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Talk about a back cover description that does not really tell you what the story is actually aboutThe main character is a tax auditor and Jonah Gray is an audit that she finds herself becoming romantically obsessed with even having never met him But the real story is about the character herself and her family, a truly complicated bunch I liked the way the family interactions were written, they were honest, saying the things that a sister would actually say to a brother when he is being an ass Reading the interaction between an adult daughter and both her parents while one is undergoing an illness rang very true to me having been in a similar situation recently. I enjoyed the story, but I didn t love it No threats were made to stop reading before I reached the end, and at no point did I get bored with the story It clipped along at a nice even pace I found the ending to be appropriate, and cute even, yet at the same time a little abrupt I would have liked the last scene to have carried on a little longer, but on the other hand, it was fitting to end as it did. I really wanted to like this book I enjoyed Cochran s first novel, Mean Season, very much But this book was lacking the charm and character development that was found Mean Season, which was very disheartening.The Return of Jonah Gray claims to be about a woman, Sasha, who works for the IRS, falling for a man, Jonah Gray, that she is auditing falling for him on paper, that is However, this story seems to take a back seat to the main focus of the story, which is Sasha s family most notably, her father s diagnosis with cancer and dealing with his failing health The theme of infidelity seems to taint her family quite a bit, too While the story of Jonah Gray continues throughout the book, and though Cochran manages to intertwine Jonah Gray with other characters in the story in her own fashion, it leaves much to be desired Sasha s character never become three dimensional and is not very relateable The same is true of her family, friends and co workers And the elusive Jonah Gray only shows up at the very end of the book, which seems to defeat the purpose of the story This is the second book I have read in the past few weeks where the actual core plot of the story only occurs at the end of the book, and I find that annoying Why have the description of the book about a story that really is not important enough for the author to write about It leaves much to be desired.Had Cochran spenttime developing the main character and plot of this story, I think it really could have gone somewhere While it was alright enough to read, I found the book lacking in any type of greatness I wish I could say the opposite. I like the wordplay of the Return of Jonah Gray being his tax return The book is supposedly a tale of love at first audit But really, muchof the book is devoted to the main character s family Tell me I m going into a book that s a love story and I wait for that to take place On that level, this book is a letdown Go in with no assumptions I d have enjoyed it muchSPOILER AHEADSee, I m the kind of person who feels cheated by movies like Sleepless in Seattle or Til There Was You If we spend the whole movie book knowing that the two will eventually get together and yet all we see of it is the final scene line , I feel cheated It s sweet vs stress Passages where Jonah and the protag interact Sweet Passages where she s still with her boyfriend who turns out to be a tool like one of her brothers Stressful I want my fiction to be sweet and not cause me stress. Cute story This was a good pool side read developed enough to keep my interest and easy enough to come back to in between other activities.The attraction Sasha feels towards Jonah before she even meets him made me wonder of this happens in real life The Return of Jonah Gray is one of the worst books that I ve read all year It was not only boring, but I oftentimes found myself falling aslee in the middle of a sentence Cochran s obsessive talk of people honing in on Sasha Gardner s supposedly strange name was not only irritating, but unrealistic she would make it seem as though everyone knew that Sasha was commonly a boy s name in Europe, and everyone would think that somebody whose last name is Gardner would be a gardener Cochran s writing,so at the beginning than end, usually gave someone some minor character a job, and then Sasha would proceed to dissect how the IRS would react to this job, or that job In all honesty, I think someone who claims to be as unfulfilled by their job as Sasha was would not have thought so much about it outside of work It seemed instead a way for the author to say, look how thorough my research about working for the IRS was I expected this book to be cheesy hello, read the title but I was immediately drawn in, at first by the subtitle yes I actually just admitted that and then by the book itself It s a wonderful story of coming to understand who you are and what you want out of life The characters are all extremely realistic this was a welcome change because I recently went on a super cheesy unrealistic romance binge and a handful a downright charming I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE No exceptions, no qualifications This was a fantastic book and I definitely plan to read the other book this author has produced. THE RETURN OF JONAH GRAY is a gentle love story, a visit with a dysfunctional family and seeing how much a career affects your personality all rolled into one A play on words, Jonah is the recipient of an audit by Sasha Gardner Jonah left his high profile job in Virginia as a journalist to work for a small town paper in California Add to this mystery he now blogs on the internet about gardening Loved by all his followers, there has to be something wrong with him, right Sasha has a career working for the IRS Just how much the job affects her personal life is seen in her relationships with boyfriends and family I empathized with Sasha how do you turn off your job when you are around someone new And now the mysterious Jonah Gray enters her life on paper What s a person to do Audit.Return.Gardening.Gardner A contemporary romance without graphic sex, a slice of life among multiple characters this book has it all If you are unfamiliar with OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder you ll take a peek at a couple of characters with the symptoms Funny but not so funny since people really do suffer from this And if you think your family is a little crazy wait until you meet Sasha s And what a family it is Secrets surface, hurt feelings need to heal and life changes bloom Heather Cochran did a superb job of keeping me interested.I don t really think of this as chick lit since there is so much depth within the story I would recommend this book to the 35 age group for women Call it a contemporary romance with a healthy dose of drama and peppered with some funny moments The surprising part is when and how Sasha and Jonah finally meet This is a keeper because it works `READ KINDLE ⇰ The Return of Jonah Gray ✗ Despite Being Attractive, Intelligent And Friendly, Sasha Gardner Knows No Man Wants A Phone Call From Her Because Sasha Is A Tax Auditor For The IRS Every Job Has Its Downside Auditing May Interfere With Her Social Life, But It S Orderly It Makes Sense And She S Very, Very Good At It But When Unexpected Complaints Draw Her Into The Tax Return Of A Man She S Never Met, Nothing Seems To Make Sense AnyUsing The Information In Jonah Gray S Return, Sasha Begins To Assemble His Life Story A Rising Career As A Respected Financial Reporter, A House In A Posh Seaside Village, Weekends Sailing The Coast It All Reads Like A Life Sasha Herself Had Dreamed Of Living, Down To The Guy S Itemized Deductions So Why Had He Left It Behind To Cover School Board Meetings In A One Newspaper Town What Begins As A Welcome Distraction Soon Becomes A Search For Answers Sasha Knows It S Ridiculous She S Never Even Laid Eyes On Him But She Wouldn T Be The First Woman To Fall For A Man Who Looks Good On Paper