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!Download ♩ A Dead Mans Pulse (Trident Security Omega Team, #1) ☣ Marine First Sergeant Logan Cowboy Reese Was Rescued Hours Before He Would Ve Met The Same Fate As His Five Murdered Teammates In Afghanistan Returning To The US And Civilian Life Hadn T Been Part Of His Plans At This Stage Of His Career, But Dealing With PTSD Forced His Hand However, An Unexpected Job Offer With Trident Security, A Private Firm In Tampa, Has Him Finding A Purpose In Life Again, But Will His Flashbacks Destroy A Promising Future Altogether Officer Dakota Swift Has Worked Hard To Prove She Belongs On Tampa PD With The Big Boys And Has Been Trying To Get Assigned To The Special Operations Division A Local, Serial Killer, Targeting Submissives In The BDSM Lifestyle, Gives Her The Opportunity To Get Her Feet Wet In Undercover Work She S Assigned To The Joint Task Force Between TPD, The FBI, And Trident Security, But Can She Survive Her Attraction To Her New Partner, Logan The Operatives Of Trident Security Have A Keen Interest Of Catching The Kink Killer As The Heads Of The Company Also Own A BDSM Club, The Covenant Until His Identity Is Discovered, No Woman In The Lifestyle Community Is Safe With The Body Count Rising, Will The Killer Be Caught Before Someone From The Covenant Becomes The Next Victim A Dead Mans Pulse Trident Omega Team Book 1 Samantha Cole5 starsSo first and foremost it makes me giddy to see book 1 This means we are on a journey of to come Second bringing awareness to PTSD and prisoners of war hell yes Third a new pup named Fubar damn right Brilliant name choice by the way The title is a sad yet real description of a man who survived while his brothers didn t War is a bastard Its the devil wrapped in a nice bow with a one way ticket to hell and that s my description from having a husband who served 22 years in SO Logan Cowboy Reese is a man looking to suppress those demons A Trident in hand might just help him slay the beast Dakota Swift is still trying to prove herself to her co workers and father A chance to join the elite forces to catch a killer is the perfect way to do this Throwing herself undercover is the only way to go to show that she can and will get the sick f k who is murdering the ladies from the clubs Things will explode along the way with many fighting to stay alive Enjoy the ride, embrace the moments that are reality and turn to page one We cant say much because the details are not only alluring but heart pounding to say the least Nothing needs to be compromised or given away in the review Don t miss the original series from Samantha You don t need to read it to understand what is going on in this release but missing them is like missing cake on your birthday friends Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read LOVE THIS ONE Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. For those who are fans of Samantha s, this book has been long waited for We finally find out who the Kink Killer is First though, lets get to the story I hurt so bad for Logan Being a prisoner of war and hearing and watching his buddies get tortured and then murdered would break anyone And it almost did break Logan Enter Ian Sawyer He sees something in Logan and wants him on his team to catch the Kink Killer After agreeing to Ian s terms, Logan is paired up with Dakota, a police officer who is also a submissive Time becomes of the essence as another submissive goes missing Fighting their attraction for each other, when they fall, they fall hard Misunderstandings, drama, mystery add to the danger and when the killer sets his sights on Dakota, it s an all out push to figure this out When the missing submissive shows up, having escaped with her life, but in a coma, the team waits to see if she knows anything Will they find out who is killing submissives Will Logan be able to save Dakota from the killers grasp I cried, laughed, got pissed off and was basically blown away with this story It s a keeper and one I will read over and over ARC provided for honest review 5 Star WOW Don t think just buyA heartfelt look at the toll PTSD has on a person s life and the road to recovery Everything about this book was great flow, character dynamic and storyline This book had a little of everything suspense, emotional ups and downs, sensuality between H h and the characters we have all come to love Logan Cowboy Reese is a deadman with a pulse and his new job with Trident Security is a lifeline he is grabbing onto with both hands Mix in a new job, a new town and a serial killer and you get one hell of a great read Dakota Swift is still trying to prove herself to her co workers and father She wants to work undercover and keeps getting turned down and her frustration is mounting When a chance to join the task force looking for the Kink Killer presents itself she jumps at the chance After Logan and Dakota become partners on the task force things heat up both on and off the job The killer is upping his game and Logan is fighting for his sanity while Dakota is fighting to prove herself. This is the start of the Trident Security Omega Team series It is advised to first read the Trident Security series in order to avoid spoilers If not, this book can be read as a standalone novel.Logan AKA Cowboy is immediately attracted to Dakota She is not impressed with him when they first meet, as he assumes she needs his help but she can take care of herself He meets her again later and the sparks fly all over the room Now he just hopes he can impress her enough that she gives him a chance.Dakota is a police officer who is always trying to prove herself in a man s world With all the odds stacked against her, she wishes for greater things When it turns out a killer has her in his sights, she is going to need all the help she can get.Amazing and riveting conclusion of the mystery killer from many books before in the previous series Introducing the new Omega Team series, where the members are new and very hot This story has so much heat and such a compelling mystery, the pages nearly singe the reader This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review. WowI absolutely loved this book by samantha A cole It had me so intrigued i could hardly put the book down Well obviously as ive just finished it and its 3am lol Logan and dakotas story was heartbreaking My god reading what logan went through as a POW Broke my heart and i could never in my life imagine what hell our service men and women go through while fighting for our country over sea s But this book was great i was shocked to find out who the murderer was Like seriously didn t see that coming at all But i loved this series ive read every book and i hope there is Tiny needs a book i think Lol But seriously this series is awesome I love samanthas knowledge of law enforcement and marines army As well as what to expect and how to treat PTSD And as well as knowledge on guns and therapy dogs I highly recommend this book series Its so hot it sizzles right off the page. oh my wow what a fantastic read I m a huge fan of this series so this book has been eagerly anticipated.Logan Reese Cowboy has survived an horrific time as a POW narrowly missing being tortured to death, unlike his teammates who weren t so lucky, Cowboy was rescued but suffers from severe PTSD.His life changes when the Sawyer brothers offer him a job at Trident Security Omega team is being formed and Logan s an important part of the team, especially as the Kink Killer is still at large Enter Dakota Swift TPD police officer, she s fighting to get into SOD She s offered the chance to help catch this killer so they go undercover to draw him out.Fireworks spark once they meet and of course the drama and intrigue continues What happens next will keep you on your toes the whole way through from start to finish Our beloved cast of characters make an appearance and keep you entertained This is a must read book for all TS fans. What happens when a killer is terrorizing the community that the Sexy 6 pack loves to play in Samantha Cole has dropped hints throughout her Trident Series and her spin off on the Omega team but now we find out just who it is but not before we meet Logan, a Marine who survived when his team didn t and lives with it every day His first assignment is to partner up with the sassy and snarky Tampa PD officer Yes, familiar faces and abs show up Yes there is some pantymeltingohmygodyouneedacoldshower chemistry that just goes hand in hand with whip training, a dog named Fubar, a psycho, and a man who deserves to know he is a hero Get your tissues, be prepared to laugh, cry, and sigh Once again Samantha keeps you on the edge Time to fall down that rabbit hole. Clues as to whom the Kink Killer are spread throughout her Trident Series and into her Trident Omega Series Crossover book Mountain Of Evil, and FINALLY we find out who it is A Dead Man s Pulse would be an okay starting point for those who haven t read Samantha A Cole s other works, but it is definitely best enjoyed if you begin with Leather Lace, Trident Security Series Book 1.The Trident Omega Team s family gets slightly larger through the introduction of two engaging characters, Logan Reese and Dakota Swift The chemistry between these two is perfect and it quickly becomes apparent that they re practically soul mates Be forewarned though this story does have some moments that will most likely be difficult to read through, but these are necessary insights into Logan s character. Gripping suspense Finally, the conclusion to the kink killer I think Samantha is an amazing suspense writer, she kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat until the very end Incredibly complex storyline, twisting and turning with an always amazing cast of characters.Absolutely loved the faithful portrayal of Cowboy, and all he endured and continues to suffer with PTSD Dakota was a strong, independent woman unashamed of being submissive The character of Charlie really got to me, for being so adorable and for what he meant to Logan.The only thing that bothered me was the relationship between Logan and Dakota, I didn t expect it to be the main storyline but it felt like an afterthought They took such a backseat to the background, overall story arc, and other characters all of which were amazing that when their relationship was portrayed, it felt rushed It s probably just my own feeling, as Samantha is a brilliant author and still one of my favorites.