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I m glad I had a headache the other night I wanted to read something light and that I knew I would enjoy and this early gem from Sir Terry just sat on my shelf asking to be read.I d read it before, probably twice, but as it turns out I seem to have remembered precisely 1% of this novel so this first re read since Dirk Gently s Holistic Detective Agency a year ago was much needed.It s a strange book It s quite definitely a science fiction story the apparent reference of Ringworld meaning it has to be, and I say apparent because I am yet to read that particular masterwork and it is quite definitely a fantasy story too quests and djinns and magical beasts and swords leave no room for maneuver on this point The phrase laying of groundwork has been used in on eway or another to describe Strata and that is something that I will join the masses in proclaiming as there s so much Discworld lore to be found within these mere 192 pages that if any other author had written The Colour of Magic there may well have been a lawsuit for plagiarism laid against them.It s all very interesting from an anthropological point of view, seeing the evolution of a great author and I think that may be what carried me through with this book the characters are actually interesting in some instances interesting and enjoyable than some early Discworld characters and the way he crafts the universe of his story is very enjoyable but I think this novel falls down in the way it doesn t really know what it wants to be, an early Isaac Asimov type science fiction adventure or a humourous of which there s not much to be found fantasy novel which I have no examples of other than the Discworld because it s a genre I know little about.All of this aside I actually enjoyed it and will than likely be visiting that other early science fiction creation The Dark Side of the Sun before too long, hoping that I actually remember a bit of it than I did this one Still, nice surprises are always appreciated. While this may not have been his best work or best writing, I can definitely see the humor and beginnings of his slightly subversive wit and worldview peaking out It s not near as polished as his later work, but I liked this crazy story about the origins of the universe, our inability to not create, and the importance of diversity, as much as is physically possible being the key to the future Plus I forgot how fun the kooky 70 s 80 s sci fi could be. [Download] ⚓ Strata ☳ THE COMPANY BUILDS PLANETSKin Arad Is A High Ranking Official Of The Company After Twenty One Decades Of Living, And With The Help Of Memory Surgery, She Is At The Top Of Her Profession Discovering Two Of Her Employees Have Placed A Fossilized Plesiosaur In The Wrong Stratum, Not To Mention The Fact It Is Holding A Placard Which Reads, End Nuclear Testing Now , Doesn T Dismay The Woman Who Built A Mountain Range In The Shape Of Her Initials During Her Own High Spirited YouthBut Then Came Discovery Of Something Which Did Intrigue Kin Arad A Flat Earth Was Something New Despite reading Pratchett since I was twelve, I ve never picked up Strata Why It s just not particularly good.That s a hard thing for a massive Pratchett fan to say, but my favourite thing about this book is that I ve finished it.It s episodic to a fairly ridiculous degree So this happened Then this happened Then they kept walking and this happened Then they flew for a while and this happened None of the happening are in any way influenced by the previous happenings It s just a long chain of stuff that happened after each other Each happening has a clever idea, but they all stand in isolation, there s no cohesive plot And then the end happened.Yes, it s always fun to see the early scribblings of a genius but to me, this is like the early stumblings of a brilliant distance runner He soon got into his stride and pulled away from the pack but at this stage he s all gangly knees and elbows flying sidewaysAfter this I read Brothers In Arms Sir Terry Pratchett defies the pop writer s trajectory his books got better the he wrote, even as his wallet got fatter and his formulas got rigid and intractable The Color of Magic was an unenjoyable start to a brilliant series, and Strata is the kind of shallow, maniacal stuff you d hear in the sandbox from a small child with toy spacemen The fact that it was published at all is bizarre because it s, well, unpublishable the first 70 pages are equal parts bland exposition and discordant babble, and from there the story labors from plot point to plot point with the joy of a POW forced march.There s something they explain to you in creative writing classes, that involves horizontal and vertical writing When you write horizontally, you re writing just to fill the pages, writing just to keep the plot moving, writing just to watch time pass in universe Vertical writing involves driving deeper into the characters and themes of the story with each craftily chosen word With Strata Terry writes on a literary jetski It s obvious this story was painstakingly outlined And you know what painstakingly outlined stories read like Outlines Outlines with a lot of details tossed on, each detail on its own demanding exploration but not getting it.Give this story 300 pages of heft, and it would be better Because it s clearly trying to say something, it has some brilliant ideas, it hints at an engrossing world to show, but Terry never gives it time to talk He does the talking for it Every time Strata starts one of its stories, Terry jumps in and summarizes the ending, because he can t let it go on forever, we don t have much time, we ve got like five minutes to get in the minivan and reach the next plot point, dammit In all fairness, Terry never went to a creative writing course He dropped out of high school at 17 This was his creative writing course, where he was still determining what works and what doesn t The fact that it ended up in hardback with a gorgeous cover rather than in his desk drawer is a little bizarre, but you know what, I m not complaining Strata is and this is the main reason it gets 2 stars rather than 1 a precious sci fi artifact.There s a little Dune, a little Space Odyssey, there s the New Wave thought experiments of Dick and Heinlein and Ellison and Vonnegut, there s the wow making space opera of Jack Vance and a billion others before and after this book, there s the pulp action of Leiber, there s the maladaption and irreverence of Douglas Adams, there s the fantasy vs sci fi dichotomy of Poul Anderson, and there s a bit of Pratchett, too, some signs of things to come Not just the flat world there s characters that speak in all caps here, there s social satire, there s some dumb puns, there s some pondersome introspection.There s too much And it s not done well, which is a shame, because there s so many great ideas in here But don t mourn for what could have been, because it was any late Discworld book will show you Terry s potential was never wasted.Read this as a curiosity If you re rounding out your Pratchett, pretty much any other book except Carpet People or Dark Side of the Sun written earlier and possibly, for all I know, much worse is worth reading before this one The most painful part of writing this review was the past tense there GNU Terry Pratchett. Another early Pratchett, brimming with promise, full of creativity and ideas, haphazardly and incompletely realized For the Pratchett aficionado, however, witnessing the birth of Discworld is priceless As the story moves from sci fi to fantasy, Pratchett obviously had fun with the fantasy parts And the rest is history This book is not very interesting but very encouraging I am making myself finish it not because I care much about what happens to the characters but rather because I care about what happened to the author, for this humble book appears to be the first iteration of Pratchett s Discworld.As a writer I find it very exciting to note that the Discworld concept that works so brilliantly as a humorous fantasy really stinks as a straight forward Science Fiction piece I am relieved to be reminded again that greatness doesn t happen automatically but as the result of years of persistence.Update This book does pick up speed and interest after the halfway point It also get somewhat humorous A lesson to not give up. My 1989 notes say A on reread, near perfect SF Pre DIscworld, pretty much straight space opera, by memory anyway I should dig it out for a third read. This was Pratchett s third published novel, and one of the few Sci fi books he s written I feel odd giving it four stars, because honestly, I enjoyed it on a five star level But the truth is, a lot of the reasons I enjoyed it because in this early book, you get a glimpse of books he was going to write in the future, including discworld, and his upcoming Long Earth series with Steven Baxter That said, it was an early novel of his, and his craft is a little shaky compared to what it would become in his later books But on the other hand, even early Pratchet with some shaky craft is better than a lot of the books out there these days.. It s NOT a Discworld novel It ISN T What did you say Well, yes, the action does take place on a world that s disc shaped, but look, will you listen Will you listen a moment Thank you There are no elephants And there s no turtle. NOW do you see Well, of course it s important Duh Vital, even I keep telling you this is not part of the series, it s a parody of Ringworld What Now that is just beneath you Geekily obsessed Take that back No, I am NOT a Pratchett fan, I ve read, what, maybe half a dozen of them OK, seven or eight That doesn t make me a Pratchett fancontinued until closing time