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I don t know how it happened, but he etched himself into my DNA What an intense and yet sweet ending to not only Hartley and Easton s story, but to the entire Royals series There were moments in this book that I wanted to strangle half the characters while simultaneously hugging the other ones, but despite all the emotional ups and downs Cracked Kingdom is a pretty good read.I m not going to say much other than that Many questions posed during the series are answered Problems that East and Hart were facing are resolved, and new ones are figured out too Also we get updates on Ella and Reed that we ve been asking for.If you re a fan of the series, you don t want to miss this final installment. Someone send me a copy of this so I can burn it. #READ DOWNLOAD ⚡ Cracked Kingdom ó These Royals Will Ruin YouEver Since Hartley Wright Met Easton Royal, Her Life Hasn T Been The Same There Are Enemies Behind Every Corner And Dangers Beyond Each Door When Tragedy Strikes And Steals Her Memories, She Can T Trust Anyone, Not Even The Blue Eyed Boy Who Promises Her That Everything Will Be All RightBecause While Hartley S Memory Is Full Of Gaps, Her Instincts Tell Her Easton Is Dangerous She Doesn T Know If He S The Snake In The Garden Or Her Chance At Salvation The Chaos He Brings Wherever He Goes Is Too Much To Handle, The Intense Feelings He Evokes Are Too Confusing To UnravelEaston Wants Her To Remember Hartley Thinks It S Better To ForgetShe Might Be RightTragedy Treachery Trust Hartley Has To Face The Facts In This World, You Can T Escape The RoyalsEither You Live By Their Rules Or You Die By Them What the heck just happened I have found this whole series addicting with its craziness I absolutely loved Easton s last book with his screwed up self But this one still left me with questions The book felt rushed There was one part that I wasn t expecting, though But with all the things that were going on, it all felt too hunky dory I was expecting Easton s demons to be super dark in this one based on the last book, and for Hartley to help him battle them Instead, it became a Lifetime meets Hallmark movie Buddy read with Cristina Cristiina ReadsI just finished it It took me a few days instead of the usual day of consuming everything because I wanted to prolong my experience as much as I could But I finally finished it and I don t know what to do.There s a heavy feeling in my chest because I ve officially said goodbye to the Royals, and that ending I want to cry Thank you, Erin Watt, for creating this world The OTT drama, the frustrating little sh ts who think they can be mean little sh ts because they have all the money in the world, the precious babies I want to protect from the world, all of it I m going to miss them so much Now, let me just sit here and stew on everything I just read I think I need to lie down I ll write my full review once I ve calmed down. The echo of his footsteps is the only sound I hear for a long while Even the voices ig my head the ones I try to drown out with the pills, the booze, and the fighting that are always there are silenced In the quiet I feel it The intense loneliness that I try to keep away The gaping hole in my heart that I ve tried to fill with girls, girls, and girls becomes a canyon that has no bottom, no end I m no longer on the edge, staring into the abyss I m in it I m freefalling in this endless darknessPoor Easton Poor Royal boys When I read things like this one, I feel so ashamed that I have such fun with their books which are over the top filled with amplifying despair and tragedy And then I read things likeYour jacket is worth a couple of mortgage payments I don t think anyone is going to mistake you for a burglar Of course it is She rolls her eyes Do you get an allergy if your clothes cost less than four figures Yes Yes, I do And my dick shrinks, too Only you, Easton, would be confident enough to joke about your dick getting smaller Big dick problemsAnd then I cannot stop laughing So, yeah I enjoy these books and hopefully books will come because Sebastian and Sawyer are silently screaming for their book and their girl.Easton faces a mess in this book For a fraction of this mess, he was responsible For the rest of it, the Wrights are responsible and I can t believe there is a family fucked up than Royals Hartley has amnesia Felicity tries to confuse Hartley The twins are separated Easton tries to help Hartley Oh Easton What a messEaston is obviously an alcoholic and suffers from depression But this is a fact that everyone has suspected from book 1 I have no words to describe how much perfect Hartley is for him During the first part of book, they desperately try to find each other Hartley is Easton s home and Easton is Hartley s homemy shoulders feel lighter than any other time I can remember I confessed all my sins to Hartley and she didn t push me awayRegardless of some heavy matters that are described, the book is actually funny, fluffy and sweet.Awesome book I NEED please IT S LIVE US 4 I have been ruined Stars Throwing in some random nostalgia, it s amazing to think that my journey with this family started with requesting an arc when it had no official blurb, no cover, and I had no clue who Erin Watt was Almost two years later and I m completely enthralled with this family and devastated that their stories are over Cracked Kingdom opens up where the last cliffhanger left us screaming, with the Royals completely torn apart In this book the Royals are tested with how much they can handle without destroying each other and it was a heart wrenching story to experience But it was one that validated why their stories just keep sucking me in Of course the main focus is again on Easton and Hartley, though not so much them together For the majority of the beginning they barely even had any scenes together While reading, it made me a little disappointed but in the end I could appreciate why everything played out the way that it did It s one of those stories for me that I couldn t exactly say how I felt about it until I finished Hartley was a very interesting character in this book for me Due to circumstances surrounding her character, we kind of got to see her discover her will to fight all over again and I loved that My heart broke for her many times and I wanted to just slap some people on her behalf I felt like she had a tougher time throughout this story than the last but by the end I think it made her stronger and made me admire her Easton was still a mess, of course, but that s why I love him A broken bad boy will always win my heart over and Easton was the epitome of that hero Messed up and coping in unhealthy ways but the perfect lovable heart that attracts our heroine and makes readers swoon If you haven t experienced the Easton Royal charm yet, you are missing out Being super vague in this review is actually killing me a little since I have so much I want to say about, well, everything yet this series is something you will need to experience for yourself So go get ruined. Full Review This book was okay, didn t like it as much as I did the previous ones Didn t really warm up to Hartley as I did Ella What i didn t like My major issue with this is that there were a lot of unnecessary unexplained details For instance, this guy Kyle who kept picking on Hartley for an unknown reason I thought that plot was going to reveal something but nope, it was just random Another issue was that Hartley was pretty gullible stupid even with what happened to her view spoiler her memory loss hide spoiler 1 Paper Princess 2 Broken Prince 3 Twisted Palace 4 Fallen Heir You all can clearly see that this series has been disappointing me for a little while now, but this installment was really the Lord testing me, I swear Which is so damn sad, because Easton is truly my favorite in this whole unbelievable family dramaGod created a billion men, developed the perfect face, and stuck it on Easton RoyalThe Royal series is a new adult romance series that features a family that has five incredibly rich, extremely privileged, and obviously super hot boys The first trilogy starred the second to oldest brother, Reed, and a girl named Ella who comes into the brother s lives Well, now Reed is off at college, and the new story arc belongs to the middle brother, Easton And he fell for a girl named Hartley in Fallen Heir, even though she feels so very off limits because of everything going on in her life But with the cliffhanger ending that Fallen Heir gave us, I was thinking a million things when starting this And guess what None of them were true Which already started the book off to be a disappointment, but then we got one of my least favorite storyline tropes of all time view spoiler Amnesia hide spoiler MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS Cracked Kingdom is the fifth book in Erin Watt s The Royals series It picks up right where the fourth book Fallen Heir and that cliffy we were all hanging over, all eagerly awaiting for the final conclusion And here it is One twin is in a coma uncertain as to when he will wake up, or even if he will, the other twin can barely function without his right hand man, he s holding on by a threadSeb likes to rescue baby animals and overuses the heart eyes emoji, whereas Sawyers the macho twin The one who doesn t talk as much The one who doesn t like showing emotion But without his twin Sawyer s alone and scared Hartley has had her memory bank wiped clean of the last three years, her mind is a clean slate, to fill in her blanks could set her back years in her recovery She can t even remember Easton All the blame of the accident has been laid at her feet, since her car collided with the twins range rover she s been ostracised by the townspeople because of the accident Due to this and trying to be the glue that keeps his family strong, Easton is slipping back into his old ways, drinking and barely keeping his shit together Felicity is out for blood, she was wronged by Easton and she s going to make him pay she s out for blood and who better to go after other than Hartley She s vulnerable, she ll believe everything Felicity tells her What a highly addictive series this has been, the ups and downs of Royal life, the downside that this series has now been put to rest is heartbreaking I just hope we get to read about a new group of troubled teens.