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A serial rapist, John, is kidnapping teenage girls, but he isn t interested in all teenage girls He targets virgins By following their social media accounts, he bides his time and waits for the perfect opportunity Locked away in a soundproof cellar, they are groomed until they are ready However, when Ella arrives at the basement, Sarah knows she is different from the others Sarah has been in the basement the longest and knows how things work Nobody escapes alive Or maybe they do.Appetite for Innocence by Lucinda Berry was my first experience with this author and I am pleased to say it will not be my last From the first moments of the book, I was hooked Fast paced and full of tension, I could not tear my eyes away from the pages as I became consumed by the story of the girl s captivity The novel opens with the girls waking up in a hospital From there, we hear of their captivity, they abduction and the events that took place during their time in the cellar Initially, I was a little confused with this narrative style The novel is told between alternating characters Sarah and Ella but also in two alternating time periods then and now Sometimes the chapters would be back to back with Sarah then and Sarah now However, after a few chapters, I settled right in Ella and Sarah were both fascinating characters to watch their development and story arcs unfold both coming from completely different perspectives and dealing with their trauma in completely different ways This novel claims to be for fans of The Girl Before by Rena Olsen or The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison and I completely agree I was thinking of these novels throughout my reading and was pleasantly surprised when I went to the read the book s synopsis and these books were mentioned I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone looking for something fast paced or for someone who enjoys a novel with a lot of psychological development this one will get you thinking Wow this was a totally riveting and compelling read I could hardly tear myself away from the pages as my outside world seemed to stop This is not a carefree, relaxing read it sits uneasily in your mind, turns your stomach and plays on your conscience in the middle of the night.Appetite For Innocence is an unsettling story of a serial rapist of the worst kind He searches through social media for photos of the sweetest, innocent young virgins and then sets out to kidnap them In his basement are Sarah, Ella and Paige We hear their story through Sarah and Ella over two timelines Then , when the three girls are prisoners in the basement, and Now , after they ve made their escape the Then timeline eventually meeting up with Now.This book has so many issues, kidnap and rape being the two obvious ones But what happens if you decide to help the rapist, become his assistant, start to love him Stockholm Syndrome is a denial of the bad man actually being bad and instead having feelings for him and helping or taking his side This is explored in the Now part of Sarah s story and shows just how difficult it is to rehabilitate and adjust to the real world after being locked away and brainwashed by your captor.Many will liken this book to Emma Donoghue s Room, and while it does have some similarities, I found Appetite For Innocence to be much readable and enjoyable Probably because it was written from the three kidnapped girls point of view rather than, as in Room, the child who didn t know what the true situation was these girls definitely knew their situation.Dr Lucinda Berry is a trauma psychologist specialising in childhood trauma She obviously knows her field well and gives a authoritative and realistic feel to the whole story It s terrifying to know that stories like this aren t just a figment of someone s imagination This, or something similar, is real and happening right now.This is the first book I ve read by Lucinda Berry but it certainly won t be the last Absorbing, gripping and well written. Last year I read a very special book called The Girl Before by Rena Olsen Even though I did love it back then, it s one of those that have been in my mind ever since I ve been searching for books dealing with similar themes and I often remember some of the scenes When I came across Appetite for Innocence, I knew I had to read it because of the obvious similarities not about the actual topic, but because of the protagonists.This was not an easy book to read at all The writing it flows, it s simple yet compelling but the theme is incredibly dark Appetite for Innocence is about a man who kidnaps young virgins and tries to get them ready for him What interested me the most was the fact that one of the girls, Sarah, had been with him forever and helped him kidnap and groom the other girls She had been completely brainwashed, much as the woman from The Girl Before.The psychology of what makes a young girl behave like that has always fascinated me It s easy to judge them, but I prefer to try to understand their motives and how they become that person One thing that I really liked about this novel was how Ella s mother felt so much for Sarah and wanted to help her despite her own daughter being against it I could understand both of them and that s something I ve come to appreciate in books The fact that not everything is black and white.So yes, the book deals with a hard topic and features some dark scenes, one that I particularly hope I never have to read ever again I swear I had to put the book down for a few seconds and those who ve read the novel probably know which moment I m talking about However, you also know how much I admire an author that isn t afraid to go dark and Lucinda Berry is clearly a writer to watch out for.To be honest, I wasn t completely satisfied with the ending, as I think it took the easy way out and I didn t really like how the events played out I don t want to spoil anything so I won t elaborate, but I was expecting something complex and thought provoking, not the classic thriller climax. I m a sucker for kidnapping books and I usually love Lucinda Berry books, but APPETITE FOR INNOCENCE didn t grab me the way I hoped Told from the Then and Now points of view of Sarah and Ella, two of John s victims, I had trouble connecting to the characters I most connected with Paige, another captive.Sarah, held for four years and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, became John s helper On the surface she seemed hard, but her actions were part self preservation, part traumatic response and part trying to protect the other teens.Ella, held for four months, saw Sarah as an extension of John and attached to Paige She couldn t find empathy for Sarah, understandable, but also made life difficult Her mother Jocelyn had a heart of gold.I wish Paige had had her own point of view.APPETITE FOR INNOCENCE was a slow read Flipping from the different time frames and the different points of view within those time periods slowed the reading because of the various different Thens for Ella and Sarah.Though technically an adult novel it reads like YA lit, which is filled with better stories of kidnapping and recovery than APPETITE FOR INNOCENCE. Phew, this was quite a read Right from page one I was hooked I had such a hard time putting it down so I could go to work I d highly recommend picking this up on a day when you don t have any other plans because you ll certainly want to read the entire book in one sitting Full disclosure I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my rating in any way.Summary Appetite for Innocence is a book from the perspective of two teenage girls, Sarah and Ella These girls are under control of a serial rapist that has captured them and locked them away in his sound proof basement Sarah has been there since she was twelve and now suffers from Stockholm syndrome Ella is his latest victim that he is grooming until she is ready One day, Ella risks it all to try to escape The girls have heard stories that were passed down from girl to girl about how impossible it would be Between the walls, the vicious dogs, and the bombs in the walls of the house it seems incredibly difficult But Ella makes it She s in rough shape when she reaches the hospital Luckily, her physical wounds will heal, but will she find a way to cope with the mental trauma My thoughts I thought this book was incredible It was so suspenseful and incredibly dark To say that this book was an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement there were SO many ups and downs throughout the course of the story Yes, there were a couple of rape scenes, but they were not super graphic, which I really appreciated Just knowing what was happening was sickening enough So I was really happy to see that rather than focusing on the graphic details, the writing focused on the character trying to distance herself from what was happening.I m usually not a huge fan of the differing POV s or chapters that switch back and forth from current time and the past And this book had both But it was done SO wonderfully I enjoyed the organization of this storyline very much because it really boosted the suspense I was never confused, but I was always antsy to find out what, exactly, had happened, and how the girls were going to adjust.The writing was also wonderful It all flowed so well and even though the content was difficult, it was easy to get totally immersed in the story And like I said above, I was hooked from page one and had a really hard time putting it down.The characters were well developed As a reader, I really felt a connection to the girls very early on, so reading what they went through was really difficult Ella and Paige were my favorites I couldn t believe how strong they were the entire time they were locked in the basement I also really liked Sarah, but in a very different way from the other two girls Sarah was very standoffish and of course struggled with major Stockholm syndrome, which made me so sad.The male character, John, was incredibly creepy I think his creepiness was elevated to an even higher level because you only learn about him through what the girls witness So we didn t know where this house was, how he acquired it, what he did for a living, if he had a family, or anything like that.My final thoughts Overall an incredible read I would HIGHLY recommend this book Snag it on today. This has to be one of the hardest 5 star reviews I will have to write It s hard to say you enjoyed a book when the subject content is a hard one to digest As a parent, it was even harder to read this book would be every parent s nightmare So why give it a 5 star Lucinda Berry is a new author for me and it seems that she has a total of 4 books published, including Appetite for Innocence Each book looks like it has garnered at least 3 stars or which definitely piques my interest to read of her books.Let s jump right in, shall we Appetite for Innocence starts out with 2 sometimes 3 main characters, constantly switching perspectives We start with Sarah, a girl who was taken 4 years ago, but has developed Stockholm Syndrome with her kidnapper Her role To make the girls as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances Sarah takes her role begrudgingly in hopes that if she works hard enough, John will reward her and allow her to live upstairs with him instead of in the basement.Sarah is proud to know all of John s cues when he s ready to acquire a new girl, when he s ready to bring her upstairs, and when he s lost all interest Unfortunately for Sarah, she s involved in every step helping to pick out the girls, tending to them while they re in the basement, cooking, and if necessary she ll get rid of the girls.Paige has been living in the basement for approximately 5 months She s conditioned herself to separate her mind from her body, which she advises Ella our other main character to do as well.We find Ella duct taped and zip tied, and naturally freaking out Sarah and Paige try to calm her down, and coax her not to scream so they can remove the duct tape Predictably so, Ella screams for help when the duct tape is removed.These girls all have a common thread They have religious backgrounds, their father s are out of the picture, and they are all virgins John is only interested in taking virgins He wants to be a father figure to them, to take care of them His intentions are not well received Especially when he decides he wants to start a family.He s broken these girls Snatched them up from their lives Brainwashed them, and turned them into a shell Will there ever be justice I ve got to be honest when I first started reading this book, I was annoyed that the author continually switched perspectives I was at first confused, and found it hard to concentrate on the story line Continuing on though, the pace started to pick up, as well as the back story.and front story, and the stories in between As I feel this blog post is disorganized, and chaotic, that is the best way for me to describe Appetite for Innocence.Although I didn t care for the subject matter, let s face it, one can like this subject as much as The Lovely Bones I was wrecked for weeks after that book This particular book is what parent s nightmares are made out of It s letting your kids have a routine, knowing that routine, and them not return When is parental guidance too much And when should you show leniency After reading this book, I certainly want to hug my kiddos a bit tighter at night.So why on earth would I give this book a 5 star Just because a reader doesn t care for the subject matter should not guarantee a lower rating Lucinda Berry proves she s a master at dialogue and detail Although the reader cringes through half the book she paints a picture so vivid you feel the pain You can feel the point these girls just give up.Berry has fantastic character development I found each character, from the girls, the parents, even John, to have layer upon layer of unraveling it was truly brilliant Being able to compartmentalize and keep separate the story and the set up is key.As for reading another Lucinda Berry book I most definitely would I think she s a brilliant writer Granted I do not think I could stomach a work like this back to back, but that s no reason for me to completely shy away from the author.I was contacted through my blog to give an honest review in exchange for an advanced copy of the book That being said, it has not altered my opinion whatsoever. |Download Pdf ⚔ Appetite for Innocence ☨ Be Careful What You Post Online Your Next Check In Might Lead Him Right To You A Serial Rapist Is Kidnapping Teenage Girls But He S Not Interested In Just Any Teenage Girls Only Virgins He Hunts Them By Following Their Status Updates And Check Ins On Social Media Once He S Captured Them, They Re Locked Away In His Sound Proof Basement Until They Re Groomed And Ready He Throws Them Away Like Pieces Of Trash After He S Stolen Their Innocence Nobody Escapes Alive Until Ella Ella Risks It All To Escape, Setting Herself And The Other Girls Free But Only Sarah The Girl Whose Been Captive The Longest Gets Out With Her The Girls Are Hospitalized And Surrounded By FBI Agents Who Will Stop At Nothing To Find The Man Responsible Ella And Sarah Are The Key To Their Investigation, But Sarah S Hiding Something And It Isn T Long Before Ella Discovers Her Nightmare Is Far From Over Fans Of The Butterfly Garden And The Girl Before Will Devour Appetite For Innocence Warning Contains Sexual Violence Which May Be A Trigger For Some Readers nteresting premise POV switching between two teenage victims of a kidnapper rapest The POV of both girls switches between the past and present Sarah Smith was John s first first girl he took, the first girl he conditioned for his sick purposes Problem was due to her horrendous childhood before he took her she gets things mixed up in her head and he becomes her life her everything She would do anything for him including conditioning the new girls he takes and getting rid of them when he is finished Ella is was the latest girl taken As with every girl that has been kidnapped and put in the celler all she thinks about is how to escape After a while she sees that she is going to have to endure horrific things to be able to achieve that The books start out right after Ella was taken and put in the cellar with Sarah and Paige another girl who had been taken giving us both Sarah and Ella s POV of that You can see right off that Sarah is not quite right in the head but aren t sure if she is totally on the side of John or has just learned to accept her fate The we jump to present day with Ella in the hospital she had managed to escape and is being questioned by the police and FBI about the man who kidnapped and raped her She is understandable in a very fragile state We soon find out that both she and Sarah escaped and are both in the hospital From here we bounce back and forth between past and present until the timeline catches up The present shows us how the two girls cope with being free and the intense therapy they both start John is not captured until towards the end of the book so one girl is in fear he will find her again and the other wants him to find her These two girls couldn t be different You feel Ella s pain the most and at first struggle with how to feel about Sarah Her past is slowly revealed and its an even uglier one than what she went through with John But in the back of your mind you know she had a psychotic break at some point and may be irredeemable.Even though the POV is from the girls and the subject matter is very dark This was a decent read that I found through BookBub daily deal of the day It s a bit of a strange story, this one, and I m not sure how to review it, or explain it without spoilers so I ll add spoiler tags where necessary Appetite for Innocence follows two girls, Sarah and Ella who are been kept captive in a basement by view spoiler a man who Sarah claims is her father hide spoiler Paige daughter introduces herself, Sarah to Ella Bear Stevenson FBI SA Blake Erickson kidnapping FBI SA Phil partner kidnapping were questioning Sarah Smith FBI SA Randy f, victim s advocate was meeting with Ella her mom Jocelyn.Ella is a patient in the Olive Memorial View Hospital Simi Valley FBI SA Randy will now interview Sarah John Smith is nowhere to be found Steve is going to recreate sketch John Fast forward there was a large Welcome Home Ella Sarah banner that hung over their Jocelyn s Ella s mom staircase Jaycee, Naomi Parker were there to greet them also.Aurora Another welcome home party at the Christ Community Church.Grandpa, Grandma Uncle Jack are there Jade, Rachel, Morgan came also John was finally found in Titusville, FL.Ella PTSD started CBT with Dr Hale f.She also ended up in the hospital suicide attempt What about Sarah Warning This book contains extremely graphic adult content, violence, or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one All thoughts opinions are entirely my own.A very awesome book cover, great font writing style Wow, a very well written psychological thriller book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make another great psychological thriller movie, or better yet a mini TV series There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars Thank you for the free Rise Press instafreebie Author PDF book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn