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Oh my god I love it, Collin was the sweetest thing I ever read, my This story was so different and exciting, the world, characters, the entire plot It blows my mind D I would read it again I m so glad to know this writer, I ll continue reading her books Eh, not my thing It was ok the writing was solid and the characters mostly fleshed out The low score is personal, everytime the MC did anything sexual I couldn t shake the shota vibe, and that didn t work for me Yep, I know he was an adult but the constant reminder that he was short and looked younger made it too hard to shake.His anxiety was spot on but it mostly dissolved upon the change A bit disheartening for those not from the planet and have to navigate their own mental health without taking on a fox s mindset But again, that s not a fault with the writing and it made sense in the context, just a personal thought that made it a bit sadder to get through. #FREE BOOK ⚠ Fox Furry Û ExcerptI Wanted What She Offered A Handsome Man, She Said, Who I D Be The Companion To For The Rest Of My Life And Now I Remember What She D Asked Me You Like A Man, RightLike She Was Taking And Fulfilling My OrderBut I Didn T Consent To Be Caged And CollaredOr Maybe I Did I Remember The Phrase Temporary Discomfort For A Life Of Wealth And Happiness From Her Mouth As She Summarized The TermsDid I Consent To This Did I Sign To Let Her Turn Me Into Whatever I Am A Tailed, Long Eared Thing With Too Much Hair A Mutant, Basically A Fox Furry Collin Is About To Be Homeless He Was Desperately Looking For Job, But Now, Thanks To A Crazy Gypsy Lady Who Wants To Sell Him In Her Petshop, He Has Ears And A Tail He Doesn T Look Bad In Fact, He Kind Of Likes The Black Tipped Ears And His Silky Fur But He Can T Go Back To Earth His Transformation Is Physical, Not Magical, And That Means PermanentHe S Technically A Pet By The Laws Of Pangea All He Can Hope For Is That Sean, The Handsome Cop Detective Who Rescued Him, Will Want To Keep Him M M Fantasy Romance I wonder if the alterations cut Collin s low IQ by half He was a guy with no skills, no interests, hobby, friends or anything going for him Then he was altered I understand he s in a new situation, but his reactions and decisions don t make sense most of the time Also, what s up with the reasoning now that I have fur I won t take showers What does taking a bath have to do with that or was he always a slob While Collin is a doormat, Sean is almost likable He s not very bright either and his attempts to treat Collin as a person are quite perplexing Animals go naked, people wear clothes or at least in that society people wear clothes I would think that first thing you do after rescuing someone who s naked is to give that person something to wear Putting coat on top is fine for a time being, that s not solution for days.I suppose Collin wearing Seans shirt all the time was intended as cute but I could only think this guy must stink to high heaven That s neither cute nor sexy. I really liked this book This was such a fun story I hope the author does a few like it I m not into the furry kink, but this story was fun taking that to logical extremes I enjoyed Collin s narrative a whole lot and Sean was a great companion for him If you re wondering why I gave it three stars instead of 4, it s because there were enough typographical errors to merit it, but they didn t take much away from my focus and enjoyment of the story This story was definitely unique I don t think I ve read anything quite like it.I felt sorry for Collin in the beginning but as he settled in with Sean, the things he did made me laugh My favourite scene was when he was rolling around in Sean s cum covered bed and nearly got caught by Sean Collin definitely had it bad for Sean lol.Vander was intriguing he was gentle, patient yet caring but I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when he didn t make any attempt to come after Collin.This was an enjoyable book to read with loads of originality and great world building A steamy book with a dash of crazy and a hint of danger. Loved this book, quite light and humorous but really well done and quite unlike anything else I ve ever read Poor Collin, on the eve of getting evicted, desperate for a job, finds him self in a completely unexpected predicament I really loved how the author ran with the basic premise and thought through all the implications of how it affects how he interacts and the world building is good too. The initial idea the blurb was interesting, but the execution was poor No background, no world building, one dimensional characters, flat story, and even the fox furry thing couldn t help saving the story The only thing that seemed good was the sex. Four stars. Absolutely wonderful This book was such a wonderful read The world building was good and just the concept of the story was fabulous I loved Colin I felt for him at the beginning , cheered him on in the middle , and finally was happy as hell for him in the end I hope we get characters and stories from this world