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It s a beautiful, tragic story I always enjoy Petra March s unique writing style It s happy, and sad both at the same time Story itself is both happy and sad as well It s written in a very nostalgic way Author describes everything, characters, places, feelings, in such a detailed manner that it will bring the story alive for you All I can say is that this story made me fall in love with the places I ve never even visited, and admire the characters which aren t even real Although they feel as real as can be.Mina is a dancer Her grandmother left her a cottage She wants to make it her dream to live there and may be someday turn it into a dance school just like her grandmother wished it to be She wants to live her dream But some dreams are just not meant to be She soon finds out that dancing is not in her future and now she must comes to term with her broken body.Neal is living a nightmare since his younger brother died his life has not been the same Once he was an actor, an artist, and now he is trying his best to keep his family and himself from breaking down So here he is trying to buy the cottage in which his brother stayed before his accident But Mina, the beautiful owner, does not wish to sell At least she lets him stay there with her For now that will have to suffice Soon the two of them start liking each other They are such a perfect fit Mina soothes Neal s demons and he gives her strength to fight hers But will they be able to overcome the tragedies in their lives If they want to move forward they must dream another dream, a new story, something they didn t think were possible but may be, just may be, it will beP.S I received a complimentary copy of this book. Terrible book.I felt as if I was reading the musings of a 14 year old girl who wrote the same, with minor variations, of sexual fantasies on each page There was one point in the book where three pages, in a row the characters had sex in different scenarios But characters having sex doesn t really bother me, it s just the repetitive nature in which they had it The biggest issue I have with the book is there is no development of the characters There is no expansion of who they are as people The main characters were written flippantly, and consequently and any supporting characters were written even flippantly i.e one of the main characters sibling comes into the scene, from out of nowhere, there isn t really a proper introduction to her, and then she says or less be happy and then jets off Because of the lack of real story telling behind the characters, and the overall development of a substantive plot line, I was unable to suspend reality I spent the majority of the time rolling my eyes, or saying aloud this is unbelievable The ending was even worse I felt that the author either got bored or had nothing else to add so she threw in a cheesy line and, boom, there s the ending There is no closure, no suspense, no delightful ending in which you could interpret the ending in some way, it s jarring and very unsatisfying I would not recommend this book for any reason, unless you just want to read about two people having sex and overly dramatic, rather unnecessary scenes In that case, it s right up your alley. Petra March has such a dreamlike quality to her writing that it s the perfect escapism from our dark and dismal lives I speak for myself, of course I was honoured to try my hand at editing and read an early draft of A Different Kind of Lovely but it was clear that the quality of Petra March s writing shone through every single page.Neal and Mina are broken in different ways, so it is natural that they would be drawn to one another I loved how Neal referred to Mina as his butterfly, both may appear fragile and beautiful on the outside but they are tougher than you think underneath What Mina didn t realise at first is how Neal managed to enter her life It wasn t an accident that he was in that place at the time he met her, although it was a tragic accident that ultimately brought them together I m being deliberately vague as to get the most out of these books, you should really read them all in order The characters are linked in such a way that it s so breathtaking to behold the hand of fate at work.I was delighted to see some of our favourite characters from the early books and it s like they have grown up in front of our eyes I welcomed them as I would an old friend and felt as if I was hovering on the outskirts of their midst seeing events unfold.Heartbreaking, ethereal and dreamlike, A Different Kind of Lovely will awaken your senses and encourage you to hold on to your dreams The strength shown by Mina s character was both uplifting and courageous and it just shows that a person can appear fragile and breakable on the outside but be so very strong and vigorous underneath, and vice versa of course.Do read these books in consecutive order to get the most out of them, it will really make a world of difference to understand the characters history and see their development Pure escapism with a dreamlike quality, open your heart to Petra March s ethereal writing and her exquisite characters.I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge A book about dancing or dancers Another beautifully descriptive novel written by Petra March, one that takes the reader on a journey through a wealth of emotions from start to finish A little repetitive at times but a good read all the same.After the death of David everyone connected with him family and friends alike have all found it hard to move on passed their grief All grieve in very different ways but all slowly need to find another new reason to move forward and not live in the nightmares of the past Something that Neal is slowly starting to learn after meeting Mina.Neal is a broken soul of a man still struggling like the rest of his family with the sudden death of his brother David years before His coping mechanism is to just shut down all his emotions, put on a mask and take care of his parents and sister They call, ask him to do something, and its like he is powerless to refuse them The latest task his mother sends him on is to purchase the cottage David stayed at before he died One of the roads that lead to it being the one the accident happened on A weird way to grieve on the anniversary but its what they do, buy something new to help push away their emotions He thinks he s just going to have a look as he thinks they are already selling but he gets a shock when the owner very much says she is not.Mina is a ballet dancer with a passion to perform and live life to the full with her dream but it all comes crashing down when her body starts to betray her Neal first spots her in a field dancing Gliding across the land and through the air like a butterfly caught on the wind, soon to be his Butterfly She caught his attention and drew him to her swiftly When he follows her to the cottage and she finds out he wants to buy it it s a push and pull feeling she has to deal with He intrigues her so she wants him to stay but at the same time angers her with his intensions to buy her home making her want him to go Seems their parents were friends once upon a time and hers thought to sell when they asked to buy without letting her know, even though the cottage is hers Her dream being to build a dance studio out on the land and teach, after she has had a career with her ballet that is.Seems to be heart and head, or should that be body and mind, are feeling very conflicted about what they are doing Chemistry is a bit of a slow build between them as they try to get a feel for the other The cottage and Mina s memories of David help Neal to start to open up to his own She knows his pain, can see it clearly in his face as his mask is slowly falling away The cottage and Neal s subconscious might hold nightmares to start with but soon they will turn around with the presence of Mina Just as she can see his pain he can see hers, though hers might be physical They need each other to hold onto and build something new from their broken souls but his need to help his family pulls them apart Can they find their way back to each other to help heal their pain, both physical and mental Cameos with Eagan and Brina give the story a rounder depth as it s showing how others have come through the other side of their grief Felia, Neal s sister, needed to find her own way through it, which Neal is slowly figuring out To move on you have to face the past and until they do that they will be stuck in a dark loop repeating their mistakes Push past it and they will finally be happy again, just like David would have wanted.To get a proper feel for the story and how certain characters may show their emotions, or lack their of by keeping them locked up, I would recommend reading the other books in the series This can be read as a stand alone but I feel you would benefit from reading the others Plus they are good anyway, so why not.I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.https readingnook84.wordpress.com 2 This book is beautifully written no doubt about that The description and character development are superb My problem is that I didn t really like the characters, at all I didn t feel connected to them and I don t feel like they would have been people I would have liked or even known in real life Now, I know Fiction Its not real, but I guess they weren t my type I just felt they were strange lol And as I was reading I kept saying to myself You are so weird, can you just act normal for a minuteThere was some sex in this book but I would say it was sensual than anything and the author did make it beautiful it was just too sensual for my liking to me the sensuality overtook the story line Again I kept say yeah yeah I get it you re attracted to each other because of all this I found it hard to read for long periods, I got tired of it.While this was not a bad book by any means and I didn t hate I just didn t love it A lot of people gave it rave reviews It was beautifully written almost poetic at times and reminded me of prose But I just don t think it was my type of book at least not at the time.I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from The Author Thank You A different kind of lovely is a romance fiction novel written about Mina and Neil Mina is an aspiring dancer and lives in a cottage her grandmother left for her Her ambition is to turn the cottage into a dance studio Neil is grieving a terrible loss and wishes to buy Mina s cottage as the property has sentimental value to him Mina refuses to sell but allows Neil to stay temporarily as she sees how hurt and depressed he is As fate has it, Mina s dream becomes a far fetched idea and as she has to now come to terms with reality, Neil is there to help her.This is a beautiful story about love and healing One s character s body is broken and the other, his mind Both find comfort and relief over their individual ordeals The author s style of writing is smooth and very eloquent in unfolding emotions and sentiments The character development is outstanding The story is appealing from the start and takes you on this journey of loss, self discovery, and healing.I believe the world setting was also done in a superb way Places, feelings, surroundings, emotions, and everything is written in a way that you can visualize standing there as a third person, watching the story unfold I think the author has great potential in writing similar style storylines.I recommend this book to romance and fiction lovers. Original review was posted on briannasbookreview.weebly.comReview This romantic tragedy had me turning the pages at such a fast pace for many reasons Petra beautifully crafted each scene with amazing details and descriptions of the settings and characters It is difficult to artfully provide vivid details without sounding repetitive or verbose, but Petra was able to accomplish it very well Her ability to create such a well established world kept me engrossed throughout the entire journey It is novels like these that make me fall in love with the written word all over again Additionally, the characters were well thought out and relatable in ways that evoked the emotions from me that the characters were experiencing When I read romance novels, especially now that the market is saturated with erotica and poorly written love stories, I want to feel what the characters are going through I want to experience the heartbreak and the triumph that love can impact on a person Again, Petra provided her readers with characters that will conjure emotions from even the most guarded hearts I highly recommend this novel to those who are looking for a romance that will transport you to the scenes and make you feel a gamut of emotions. *DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☞ A Different Kind of Lovely ⇨ Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Winner First Place Fiction Novel EBook Readers Favorite International Book Awards Winner Honorable Mention Literary Fiction Elit Book Awards Winner Bronze Medal Literary FictionIndie International Selection SOMERSET Book Awards Semi Finalist A Man With A Damaged Soul Fell In Love With A Ballerina With A Broken Body When Neal Medwin Glimpses Mina Automne For The First Time, He S A Man Whose Soul Is Darkened With Memories Of A Painful Past, Whereas Mina Is A Vibrant, Strong, Young Woman She S A Determined Ballerina Who S Carefully Planning And Painting Her LifeNeal Steps Into Her Existence And Threatens To Shatter Mina S Plans With An Impossible RequestMina Can T Help The Fragile Man Who S Invading Her Home, Even Though Their Parents Used To Be Close Friends And She Knows Of Neal S Hurtful Background She Allows Him To Linger Within Her Lovely And Artistic World, However, Hoping He Might Find Some Peace And SolaceSlowly, Their Conflict Turns Into Friendship, And Eventually Into Love, Until A Terrible Discovery Ruins Mina S Projects And Forces Her To Let Go Of All Her Dreams, And Of Her Sweet, Damaged ManNeal Is Unable To Fight For Mina And For The Unripe Love They Share, Because He S Not Ready To Leave His Past Behind He S Not Strong Enough Not Yet Ages Publisher S Note This Stand Alone Novel Is A Spin Off Of Petra March S Award Winning Series, A Touch Of CinnamonPraise For A Different Kind Of Lovely The Prose Is Masterful And Completely Immerses The Reader In The Story Mina And Neal Are Not Perfect, But Delightfully Human Characters That The Reader Enjoys Getting To Know InD Tale Magazine September Issue I Love Mina And Neal Their Story Is Beautiful And Tragic At The Same Time, They Learn To Love Each Other And Live A New Life, Together Inks And Scratches Magazine September Issue Petra March Writes With A Lot Of Wisdom And Her Story Is Filled With Emotion The Characters Are Genuinely Flawed And Readers Can Easily Connect With What Is Human In Them There Is A Fine Sense Of The Tragic Woven Into The Fabric Of This Story That Many Readers Will Connect With, And I Particularly Loved The Way The Author Explores The Workings Of The Hearts Of Her Characters Readers Favorite Neal is a broken man, after losing his brother nothing has been the same He arrives at Mina s home only to meet a sweet, fragile and loving young woman who has her eyes set on dancing Both of their worlds collide and plans are shattered to create new ones Mina tries to heal him and wants to be loved Neal doesn t want to ruin her but love comes in between and there s nothing these two can do However, his family and some cruel revelations will do their best to separate them.This is a story about love, life and grabbing our destiny with our hands and do what comes best I have totally forgotten how deeply emotional and draining Petra s books are I loved the anguish, the despair and the love itself I felt all the feelings running through me as I was reading and I ended up emotionally drained I don t regret it because it only means the author did an excellent job creating characters and a story that comes to life as you read it, that feels like than just words on paper or a reader.I absolutely loved this book And just so you know the warning of 18 in the blurb is only because the book has some sex scenes that could be too graphic for young readers I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. A soul searching love story, about the pain of our pasts, and how it can determine our future The emotionally damaged man, and the physically injured woman find love again after their own personal tragedies in A Different Kind of Lovely by Petra March.Mina is a dancer who can t help but dream about her future in the cottage that her grandmother left her She wants to turn it into a dance studio, but soon finds out that she won t be able to dance much longer Her body, her one instrument, has betrayed her.Neal s brother has passed away tragically, and ever since, Neal has felt empty When he stumbles into Mina s home a sanctuary, one that he has seen many times before as a friend of her families, Neal can t help but realize what a gorgeous and strong woman Mina has turned into.The two quickly fall for each other, and open their hearts to the possibility of love, again The love that they have runs deep, and you can feel that as you read this book This book will wrench your heart, and it won t let go even after you are done reading it I found this book compelling at times, and other times it felt slow, but it really was a sweet story, with a great purpose I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, thank you to the author for sending me this book.