, despite his rough and violent exterior These are all characters who are just searching for love and acceptance.But it is Jimmy s parents and brother whose love and abuse sear the pages of this story.Jimmy has insights into reality that we all might learn from In a time when community and humanity seems little valued, both shine forth in these pages.I had to keep putting this book down I felt it was burning my soul and then when it ended I wanted Truly for me the best book of 2015 so far. 4.5 stars.What a talented writer Sofie Laguna is Having read The Choke earlier this year and giving it 5 stars I was keen to read the book that won her the 2015 Miles Franklin Award, The Eye of the Sheep I didn t enjoy it quite as much as The Choke, thus the 4.5 star rating, but still recommend it highly She again writes through the eyes of a child, this time it s 6yo Jimmy, a kid who sees and interprets the world differently to most others of his age His parents Gavin and Paula and older brother Robby make up the Flick family and the story is set in the 1980s in suburban Melbourne.Domestic violence and its devastating effects are to me the main themes of the book Sofie Laguna explores the topic to great effect and notes how it is often inter generational in nature Gavin is the oldest of four boys all of whom experienced regular beatings from their father, Pop Flick Two of his brothers are in jail and Jimmy and Gavin are on holidays visiting Uncle Rodney, the youngest of the four brothers, and they re enjoying themselves on the beach near Rodney s place It was as if they d been laughing since they were boys, running up the Portland sand dunes with Stephen and Ray, sliding down on pieces of cardboard, beating each other to the waves, smiling across the water even as one tried to win against another Four brothers joined by the sea and Mother Beloved and by Pop Flick Pop Flick the ole bastard who hit them on Friday nights and Saturday nights and sometimes during the week until their feelings inverted, shot backwards and stole their language and drove them apart, drove them to jail, drove them into trees, drove them to Cutty Sark, split them, divided them and took them from Mother Beloved.When Gavin hits the hard stuff he can be pretty cruel to Jimmy s mother Paula, the person who understands Jimmy the best and the only one who can really manage him and look after him Jimmy explains why Paula can t live without Gavin Mum tried to stay away but she couldn t She did Weight Watchers, but she gave up She couldn t say no to slices and lemonade and extra gravy She said, Food is for enjoying, not counting Enjoying is when you don t want it to stop My Mum enjoyed vanilla slices If she could, she would ve crawled between the pastry sheets, pulled the custard in tight around her and slept in one Her mouth would have been open all night so she never had to stop enjoying Like gravy and chips, my Dad had magnetic powers Mum had no defences for him He got in underneath He was like a slice she couldn t give him up.Whilst the story does have its upside and a little joy and happiness I would caution that it s mostly pretty sad and bleak, especially the last half when Jimmy s world is turned upside down Sofie Laguna obviously has a gift in seeing and interpreting the world through the eyes and ears of young people and conveying their world with empathy and compassion and I think she is a brilliant storyteller I haven t yet read her first book for adults One Foot Wrong but from reading the synopsis it looks like that is also told through a young person s view and features families and abusive relationships I totally get that this type of narrative and these themes are Sofia Lagnua s strong points and I will gladly read anything of hers but I will be interested to see if she ventures out of her comfort zone in her next book. Jimmy lives with his mother, father and brother, Robbie He is not like other kids and his mother believes she is the only one that can manage him But when their family of four becomes a family of two she worries how Jimmy will cope if anything ever happens to her.Jimmy tells the reader a story about his life and the people that mean everything to him, his family Although it s not spelled out in words it seems apparent that Jimmy suffers from Aspergers Syndrome The repetition of speech, sometimes going too fast at other times too slow and taking things said literally and having a deep perception of all around and within him Jimmy s mother feels that she is the only one to manage him so she shuts everyone else out, including Jimmy s father Through Jimmy and the conversations he overhears we get to know the other characters and their thoughts and feelings.Laguna has depicted extremely well the life of an alcoholic and those around them The love, the despair, the forgiveness A mothers love for her child, closing out everyone else, and her continual worry about what will happen if she wasn t there to protect him A child s deep and forgiving love for a parent This is a confronting story that is written with compassion and well researched There is swearing but it is not overly done and it fits with the characters and scenes.After reading Jimmy s story you will know where the crying is made. e . Altona, Victoria, circa 1980 Telephones with cords, dials M.A.S.H The Bold and the Beautiful Chocolate Crackles and Cutty Sark It seems like an eon ago Parents smoke with children in the room, children play outside alone and can even catch a Greyhound bus across the state by themselves This is the story of a special little kid that nobody understands, not his mum, nor his doctor or teachers A sad time in our medical history There are some very dark domestic themes included and makes for a difficult read for anyone, but it rang very true for me and having lived in this very age in victoria myself Medical advancement has changed this scene, people are understanding of special needs but the other dark aspects of the book, alcoholism and domestic violence haven t really changed at all I enjoyed reading this book, but it s not for everyone. 5 The same network that was in my mum, the same network that was in me, in plants and leaves and machinery and all shops and underground in the earth s core It was the whole inside of all living things, but on the outside, and that s where my dad worked There In that refinery On the other side of the grass and the stream, way in the distance, the flame leapt from the refinery pipe like the light in the sheep s eye, it never died The wetlands air had a potion that came from the refinery flame and slowed me down That s why Mum let me go when I got home I was quieter As soon as we walked into the house through the back door I felt my cells speed up The potion from the flame couldn t pass through the plaster Running, running, running, spinning, flicking his dad s paper, his brother s magazine, tearing around the classroom and always being told to SLOW DOWN, KID Jimmy is a terror and a trial to all around him because nobody knows how to deal with him.His mother has severe asthma, his father is sometimes an abusive drunk, and his older brother leaves home as soon as he s old enough Mother dotes on him and helps him count sheep to go to sleep, so Jimmy becomes convinced the light in the back of the sheep s eye is the soulFive sheep six sheep sevenwe counted together If you look deep into the eye of a sheep you can see a light It burns right at the back of the head and it never goes out, no matter what happens to the sheep The story, told from Jimmy s point of view, is about how things ebb and flow around him, how his family pulls and pushes each other, and how the world deals with Jimmy It s how he knows when his dad is safe to approach in his shed if he s had a beer or two but not if he s grabbed the Cutty Sark bottle.He sees his parents singing and dancing to Merle Haggard and Doris Day, and he seems to relish repeating the phrases from the songs at times that seem appropriate to him but confuse those around him.Today, he d be diagnosed as autistic, I m sure, but that s not the point The point is how Jimmy deals first with the everyday challenges and later with the dramatic changes in his life.He s figured out Life better than most of us Everyone and everything is connected with lines, pipes, wires and tubes He sees patterns everywhere, joining his family to each other, to the backyard to the fence His dad works in the refinery, and he describes that as a raw creature without any skin first quote , and the flame is its eye of the sheep.He describes his mother s asthma as blocked breathing tubes and tears as water coming from eye pipes He never cries and doesn t understand how people do it He certainly feels joy and pain, but tears don t come.When he first meets Ned, his uncle s rambunctious, happy dog, he notices something Ned was hot and shaking and wet and running running running but inside him was quiet and still Ned is able to run wildly but not be agitated Later, Jimmy brings of his observations together All the secrets for survival are in the animal kingdom Ned was from it even though he was in this world too I looked in his eyes and I saw the light from the eye of the sheep, like lamps to show the way When you read a story about a boy like this, you start wondering exactly what s normal and what s crazy.I loved it and am not alone It s no wonder Laguna won the Stella Prize and the Miles Franklin.If you hanker for something outside the everyday mystery or romance, try seeing the world from this boy s unusual perspective. Jimmy Flick is unlike other children in fact, in a way he is a unique little boy who has learning difficulties He lives with his parents and older brother Robby The only one who truly understands him is his mother Paula His father Gavin can t cope with Jimmy and as a result he turns to alcohol and with alcohol comes violence Jimmy knew when his father had been drinking it was a time to maintain quiet and stay out of his way Only of course Jimmy couldn t always control either of these things no matter how hard he tried Looking out and hearing his father s going into violent rages only made Jimmy feel worse At night time his mother, Paula would lay with him and together they would count sheep until Jimmy was feeling relaxed and would drop off to sleep Then suddenly one day something occurred that would change their lives Jimmy didn t understand change and although his mother answered his questions the best she could to explain the situation, Jimmy he still didn t seem to fully understand How would Jimmy cope and would he come to terms with it all or would he still feel uncertain about the future An amazing story that will break your heart I was a little disappointed with the ending as I felt it was tied up too neatly and I would ve liked a different outcome for Jimmy s father, but in saying that I thoroughly loved this book Highly recommended.