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Although this is the 8th book in the Maeve Kerrigan series, I have to confess I have not read the others in this series but I could not help but want to read this book immediately Leo Stone was in prison after being found guilty of killing 2 women, but now there are doubts that he is guilty and is released from prison D.S Maeve Kerrigan and D.I josh Derwent are convinced he is guilty and are determined that at the retrial he will be found guilty and sent back to prison Leo is adamant he is innocent and D.S Maeve is having doubts also, especially when another woman goes missing Is there a copy cat killer out there or was Stone never the killer I loved this book and the relationship between Josh and Maeve It is totally addictive and I feel like I need to read all the other books in this series ASAP.If you haven t read a Jane Casey book before then you are seriously missing out Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. This is the 8th full length novel in the Maeve Kerrigan series by the excellent author Jane Casey.I have been looking forward to this book for sometime and it was well worth the wait Maeve Kerrigan is an ambitious young detective constable based in London When convicted murderer Leo Stone is released DS Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent are determined to put Stone back behind bars Leo Stone states he is a victim of a miscarriage of justice, but Kerrigan is convinced he was rightfully convicted of the murder of two women and sentenced to life in prison Now Stone is free, pleading his innocence and the Maeve Kerrigan finds out, the less convinced she is of his guilt Then another woman disappears in similar circumstances Is there a copycat killer, or have they been wrong about Stone from the start This series is well worth reading, excellent plots, interesting believable characters and so well paced The biggest problem you will have with this series is once you start reading it you will struggle to put the books down.I would like to thank Net Galley and Harper Collins for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Bestselling crime writer Jane Casey is back with the eighth instalment in the gripping DS Maeve Kerrigan series, and once again it is packed with the gritty realism we have come to expect from Ms Casey Although part of a popular and long running series these books work perfectly as standalones as each plot is contained to that particular episode If you appreciate your crime fiction to be authentic and based in fact then this is not to be missed every tale the author tells is infused with believable detail, fully rounded characters and unpredictability aplenty This is by far her best procedural to date and that really is saying something given all of her books make it impossible for you to read them in anything but a single sitting This is a series for those who enjoy intelligent plotting, compassionate characters and exploration of prevalent real world issues which provides much food for thought throughout All of this and a stunningly unexpected climax to boot Jane Casey is one of the master storytellers of our time I urge crime connoisseurs who haven t indulged in her novels yet to pick, this up Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC. I love this series so much It s been a bit of a wait for this one but trust me it s worth every minute Here s what I know about the Kerrigan series generally It has the best friendship in fiction out there at the moment within the ever changing ebb and flow of the relationship between Maeve Kerrigan and Josh Derwent.The mystery elements are always stunningly immersive, clever and relevant whilst being amongst some of the most addictive plots out there Beautifully written always Cruel Acts A brilliant and hugely emotional plotline, Derwent in fine form, Maeve doing her thing and just a time stealing, rip roaring, cleverly nuanced page turner ALL the love I ll review professionally nearer publication But it s like really good So there s that.Highly recommended The whole lot. I love Jane Casey s mysteries and characters SO MUCH.rtc. I would like to thank Netgalley and HarperCollins UK, Harper Fiction for an advance copy of Cruel Acts, the eighth police procedural to feature DS Maeve Kerrigan of the Met.Maeve and her boss, DI Josh Derwent are asked to re investigate the case of Leo Stone who was convicted of two murders but released on appeal after a year in prison Derwent and his superiors see it as a case of confirming their evidence for the retrial, Maeve isn t so sure and becomes preoccupied with a potential third victim whose body was never found.I thoroughly enjoyed Cruel Acts which had me gripped from start to finish It is not a high octane, action packed thriller, although it has its moments, but rather, an intense investigation with plenty of twists and turns, false starts and blind alleys Told in the first person from Maeve s point of view it has an absorbing, detailed plot which gives the reader a good view of the crimes and the politics involved in solving them and allows room for reader speculation I was amazed at how it turns out, not least because there are no early hints Is it fair to keep information hidden I say yes because it surprises the reader and is a fair imitation of real life investigation.Maeve Kerrigan can be a difficult character to like at times She is a clear eyed investigator who often produces the forward momentum in the investigation but she s very uptight and has no sense of humour The number of times I wanted to say lighten up or get over yourself is beyond counting Still, I enjoyed her interactions with Derwent and her thoughts on life, hers in particular.Cruel Acts is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending. |Ebook ⚇ Cruel Acts (Maeve Kerrigan #8) ⚔ From Award Winning Author Jane Casey Comes Another Powerful Maeve Kerrigan Crime Thriller Which Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Until The Final Page Leo Stone Is A Killer A Year Ago, He Was Convicted Of Murdering Two Women And Sentenced To Life Without Parole But Now, A Juror From His Trial Has Revealed The Jury Was Prejudiced, And A Retrial Is CalledDetectives Maeve Kerrigan And Josh Derwent Are Tasked With Re Examining The Evidence Before Long, They Uncover Links Between Stone And A Possible Third VictimBut With Stone Behind Bars, A Fourth Woman Disappears In Similar Circumstances Is There A Copycat Killer Out There, Or Have They Been Wrong About Stone From The Start And Will Maeve Discover The Truth Before Another Innocent Victim Is Killed Hands up, I m not a fan of the serial killer abducting and torturing young women genre but, but this is Jane Casey, right So while the basic plot line is very familiar, what Casey adds is an acute interest in characterisation, pulled off to supremely creepy effect Less stellar is Maeve herself in this outing after so many books and I ve been with her from the start it would be nice to see Maeve relaxing her rigid, untouchable stance with her colleagues but no, she s still uptight, touchy, and just generally not much fun to be around I mean I know her job is stressful, but apart from one or two rather laboured jokes with Josh Derwent, she s pretty morose in real life, she d be that awkward one in the corner who doesn t do lunch or team drinks It s a bit unbelievable, then, that witnesses open up to our Maeve and for someone so strong on emotional IQ in investigations, she s still unbelievably obtuse when it comes to DerwentA few niggles apart, though, this is another fluent, gripping, compulsive read from Casey I finished it in 24 hours after staying up way too late at night Not the best in the series clich d plotline, yet another alone and no back up confrontations with a killer but still head and shoulders above most crime fiction out there.Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley A thriller, a chiller and a serial killerLeo Stone was convicted of killing two women and sentenced to life imprisonment But now one of the jurors has revealed that the jury broke the rules and as a result his conviction is certain to be overturned when it comes before the Appeals Court There will be a retrial, but Superintendent Godley wants to make certain that he s convicted again, so Detective Sergeant Maeve Kerrigan and Detective Inspector Josh Derwent are assigned to reinvestigate the case and to find evidence if they can Maeve quickly discovers in the files that there was a third woman who may have been a victim of Stone s too, but he was never charged with her murder for lack of evidence Maeve s sense of empathy for this victim makes her determined to find out the truth of what happened to her too In the midst of the investigation, after Stone has been released, another woman goes missingWell, it s been a long wait for this latest instalment in Jane Casey s excellent Maeve Kerrigan series, but this is well worth waiting for As always, it s told in the first person past tense by Maeve, so that we get her often humorous take on the people around her, especially Derwent Their relationship has settled into a rather equal friendship now that Maeve is experienced, but that doesn t stop Derwent from lecturing her about her personal life, being over protective, embarrassing her at every opportunity and generally winding her up For all that, she knows there s no one she d rather have beside her when things get dangerous.The other regulars are back too Una Burt, Maeve s boss, still doesn t much like her and the feeling is mutual Liv appears a bit in this one another colleague and Maeve s best friend Godley is back, though he plays only a small role Maeve still looks up to him, but in a mature way than the hero worship she felt for him in the early days And the new girl on the team, Georgia, is back too, just as obnoxious, and just as jealous of Maeve s success Followers of the series are doubtless thinking, yes, but what about Maeve s love life Is Rob back Or is there a new man on the scene Or are Maeve and Josh You don t really expect me to tell you though, do you In general, I m not wild about serial killer stories and helpless females being tortured and killed, but I was right to trust Casey to handle it with her usual sensitivity and good taste Although women are killed, the reader is not put in the room with them as it s happening there s nothing prurient or gratuitous in the writing no lengthy descriptions of torture scenes designed to titillate That doesn t stop it from being heart in mouth thrilling and chilling at points, though The prologue is wonderfully scary and the thriller ending is tense and dramatic, with several scenes dotted throughout that also had my anxiety levels rocketing When it turns out that Leo Stone has an alibi for the time of the latest disappearance, Maeve and Derwent have to consider whether he was innocent of the earlier murders or if there s a copycat out there I thoroughly enjoyed the plotting in this one I didn t work it out I rarely do but all the clues are there I always think that Casey plots like a Golden Age author, giving the reader a fair chance to do a bit of armchair detecting, although in every other respect her stories and characters are entirely modern I also love that Maeve tries hard to stay within the rules While her personal life might be a bit complicated, she s no angst ridden maverick The same goes for her colleagues, in fact they re probably the most realistic police team I can think of, and while there are petty jealousies and squabbles, they behave overall like the kind of professional force I d like to think we actually have The women are not always struggling to be taken seriously by sexist bosses, which delights me since I think it s such an out dated image in most of our public services now, and completely overused in crime fiction Casey simply has men and women working together as a team as if gasp it s normal But she still allows room for a bit of banter and the occasional flirtation, and she doesn t feel the need to make the women superheroes or the men weaklings While this could easily be read as a standalone, I do recommend reading this series in order to get the full nuances of all the various relationships within the team, and especially to understand Maeve and Josh s complicated friendship For existing fans, you re in for a treat with this one isn t it great to have Maeve back Highly recommended, and I sincerely hope Ms Casey is hard at work on the next oneNB This book was provided for review by the publisher, HarperCollins.www.fictionfanblog.wordpress.com Cruel Acts is one of the best crime mysteries I ve read recently and helped me get out of the reading slump I was in.I was immediately drawn into the story and intrigued by the idea that a miscarriage of justice could have been done I was wondering how the story would unfold, what with it being a cold case, but the author is very clever with the way new information about the case is discovered This is done in a realistic and subtle way with the author slowly revealing holes in the original investigation which ensured I was thoroughly gripped I loved the two main characters Kerrigan and Derwent who seemed to work well together, despite sometimes rubbing each other up the wrong way They obviously care about each other which was lovely to read about and made for some quite dramatic though funny scenes It was interesting to learn about their lives outside of being police officers as it helped me to understand what makes them tick Kerrigan is a wonderful, clever character who was fascinating to watch solve the case as she often found little clues that no one else manages to She works hard and has gained a lot of respect from her colleagues for this It was sad to see her wrong footed from a seemingly innocent mistake but watching her fight back made for great reading.This is a fast paced gripping book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading There is lots of action happening either with the case of in their personal lives which made the book hard to put down The twists in this book took me totally by surprise and I kept being wrong footed over what had happened The way the investigation goes was completely different to what I expected and I was completely shocked with the ending which had me on the edge of my seat whilst reading This is the first book from this author that I ve read and I m excited to have found a new crime series to enjoy.Huge thanks to Harper Collins for my copy of this book via Netgalley which I received in exchange for an honest review.