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AWESOME Joey s Hill s Rough Canvas is easily on my top 10 list of m m books It guts me in a good way every time I read it Every time So imagine my despair when I learned that Hill writes almost exclusively m f I know it s biased, but it feels like a waste of her talent In any case, when I saw that she was writing another m m book I did a happy dance of joy and read her book the day it came out Sadly, it was just okay Hill is a good writer and knows how to flesh out a world really well, so it s better than most, but nowhere near the magical perfection that is Rough Canvas.I need books to be emotional in order to feel connected to the characters and their stories While this book tells an interesting story and has interesting characters, I didn t feel invested in either character or their relationship to each other I feel like Hill used paranormal tropes to easily bring her two MC s together It s so convenient, after all, to have werewolves feel a bond quickly or say, have a vampire forge a connection with another using his vampire mojo And that s what Hill does here She allows both characters to form a bond paranormally but doesn t take much time to develop it or help her readers understand why these two would want to stay together The end of the story where the two MC s find each other again takes a step towards doing that, but it came too late for me This is one story where I think it would have benefited from a little less sex and a little talking connecting or at the very least, the same amount of sex AND talking connecting Again, this story hasn t bad I truly enjoyed reading it But I loved Rough Canvas so much that I think I was just expecting from this book and it didn t delivery. [Download E-pub] ☦ Vampires Soul ⚖ Loss Left Them Only RageUntil They Found Each Other Cai Doesn T Want To Be With Anyone He Doesn T Want A Damn Servant, He Doesn T Want To Be Associated With Damn Vampires Rand Just Wants To Forget His Human Side, Stay In His Wolf Form And Find A Satisfying And Hopefully Violent, Bloody Way To Bring It All To An EndBut When A Young Female Vampire S Life Is At Stake, The Vampire Council Drafts Cai To Enter A Dark World He Never Wanted To Visit Again Rand Is Too Honorable To Let Him Go Alone, And The Only Way That Can Work Is If He S Cai S Fully Marked Servant, Bound To The Vampire For All EternitySo Fate Decides These Two Lost Souls Need Each Other Even If They Have To Tear Each Other Apart To Figure It Out DNF Both Cai and Rand were gay Surprisingly, they had MMF menage sex 80% with the female kidnap victim they were sent to rescue It was totally unnecessary to their relationship and the overall story What a shame because the book was at a 4 or 5 star rating at the time. I have long felt that if anyone could do one of my favourite supernaturals, the wolf shifter, the physical, mental and emotional justice required in a great read, it would be Joey W Hill And she most certainly did not let me down.But better yet, she went and combined it with what is arguably the best vampire series out there Past Present And very probably future, because Ms Hill just seems to find ways to discover new places and heights to take the Vampire Queen series At its heart, always vampires, but at its soul, always character Always Always deeper, and without once adding a character of another species because it s au currant, she does so to enrich a perfectly gripping world There is a flow that doesn t just add, it adds layers and the layers contain the most delicious possibilities But what I love most about this book in particular is the depth of both Cai and Rand Their stories of loss are not too dissimilar, but their individual processes of healing are complex in ways that are not solely species related It goes without saying that I love a good, strong Alpha wolf, and without doubt Rands strength lies in his insight and in his basic need to belong And to support But Cai and his journey are every bit as compelling, maybe even tangible To watch his facade begin to crumble, at least where Cai is concerned, is largely to do so via his inner dialogue To understand, as a reader, what he was going through when the characters around him mostly saw a very different, very hostile almost feral outlier, particularly juxtaposed with Rand, was to make you root for the underdog And in the end, for him to begin to recognize that he was always than he believed himself to be, sets their future story on the right trackBecause this journey is far from over. f m m. This is the 14th book of this series Hands down, this is my favorite, ever, series Joey W Hill writes with a burning for life in her soul that comes out on paper and reaches into mine Not hyperbole Truth Her work gets to me on a deep level This book is about Mordecai, usually called Cai, an ex Trad vampire, who lives on his own, and Rand, who is a shape shifting wolf Cai saves Rand after the wolf kills the human hunter who mortally wounded him Cai wants no part of any relationship, but just can t seem to allow this wolf man to die The book takes us through each of their pasts, eventually, as we get to really know them, to delve into the heart and soul of each of these wounded in their own way creatures This book also includes varying degrees of appearance by Lyssa, the Queen and her servant mate Jacob, the triad of Deagan, Anwyn, and Gideon, the Trad group with whom Cai spent his first hundred years, and a few other assorted vampires and their servants It s a brilliant and engrossing story I was left with the feeling that there were ends to tie up here and with the hope that Ms Hill might just need to write another book of this series to bring some of them to conclusion I certainly hope so Most brilliant and moving So very good Cai and Rand are both so broken and damaged, for entirely different reasons Watching them fight and love each other was so good Their chemistry was everything two dominant alphas coming together should be I found myself reading this one slower than usual so I could savor every word Bought from kobo m m, m m fVampire s Soul is a fantastic addition to the Vampire Queen series Rand is a depressed werewolf and Cai is an angry made vampire These two lost souls come together in the most unlikely of ways and change each other on a fundamental level that may just be the best thing that happens to them This story is filled with a lot of m m loving so if that isn t your thing you may want to skip this one but I have to tell you, you will surely miss out As with all of this authors books there is so much than sex going on between the characters and never has it been evident than between Cai and Rand As a bonus we get to check in with a couple of favorite characters from previous books Grab a drink and settle in for a hell of a read Note While this title can stand alone, recommend first two books of series or one of the earlier standalones, like Beloved Vampire, to gain familiarity with the Vampire Queen world Joey W Hill s Vampire Queen stories are auto buys for me, and I have never, not once, been disappointed Vampire s Soul is no exception, though I have to admit, Cai is a hard hero to love His abrasive nature is offset by Rand s heroic soul, the tragic goodness of an alpha wolf shifter who is strong enough to somehow bring out the best in Cai, strong enough to defer to the vampire s need to master his servant That s sort of an ongoing narrative to Hill s Vampire stories, the fact that the servant is often the powerful half of the whole, and this book is no exception I found myself rooting for Cai s success, for Rand s ability to heal, and even for the Vampire Queen herself, Lyssa, to understand what makes Cai act like such a jerk at times, even as he undertakes a truly heroic task set for him by the Vampire Council he truly abhors.It takes a talented author to create stories with the depth of emotion and the offtimes twisted nature of her protagonists, and make the words absolutely sing Joey Hill has done it once again in this latest installment to her wonderful Vampire Queen series.