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Ked Eakin is coping with than his share of misfortune a father with a gambling problem, an absent mother, a progressive spinal condition that causes him to have a large hump on his back, fading friendships and 7th grade bullies, for starters but urgent than all of that is making rent.Ked comes up with plan to turn his luck around by fixing up a broken dirt bike and selling it he s actually racing against a clock to save himself and his dad from eviction I really cared about Ked His situation is depressing, and Ked is depressed, but he grabs onto a thread of hope and tries to build a path out On his way, he finds he s not as alone as he thought This is a great piece of realistic fiction for 9 13 year olds, especially boys It s fast paced, not heavy handed, but still treats emotions and difficult topics in a realistic way. @FREE PDF ò On Thin Ice á Ked Eakins Is About To Lose EverythingHe S Just Discovered That His Dad Has Gambled Away Their Rent Money They Re Going To Get Kicked Out Of Their HomeBut Ked Is Determined To Fight Back He Hatches A Plan To Save Their Apartment By Rebuilding A Vintage Minibike In His School S Maker Space, Which He Ll Sell For A ProfitStill, The Plan Is A Gamble Of His Own Going To Maker Space Forces Ked Into The Path Of A School Bully, Who Torments Him About His Progressive Spinal ConditionCan Ked With The Help Of Some Unlikely New Friends Find A Way To Fix The Bike And Save His Family From Going Under Before It S Too Late New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Northrop Has Written A Powerful Story A Boy Who Against All Odds Decides To Bet On Himself And Create Something New From Broken Pieces On Thin Ice is a relatable read for many middle grade kids in different ways Ked is a kid who s facing an embarrassing health condition, a gambling parent, the struggles of living in a dying factory town, a mom who left home, and the typical challenges of fitting in as friendships shift When Ked finds out his dad can t make rent and may not have a home, he tries to take matters into his own hands, and the reader is left guessing how or if this quick paced story will work out in the end Ked s conversational tone with the reader struck me as a little immature at the beginning of the book, but by the end, I enjoyed seeing the story through his eyes The author brought together powerful connections and I was cheering for Ked and his friends I especially liked that the author seemed to avoid the perfect savior teacher trope and this book, unlike many others, felt realistic when Ked was picked on At the end, Northrop gave the bully redemption, but manages to avoid seeming as cheesy and convenient as many books do As a fourth grade teacher, I can already think of a few kids who could relate to or get wrapped up in this story, especially if they re mechanically minded or feel isolated from their peers provided an advance reader copy, but review was optional. DD This book reminded me a lot of Death By Toilet Paper A boy, trying all by himself to save his family, all the while being bullied by everyone at school Great book with a great message about perseverance. Middle Grade books are defiantly not my cup of tea. Review is of an advanced reader copyThe story of Ked Eakins, a young boy plagued by adversity a rare spinal condition, a mother who skipped town, a father gambling away their rent money, a towering school bully, and less than friendly classmates If this sounds like a lot, it is Fortunately, Ked was he named after the shoe is a plucky character, determined to keep a roof above his head via the rebuilding of an minibike which he plans to sell for profit Not bearing the XY chromosome I have little interest in motor vehicles Therefore, the details surrounding Ked s attempts to rebuild the minibike were not exactly my cup of joe That being said, those details might be just the ticket for boys who do care about such activities The primary reason I chose to read this book was because of the rare spinal condition but, alas, scant information was provided save for mentioning the hump on his back Additionally, in spite of Ked s driven character, the bulk of the story was pretty bleak, which may in large part be due to the winter setting and frequent mention of freezing temperatures If you know me, you know I m no fan of the cold so even imaging winter in Maine had me reaching for a blanket In summary, although On Thin Ice doesn t get my vote for middle grade novel of the year, I do appreciate the male protagonist and think young men may resonate with Ked Eakin s story. Life hasn t exactly been a picnic for Ked Eakins in Norton, Maine Not only has he watched his friends leave him, one by one, due to their awareness of his physical differences, caused by kyphosis, a spinal abnormality that leaves him almost with a hunched back, but his mother has abandoned the family to move to Portland, Oregon, for a new life To add insult to injury, Ked discovers that his father s gambling addiction is out of control, and they don t have the money for the current month s rent or last month s As his father places all his bets on predicting when the ice will break, Ked comes up with his own money making scheme For a small investment and much labor, he buys a minibike that needs to be reconstructed, and plans to sell it But the path to success is thwarted by his nemesis, Landrover Jones, who picks on him because of his back and just because he can This is a huge problem since he needs to use the tools available in the school maker space With the support of his teacher, Mr Feig a kind man who seems clueless as to how to deal with bullies he stays after school to work on his project while another classmate, Esme, who seems to hate him for no good reason, does the same The author provides many details on how Ked puts the engine and bike together, and how close he comes to succeeding But when things don t work out, he comes up with a foolhardy plan and almost loses his life Like so many youngsters out there, Ked is skating on thin ice I loved the ending and the imperfections of all the characters Even Ked, maybe especially Ked, realizes that his assumptions about his friends just might not be true, after all Could it be that he s the one that s pushed them away The author makes it clear just how desperate certain circumstances can make individuals, prompting them to behave in ways they never would have otherwise.