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Jane Seymour 1508 1537 was the wife of Henry VIII and Queen of England for a very short time, 1536 1537 She succeeded Anne Boleyn as Henry s wife and bore him a sonand died a few days later from birth related complications In The Haunted Queen, Allison Weir continues her Six Tudor Queens saga with Jane s story The book is a mix of historical fact and fictional story, recounting what might have happened from the time Jane was about 10 years old until her death I am a sucker for all things Tudor And Jane s story, while being less exciting or morbid than the divorces, two beheadings and a survivor, her tale is still fascinating to me The struggles between the catholic church and the monarchy, the King s long fight for divorce from his first wife, Katherine, the short reign of Anne Boleyn..and her own marriage to Henry. Jane lived in very exciting time of change, violence and political rivalries While I m glad that I don t live in a similar situation, it is interesting to read about those who did I can only imagine how scared Anne Boleyn was when she realized her triumph at being named queen was going to end in disaster And Jane s short lived joy at birthing a son I loved this book I ve read a couple other books by Allison Weir and always enjoy her mix of fact and fiction It brings Court and all the intrigue to life I m not sure why I enjoy reading about Henry VIII s reign so much He really was a bad king and a narcissistic man bent on having a male successor no matter what the cost Let alone the irony that most likely it was his sperm and health that caused the problems in the first place Fabulous book for those who enjoy historical fiction This is NOT a romance novel disguised as historical fiction, but a fictionalized account of historical events Don t expect steamy sex scenes.it s not that sort of book If you want to read about political intrigue, the jealousies of court, and Jane s short lived marriage to one of the most famous rulers of England.then this book is perfect I will definitely be readingby Allison Weir I haven t read the first two books in this series yet Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen and Anne Boleyn, A King s Obsession There are also several Novellas in the series, including one about Arthur, Henry s older brother and Katherine s first husband I will definitely be reading this entire series I can t wait for the next book Anna of Kleve is up next another divorce At least she kept her head I voluntarily read an advance reader s copy of this book from Random House via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own. The third installment of Weir s Six Tudor Queens series dedicates so many pages to recounting the reign of Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, it hardly reads like Jane Seymour s story Nearly four hundred pages into the book, Weir finally focuses on Jane devout and demure, haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn whose tumultuous pregnancies and tearful death are the highlight of this book Jane wasthan four months pregnant when the child first stirred within her, a little fluttering like a butterfly s wings She was sitting with Henry in the great park, watching her maids playing catch with a ball Oh she exclaimed, as the fluttering came again Henry, feel She grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly, across which her kirtle was now stretched tight The child he asked, in wonder Yes, wait There By God, it is You have quickened He was ecstatic. [Free] ⚇ Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen ♆ Jane Seymour The Haunted Queen By Historian Alison Weir, Author Of The Sunday Times Bestsellers Katherine Of Aragon The True Queen And Anne Boleyn A King S Obsession, Is The Third Enthralling Novel In The Six Tudor Queens Series A Fascinating Look At Henry VIII S Third Wife Essential Reading For Fans Of Philippa Gregory And Elizabeth Chadwick Weir Is Excellent On The Little Details That Bring A World To Life GuardianTHE WOMAN HAUNTED BY THE FATE OF HER PREDECESSOR Eleven Days After The Death Of Anne Boleyn, Jane Is Dressing For Her Wedding To The KingShe Has Witnessed At First Hand How Courtly Play Can Quickly Turn To Danger And Knows She Must Bear A Son Or Face RuinThis New Queen Must Therefore Step Out From The Shadows Cast By Katherine And Anne In Doing So, Can She Expose A Gentler Side To The Brutal King JANE SEYMOURTHE THIRD OF HENRY S QUEENSHER STORYAcclaimed, Bestselling Historian Alison Weir Draws On New Research For Her Captivating Novel, Which Paints A Compelling Portrait Of Jane And Casts Fresh Light On Both Traditional And Modern Perceptions Of Her Jane Was Driven By The Strength Of Her Faith And A Belief That She Might Do Some Good In A Wicked WorldHistory Tells Us How She DiedThis Spellbinding Novel Explores The Life She LivedX TUDOR QUEENS SIX NOVELS SIX YEARS Henry s world, definitely not a comfortable place to be, if one lived during his reign, but it sure makes for addictive reading Although I am familiar about much to do with Henry and his many wives, Jane Seymour is the one of which I know the least I always thought of her as rather homely, meek and mild, a sharp contrast to Anne Boleyn, the wife whom she succeeded Reading this, I think there is muchto this lady than was thought.Alison Weir has studied, written books about Henry and his reign, and in this one I believe she does a masterful job in chronicling this little known queen It begins when Jane is young, living with her family at Wulff Hall, and continues until her death Her interpretation of Jane s life, is explained in her authors note Her research as always extensive It is very well written, and at over five hundred pages, it moved quickly I enjoyed every minute of this novel, found it very immersive, all the details allowing me to envision things as seen through Jane s eyes A fantastic historical for any whom, like myself, enjoy or are curious about this time period ARC from Netgalley. Thank you to Random House who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley.I ve been looking forward to reading this since Jane Seymour is sort of an unknown figure among Henry VIII s six queens She s the quiet one I don t believe I have ever read a book solely covering her, and I own quite a lot of books on the Tudors But, this is not a biography it s a historical novel, and much poetic license was taken here Some of my preconceived notions were blown to bits about Jane Seymour, after a lifetime of watching various film presentations and reading Tudor biographies The areas I m talking about are Jane s pre marriage virtue, possible miscarriages and how she died In one way this wasinteresting and unexpected On the other hand, it made me question whether what I was reading was going far off the reservation This all neatly resolved itself in the final section of the book entitled, Author s Note According to well respected and voluminous Tudor author Alison Weir, there is very little documentation in existence regarding Jane Seymour Queen Jane did not leave behind any significant writings, and Weir painstakingly culled together what she could from a myriad of sources She justifies conclusions she leapt to on various fronts, laying out the case for each, citing the pieces of evidence available My interest was piqued to read about the birth of their long awaited son Edward, having heard throughout the years that Queen Jane most likely had a cesarean section My knowledge of her subsequent death was that it was as a result of cutting the baby out of her or due to puerperal fever caused by uterine infection following childbirth Neither of these conditions are blamed for her death in this tome, and Weir conferred with a team of physicians and a midwife to come to that expert conclusion Other situations explored were the possibility that Jane had originally wanted to be a nun her younger sisters had marriages arranged before herwhy , just how much she participated in framing Anne Boleyn, and her resultant guilty conscience and sense of being haunted following Queen Anne s execution Jane was very loyal to Queen Katherine, whom she served when she first came to court She always considered Katherine the true Queen of England and Catholicism the true faith Alison Weir painted a picture of a quiet, gentle young woman with good convictions who got herself caught up in situations she never expected She was heavily influenced by her family who wanted to be in favour with King Henry VIII They pushed her to make decisions she might otherwise not have made for herself She was trying to be happy about being Queen, but the circumstances that brought her to that point would leave anyone feeling Haunted I read the prior book in this series, Anne Boleyn A King s Obsession which ended with Queen Anne s execution Therefore, I thought this subsequent book would pick up from that point Not so This book begins with Jane Seymour s youth, and continues with her eventual invitation to court to serve King Henry VIII s first wife Katherine of Aragon This is during the exact time when King Henry VIII is carrying on with another one of Katherine s serving ladies, the notorious Anne Boleyn So, this was a substantial book that did a good job of trying to flesh out the life of King Henry VIII s beloved third wife. Alison Weir barely has time to breathe as she churns out yet another masterful novel in the Six Tudor Queens series, this time with a strong focus on Jane Seymour, wife number three Young Jane had always wanted to join the cloister and become a nun, which seemed to be her destiny right up until her eighteenth birthday Shipped off to the convent, Jane found herself not quite sure of her choice and decided that, perhaps, God had other plans for her Returning to her jubilant family, Jane enjoys a quieter life with the Seymours, until, that is, a family indiscretion leaves the family surrounded by scandal and Jane utterly embarrassed With an arrangement to send Jane to Court in hand, Jane finds herself somewhat hesitant, but agrees to serve as a lady to Queen Catherine Making her way to the big city, Jane is able to see a different type of life, surrounded by gaiety and lavish lifestyles While Jane becomes quite close to the Queen, another lady in waiting, Anne Boleyn, begins her treachery and erodes the strong marriage between Catherine and King Henry VIII Jane is forced to watch as the King begins to dismantle his long standing marriage, going so far as to enter a schism with Rome and declare the creation of the Church of England While Jane cannot voice her concerns too loudly, she sides strongly with Catherine, even as the King moves to strip his wife of her title With Anne ascending to the throne, Jane can only watch in wonder as they play house for a time Jane reluctantly takes a role in the new Queen s household, which only helps to pave the way for the King to visit her and, to no one s shock, find fancy with her Soon Henry VIII is seeking to woo Jane and wonders about making her his formal mistress While young and somewhat naive, Jane knows all too well what is to come and tries her best to fend him off, though the Seymours want nothingthan to see Jane secure her role Rumours abound about Queen Anne s activities and soon Jane succumbs to the King s desires and she becomes pregnant With the potential of the next male monarch in her womb, Jane watches the downfall of Anne Boleyn and her eventual beheading This creates an odd situation, whereby Jane is ready to become Henry s next wife, but protocol and dignity would see her wait As her pregnancy progresses, Jane can only hope that she will not misstep, as the previous two queens did, and that she can bring England a prince Everyone watches and waits, as Queen Jane approaches her due date, hoping that the next King of England will soon be born As with the past two queens, Jane suffers miscarriages, males never brought to term However, the King seems to bepatient and Jane tries anew to bring her husband, and England, its long awaited heir However, no good deed comes without sacrifice and Jane must facetragedy, something she could not have seen coming Weir breathes new life into the Tudor dynasty with yet another novel Series and topic fans will likely find this piece to their liking, allowing Weir to explore some of the rumours of the time in her well presented narrative.One can always expect something masterful when Alison Weir is writing, though it may be difficult to parse what is fact from fiction, which may be why reading the Author s Note at the end of the novel isimportant than ever Those familiar with Weir s work will known that she is a masterful biographer of many English monarchs, some of whom become central characters in her works of historical fiction I would venture to say that most of the fiction found herein relatesto the added dialogue than fanciful creations of historical happenings, but that is for the reader and well versed historian to dispute Turning the focus of this series towards Jane Seymour might have been a gamble, as she was Henry VIII s wife for so short a period, but Weir offers up a wonderful collection of stories and advances the narrative throughout to show what impact she had on the Tudor Court From her childhood wanting to be a nun through to her demise while bringing forth England an heir, Seymour saw much growth with the reader and her soft spoken nature was only slightly tipped askew when trying to bring home a point She acted as strong mediator between Henry s first child, Mary, and sought to dilute some of the King s fanciful antics for which he has become so well known There is no shortage of characters that surround Jane, both at and away from Court, all of whom influence the story greatly, nonethan Henry VIII himself While it is no shock to anyone, the King could be seen to fly off the handle and become somewhat irrational, be it for his own plans or the push to have an heir Whatever that might be, it proved to be a threat throughout this novel, which saw much intensity grow with each passing day that a male was not forthcoming Weir s attention to the story is, as always, first rate and the reader can bask in such detail without drowning in minutiae Those who are fans of Tudor writing will surely find this entertaining and engaging, while those not as well versed may learn a thing or two The ease with which the chapters flow, the information is presented, and the dialogue balanced will keep the reader wanting , as I do However, as I am not living in the United Kingdom, I do not yet have access to the short stories that Weir has crafted within this series, and so must wait for Anna of Kleve in 2019.Kudos, Madam Weir, for another wonderful novel I thoroughly enjoy this series and cannot wait to see how you will tackle the second half of the wives of Henry VIII.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge Well worn material, this time told from the perspective of Jane Seymour Frankly, I found the author s note at the end of the book to beinteresting than the book itself In the note, Weir lays out the historical reasoning for the choices she made depicting these tumultuous three years Fascinating. An excellent, well researched and well written book, Jane Seymour The Haunted Queen is the story of the beloved third wife of Henry VIII from her childhood to the end of her short life This is an intricate tale about a young Queen who succeeds Anne Boleyn following Anne s beheading and finds herself enmeshed in court intrigues and machinations Her beliefs and principles are challenged as she strives to bring peace to her inner struggles and determine what is right and what is wrong. 3 stars because I love reading about Henry VIII and his wives, but tbh Jane was a boring queen and this was a boring book I don t really get the reviews raving about Jane She was bland as fuck in the book, and pretty self righteous Which, of course, her goodness and blandness was what attracted Henry to herBut it doesn t change the fact that she s still a boring queen. 5 intriguing stars to Jane Seymour The Haunted Queen I can t get enough of the Tudors Fiction Nonfiction I m all in That said, I knew less about Jane Seymour, the quiet, pious queen Alison Weir did an incredible job fleshing her out and endearing her to me Jane Seymour was Henry VIII s favorite queen because she provided him with his only male heir however, Jane did not want to be a queen She wanted to be a nun Her noble family pushed her into court where she became a lady in waiting to my personal favorite Tudor queen, Katherine of Aragon Insert Henry s infidelity and carrying on with Anne Boleyn, also a lady in waiting, and then, Jane became the object of his affection Prior to reading this book, I found Jane to be rather plain Now, I find her compassionate, vulnerable, and of course, steadfast in her faith Overall, this was a well written historical fiction novel of Jane Seymour s most intriguing life I m already looking forward to the next installment in this series I definitely recommend this to historical fiction fans It also might be fun for those of you excited about watching the royal wedding Thank you to Allison Weir, Random House Ballantine Books, and Netgalley for the ARC Jane Seymour The Haunted Queen is now available My reviews can also be found on my shiny new blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com