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Good book I was amazed to learnabout the Climate Reality Project and all the resources and training it provides It was encouraging to learn that all the money Al Gore has earned in this has gone in to efforts to empower others to make better environmental choices I do however wish the movie would play in my area, I can t find a place to see it near me.It was interesting to learn all that is being done and can be done, however I disagreed in one area He suggested that future generations will either ask why we did not take action when we could have or they will cheer our decisive action Realistically, I doubt anyone will pat us on the back if we choose to do the most environmentally smart choices that lead to higher quality of life, better products, cleaner air, cleaner water, healthier people and an overall improvement Future generations will simply look back and say, of course you made that choice Why should we applaud your decision to do things better than continuing to pollute and destroy life as it is known After all, if we don t make smart choices, less future generations will have that opportunity to look back and reflect If interested here is an article about movie in The New Yorker. Informative yet easy to read I know many people will probably not even consider picking this book up because it was written by Al Gore, but I don t care how much the climate change deniers deny, climate change is real, and science is real. [Read Kindle] ⚓ An Inconvenient Sequel ⚇ A New York Times Bestseller The Follow Up To TheNew York Times Bestselling An Inconvenient Truth And Companion To Vice President Al Gore S New Documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel Truth To Power, This New Book Is A Daring Call To Action It Exposes The Reality Of How Humankind Has Aided In The Destruction Of Our Planet And Delivers Hope Through Groundbreaking Information On Whatyou Can Do NowVice President Gore, One Of Our Environmental Heroes And A Leading Expert In Climate Change, Brings Together Cutting Edge Research From Top Scientists Around The World ApproximatelyPhotographs And Illustrations To Visually Articulate The Subject Matter And Personal Anecdotes And Observations To Document The Fast Pace And Wide Scope Of Global Warming He Presents, With Alarming Clarity And Conclusiveness And With Humor, Too That The Fact Of Global Climate Change Is Not In Question And That Its Consequences For The World We Live In Will Be Assuredly Disastrous If Left Unchecked Follow Vice President Gore Around The Globe As He Tells A Story Of Change In The Making He Connects The Dots Of Zika, Flooding, And Other Natural Disasters We Ve Lived Through In The LastYears And Much The Book Also Offers A Comprehensive How To Guide On Exactly How We Can Change The Course Of Fate With Concrete, Actionable Advice On Topics Ranging From How To Run For Office To How To Talk To Your Children About Climate Change, An Inconvenient Sequel Willempower You To Make A Difference And Lets You Know How Exactly To Do It Where Gore S First Documentary And Book Took Us Through The Technical Aspects Of Climate Change, The Second Documentary Is A Gripping, Narrative Journey That Leaves You Filled With Hope And The Urge To Take Action Immediately This Book Captures That Same Essence And Is A Must Have For Everyone Who Cares Deeply About Our Planet The movie is of course, easier and faster to get through but the book is a pretty fast read, especially for its size 315pp It took me this longbecause I was doing other things A substantial amount of the book, like its prequel, are graphical images that make turning the pages go quite quickly and easily One major criticism I do have is a lack of acknowledgement of other leaders in the climate change movement, such as Bill McKibben and the now late great Dick Gregory Dr Hansen is mentioned as a Climate Scientist leader Still, it would have been nice to see acknowledgement of other leaders in the movement I really hope Al Gore is going to bring out a children s version of this title The librarian and I were checking at the County system and there is almost nothing published for children after 2015, and very few titles between 2010 and 2015 The youth must know about this since they are going to inherit our successes and failures If nothing else, try to take a look at his ten minute slide show to be able to counter basic arguments about Climate Change Gore mentions what many people in the field are very aware of the United States is the ONLY place in the world where a major political party has taken a negative position on Climate Change Fundamentally Gore is still hopeful and positive we can mostly successfully combat the worst of Climate Change But the time to act is NOW If you have been meaning to see what the shouting is all about, grab this book from your library and read it NOW We cannot afford to wait for normal human procrastination I really hope at least a few people read this review and take a look at the movie and or the book Do it for your future or current grandchildren and children Ear marked, highlighted, notes, and charts References all over the place Excellent compliment to Al s latest film There is no Planet B, we have to take care of each other and where we live This shouldn t be a difficult concept to understand. Truth to powerThis book not only reiterates the changes we have brought but points out the consequences More importantly the book instructs on how to speak out to those that do not understand the threats we all face. It only gets 3 stars because it wastes so much paper There are too many pages with one sentence on it and while it makes it accessible and enticing for people to read easily, it has killed too many trees needlessly The factual information about climate change is presented in layman s terms and charts and graphs I didn t feel like either the sections proving climate change or guidance on activism were new material for me, but I did enjoy the bios of climate activists. Title An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to PowerAuthor Al GoreRead by Al Gore, Sterling Brown, Danny Burstein, Marin Ireland, Shailene WoodleyPublisher Simon Schuster AudioLength Approximately 4 hours and 58 minutesSource Simon Schuster Audio Digital Review Copy Thank you As an environmental engineer and an instructor of an environmental engineering technology program, I should have been the obvious audience for An Inconvenient Truth I must admit, I had never seen that movie until just last month As an environmental engineer, I have been sickened by the politicization of environmental science Facts are facts, but we are now in an age where people can find whatever facts they want online and can chose to ignore data I ll admit I was dubious of something that a career politician had put together on the environment.I was pleasantly surprised by both An Inconvenient Truth the movie and An Inconvenient Sequel that audiobook The data presented is accurate data that matches peer reviewed articles on the topics of climate change and is indeed what I teach in my classes when we discuss the topic in class.The audiobook did a great job of keeping it interesting by switching narrators often for different segments I was very happy about this as Al Gore unfortunately has a very boring speaking voice The different narrators kept the audiobook engaging to listen too I also enjoyed the deep dive segments on how climate change has affected different people around the world in different ways as well as biographies on important people who are making changes to help climate change by doing things such as promoting renewable energy.The goal of An Inconvenient Sequel is to spread the science behind climate change and I fully appreciate that I get very aggravated when average Joe tells me that climate change is all made up as they saw a segment on Fox News that said this I can tell them about studies and research that was going on even when I was in college at Michigan Tech and what it told them, but they chose not to believe data or someone who works in the field The first half of the book gives the background science for what is climate change and why is it a problem The second half of the book gives examples of how as a citizen you can do something about it This includes registering to vote, voting, finding out who represents you in Congress, contacting your representatives, writing opinion articles, and speaking at public meetings These are all good tips and are items I talk to my students about I ve read before that a representative only needs to hear from a few constituents to start looking into a problem We discussed these items in great detail when I was in Government class over twenty years ago in high school Unfortunately, government classes are being cut across the country and many people are not sure how to have their voices heard.There is also a PDF that accompanies the audiobook that gives helpful tips and links This will be a useful resource in the future for me.An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power was a very interesting audiobook that engaged readers with great science and absorbing narrators It was a great place for those that care about the climate to findinformation as well as tips for how to make a change It was also a great book to let me know again why not to judge a book by its cover I went in afraid of the politics, but came out impressed by the science.This review was first published on my blog at An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power Your Action Handbook to Learn the Science, Find Your Voice, and Help Solve the Climate Crisis by Al Gore An Inconvenient Sequel is a visual, stimulating follow up to An Inconvenient Truth and companion piece to the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power Ex Vice President Al Gore provides readers with an action handbook to learn climate science and how to become an advocate to solve the climate crisis This inspirational 320 page book is broken out into the two main parts I Truth to Power, and II Truth to Power Positives 1 Accessible, succinct book.2 The fascinating topic of climate change.3 A visually stimulating book A graphic designer s dream many fonts, colors, photos, diagrams, charts and supplementary material Links galore too 4 Doesn t waste time in laying out the need to prevent catastrophic harm to the planet and why It is widely known by now that there is a nearly unanimous view among all scientists authoring peer reviewed articles related to the climate crisis that it threatens our future, that human activities are largely if not entirely responsible, and that action is needed urgently to prevent the catastrophic harm it is already starting to bring 5 The book is full of fun and interesting factoids For the year 2016 in the United States, 70 percent of all new electricity generating capacity came from solar and wind Less than two tenths of 1 percent came from coal 6 Explains why the Earth s natural greenhouse gas layer is being transformed mainly by the burning of fossil fuels This pollution makes the layer thicker, which trapsoutgoing infrared radiation, also known as heat 7 Clearly shows the rising levels of carbon dioxide through the years In fact, the extremely hot days are now almost 150 timescommon than they were just 30 years ago In fact, 16 of the 17 hottest years ever measured with instruments a practice that dates back to 1880 have occurred in the past 17 years And the hottest year of all was 2016 The second hottest was the year before, and the third hottest was the year before that 8 One of my favorite examples to explain how we know about the climate in the past In fact, the oldest ice core records, from Antarctica, extend back 800,000 years These layers of ice store tiny bubbles of air that were trapped by the snow when it fell By measuring the ratio of different isotopes of oxygen in these air bubbles, scientists can re create both the CO2 content of the air year by year and the temperature of the air that was trapped 9 The book contains many profiles of people of all walks of life making a difference on combating climate change Drawing on her decades of experience as a pediatrician, Susan Pacheco has a simple message for doctors everywhere the health of the environment affects the health of their patients 10 The impact to the ocean More than 90 percent of all the heat energy trapped by man made global warming pollution goes into the ocean 11 Describes many projects and efforts to fight climate change As an example, The Climate Reality Project Our 100% Committed campaign enlists citizens to help cities, colleges, and businesses switch to 100 percent renewable electricity 12 The political and global impact of climate change The gates of hell opened in Syria There are multiple causes for the civil war there, but the principal underlying cause was the climate related drought the worst in 900 years that devastated that country 13 Describes the U.S Department of Defense stance on climate change Climate change will likely lead to food and water shortages, pandemic disease, disputes over refugees and resources, and destruction by natural disasters in regions across the globe U.S Department of Defense, 2014 14 Describes the impact of climate crisis on food Higher temperatures increase the demand for water About 11 percent of consumption of the world s freshwater is used in our homes, about 19 percent by industry, and 70 percent by agriculture 15 Describes the impact of climate change and health One major consequence of the climate crisis is that the balance between human beings and microbes is being upended Climate change means the vectors that carry diseases, including mosquitoes and ticks, have a wider range In central China, the reemergence of malaria is directly related to increased temperatures and disruptive rainfalls 16 Lists the top cities at risk from sea level rise by 2070 Miami is now the number one city in the world in terms of assets at risk due to sea level rise 17 Describes business opportunities The transition to renewable energy represents the largest business opportunity in the history of the world Wind alone could supply 40 times all of the energy that the entire world needs 18 Describes political actions taken, like the Paris Climate Agreement.19 Provides a comprehensive how to guide for those who want to become effective advocates to solving the climate crisis.20 Describes how to talk to practically anyone about climate change and how to put that into practice The goal of this section is not to encourage you to convince every climate denier you run into it is to make you feel confident that if a lively debate is occurring, you re armed with the facts and reasoning to set the record straight Negatives 1 I do like colorful and visually stimulating books but the huge fonts take away from the pleasure of reading this book.2 Very similar to previous book 3 No bibliography In summary, this is an excellent complementary piece to the documentary of its same name Al Gore effectively provides readers with an activist guide to combating climate change This is a visual treat and the book succeeds in providing activists with a tool to help fight climate change and the layperson with an accessible guide to learn about climate science I recommend it Further recommendations This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate by Naomi Klein, Changing Planet, Changing Health by Paul R Epstein, MD, and Dan Feber, The Crash Course by Chris Marteson, Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen, Warnings by Mike Smith, The Weather of the New Future by Heidi Cullen, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars by Michael E Mann, Clean Break by Osha Gray Davidson, Fool Me Twice by Lawrence Otto, Lies, Damned Lies, and Science by Sherry Seethaler, Reality Check by Donald R Prothero, and Merchants od Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M Conway. If you want need the full dose of the science and stats of climate change, read An Inconvenient Truth This book is a bit of a follow up to that hence sequel It does cover a little bit of the science and where we re headed if we don t change, but mostly informs you about where we stand now and offers another very urgent call to act And that s what this sequel is mostly about how to make the change Despite the nightmare inducing doom and gloom of the first section, the book does cover just how efficient and productive renewable power is, provides research based rebuttals to use when climate deniers start barking at you, and presents many ways to enact climate change from the basic things you can do at home to getting on the phone and calling your reps to changing over your business to an eco friendly model.