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This is one of my favorite reads so far this year We think we know how to influence, but the human brain keeps surprising us Perhaps it even evolved not to be rational but to be good at motivating others through whatever means works Maybe we manipulate the facts and re order them to fit the picture that is simplest, or our favorite, or easiest to follow Our minds can exhibit some surprising logic, though for good reason Read this and you ll find new ideas for helping people overcome well established prior beliefs You ll learn how to negotiate when the asks seem mutually exclusive You ll understand how humans seeking pleasure and avoiding pain imply different motivation tactics to fit the situation The thoughtful leader will appreciate these concepts and several others This is a valuable book. Fikir de i tirmenin bili sel s re leriyle ilgili mutlaka okunmas gereken toparlay c bir kitap Fakat e er bu konuda bol bol kitap makale okuduysan z tekrarlarla dolu bulacaks n z Yine de bu tekrarlar i eri in gereksiz spek lasyondan uzak ve kesin yarg lara temkinli yakla m n g lgelemesin ok ideal bir denge tutturmu bana g re Tali Sharot un ak c anlat m , Tevfik Uyar n da g zel evirisi sayesinde de rahat okunuyor. I read too many books on minds and brains so this is, again, a repetition of a lot of what I have read in the last few months Concepts like group think, anchoring, etc I wouldn t say this book is not good, if this is your first few books on mind brain exploration on behaviour and decision making, I believe you will be enlightened. A good reminder of basic psychological traits that are ingrained in us However nothing really new, most of what was presented can be found in Influence by Caldini or Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahlaman Might be a good intro into the topic for those who haven t read the mentioned books. Probably 3.5 Cute pop psych book on social learning and other social influences The title was kind of misleading though and I m not really convinced anything new was discussed. Imagine it is 2015 You make a prediction that Donald Trump is going to win the 2016 presidential election because he has a better understanding of how to influence people than Hillary Clinton Would most people have laughed you out of the room Maybe in 2015 not in 2018 This book essentially builds from this premise, using a multitude of research studies to support its thesis on how to influence people Notes from my key learnings 1 Use fear rather than hope when you would like people to do nothing and they are anxious Ex anti vaccine movement p 52 One of the most powerful ways to communicate ideas effectively is to share feelings p 343 Immediate rewards can often be effective than future punishment p 604 There is value in positive images Consider this with crowdfunding requests.show smiles, not pain This is based upon the nucleus accumbens reward center of the brain p.685 Ikea Effect people value things they create themselves than the exact same items created by someone else p.996 There is value in simply reminding people that they have control and choice 7 Information gaps are discomforting filling them leads to comfort This is the underlying premise of clickbait p 110.followed by this quote on p 111 Once we are told what we do not know, we want to know 8 People seek out positive info and tend to ignore negative info p 1229 Nice summary paragraph regarding communication o p 12810 Great stories on Cal winning, then losing p 137 139, and on Michael Chang winning on French Open on p 42 Two of most compelling examples in book I will use them in future talks 11 Brand yourself with images of others eg Apple computer and Einstein and Edison p 15512 Our brain operates according to the rule that what is desired by others is likely valuable p 15713 Emphasize social behavior of others eg 9 10 people prefer choice x p 15914 The ability of one person, one rating, to influence so many others that follow is quite remarkable p 16115 JK Rowling s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stones was rejected by 12 editors at different publishing houses until accepted by Barry Cunningham at Bloomsbury Publishing He accepted it b c of review from Alice Newton, the 8 year old daughter of Nigel Newton, Bloomsbury s chairman p 17416 Wisdom from crowds occurs when assessments are independent of one another So what does this mean in practice Don t use audience response systems and show responses in real time p 17917 Unlike thermometers, we are social creatures, and our default setting is to interact How to use this in practice When recruiting, seek out opinions about candidates who are interviewing from interviewers individually before discussing them with one another p 18018 Beware of equality bias Weight people s opinions according to their expertise on the topic, not according to the number of people with opinions p 191As shown above, lots of good stuff in this book The problem was that the stories in the book always trumped the often boring details of the experimental protocols of the psychology studies that were presented I found myself skimming the studies, trying to get to the stories Summary of the book Stories influence people because of emotional connection, not data from studies Going meta the book itself incorporates both approaches, with predictable outcomes..a joy to read its stories, while reading the studies felt like homework. The book is about how inflexible and irrational human brain can be sometimes Once we make up our mind about something, it can be extremely difficult to change that opinion, whether it is about a movie, a book or political candidate Our brain also seeks information that reaffirms our views instead of information that contradicts it The best way to make somebody change their mind is to present equally valid facts to the contrary instead of attacking their beliefs directly When an established belief is difficult to weed out, seeding a new one may be the answer Also, and this is something we tend to forget, people s brains are emotionally connected to each other and therefore, good and bad moods are contagious It is hence, very important to be mindful of our own feelings in a group setting.And lastly, people are happier when they feel in control That is why it is so difficult to make somebody do something by just telling them what to do The best way is to issue orders in such a way that they feel in charge.Overall, the book is well researched and well written I enjoyed reading it One of my favorites. &Download ↙ The Influential Mind ☟ A Cutting Edge, Research Based Inquiry Into How We Influence Those Around Us And How Understanding The Brain Can Help Us Change Minds For The Better In The Influential Mind, Neuroscientist Tali Sharot Takes Us On A Thrilling Exploration Of The Nature Of Influence We All Have A Duty To Affect Others From The Classroom To The Boardroom To Social Media But How Skilled Are We At This Role, And Can We Become Better It Turns Out That Many Of Our Instincts From Relying On Facts And Figures To Shape Opinions, To Insisting Others Are Wrong Or Attempting To Exert Control Are Ineffective, Because They Are Incompatible With How People S Minds Operate Sharot Shows Us How To Avoid These Pitfalls, And How An Attempt To Change Beliefs And Actions Is Successful When It Is Well Matched With The Core Elements That Govern The Human Brain Sharot Reveals The Critical Role Of Emotion In Influence, The Weakness Of Data And The Power Of Curiosity Relying On The Latest Research In Neuroscience, Behavioral Economics And Psychology, The Book Provides Fascinating Insight Into The Complex Power Of Influence, Good And Bad food for thought regarding my thoughts about the brain social responsibility and influence searching for expertise instead of weighing everyone s opinion equally popular ways of thinking and how they can be alarmingly unfounded People can be open minded initially and then make up their mind and then becoming stubborn with a set opinion One such example is that of MMR vaccine causing autism People believe the notion based on research published, but many refuse to change opinion when subsequent research debunked the notion The best way to persuade them is not to tell them they are wrong, but simply present the new findings and hope for the best.Mood can be contagious After reading positive posts, they are likely to post something positive and same with negativity One s ability to do the same type of cognitive tasks can vary significantly depending on whether the incentive is to be rewarded or to avoid punishment the latter is worse People are happier motivated if they feel that they have some control The example given was tell them to wash hand they comply at 38% Show them the compliance rate, they made that rate jump to 90%.People value stuff they contributed effort in making If you want others to pay attention to important info, make it entertaining That s what the newer airline safety messages are doing.