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Good old days never wereThis review contains spoilers at the end I love historical fiction from this era when it is historically accurate as far as I can tell This book had accuracy of social history like no other book I ve ever read No nostalgia for the good old days when chivalry was not dead The story was set in a Virginia sawmill town a place that God forgot as one side character remarked It was dangerous to be a woman Capitalism abounded keeping people poor and under control Even the middle to upper middle class was controlled The main character is not caught up in lamenting all this, she is courageous and sometimes naive in just doing the next right thing for her survival and spirit she has a conscience when it would be easier to look the other way The book is beautifully written depicting her maturing and toughening to a realistic perspective without totally selling out Despite the difference in the eras we live in, I very much related to her inner thoughts, convictions, and insights It s the outer events of the story that have me wishing I could drop a half star SPOILER ALERT the ending frustrated me I realize it s a series and cliffhangers are to be expected The ending was hastily slapped on the last page leaving the reader to wonder HOW And WHAT Great, Will is alive but what happened to him how did he survive and end up with Wanda Russell sold out ok how what and to whom The next books in the series start15 years later and the sample chapters don t answer these questions I would have put the book down 3 4 done had I known the ending would be so uninformative Up until that part, this book was excellent Favorite line, paraphrased from memory when he pushed her away, she stumbled but did not lose her balance fall March is Women s History Month, a good time to read well researched, well written historical fiction like Carol Ervin s The Girl on the Mountain If you ever feel nostalgic for the good old days, if you long for simpler times, the kind Ervin evokes with sounds of leaf whisper and high cricket drone and hawks making lazy circles in the sky, and if you think this was the clean time, when the earth did not tremble with far off crash of trees, and passing trains did not smother the air, read on Maybe you d love to do laundry the old way May Rose, a twenty year old bride living in a cabin in West Virginia logging country, rubbed soap into his underclothes and set them to boil on the stove He dozed, tipped back in his chair with legs stretched under the table, one hand on his jar, his mouth open With her laundry stick she lifted the scalding cloth into rinse water, humming softly, as she did most days, to keep herself going On the porch, she wrapped the legs of his pants around a roof post, stood back, and twisted each piece till no water dripped out Then she hung them on a line near the stove My mom to this day uses a wringer washing machine and I still line dry my laundry But you won t see us boiling and stirring the laundry with a big pole, twisting and wringing jeans by hand That s not the simpler lifestyle I d ever long for Page after page of this novel reminded me of the Virginia Slims cigarette ads of my childhood One in particular, in 1978, shows a vintage photo of a woman hanging laundry out to dry, with the caption, Back then, every man gave his wife at least one day a week out of the house You ve come a long way, baby Romance fans, this is not your cup of tea The most respectable of the men do not hold women in high esteem I d hardly even believe it possible had I not grown up in a rural community where guys would invent rumors about nice girls, perhaps just because they wished the rumors to be true, and who knows, maybe the girl with the ruined reputation no matter how undeserved would just despair and become the harlot they wanted her to be.The most quoted line of the novel sums it up all too well people hold on to ignorance like a family heirloom It isn t just logging hicks, small town Southerners or rural folk Even educated people cling to traditional beliefs Don t even get me started on world history The first Buddhist emperor, Ashoka, had the right idea More than two thousand years ago, civilized, rational, humane, enlightened societies existed Then came conquering armies, zealots and new beliefs to impose on every man, woman and child, and throughout human history, women just keep getting the short end of the stick.May Rose is young and in love with handsome Jamie, willing to leave the only family she s known and follow him into the wilderness, obedient and eager to please, but he s so difficult to please It s heartbreaking to see their interaction He s controlling he keeps her isolated his ideas crowded out her own, like weeds taking over the garden He d chosen this place, and she d tried to love it In nearly two years, he d taken her to town four times He wanted her to go nowhere alone, but he no longer seemed to worry that she lived alone here Still, May Rose makes every effort to be cheerful and grateful for her lot in life She felt his lips on her neck and the length of him against her those Saturday nights, when he took her breath those Sundays, when they knew what mattered Did I mentin that the prose is beautiful When he goes missing, May Rose ventures into the town alone No one is welcoming The men, even the respectable businessmen, accost her with demeaning attentions and attempts to coerce her into satisfying their needs I wish I didn t identify so much with May Rose, all these years later She never could think of a response, polite or otherwise, to something inappropriate, and I know why like too many women the world over, she was brought up to be polite and to please others Another girl on the mountain enters the story, the wild child, Wanda, who raises herself, or less Maybe the girl trusted herself because she d not been hampered by discipline, May Rose thinks, while May Rose had been corrected so often she never felt certain of anything Being so undisciplined puts Wanda at great risk, but it also gives her an edge, a cynicism and a fighting spirit, a gritty realism that May Rose would do well to emulate When May Rose speaks to her of being safe, Wanda laughs A feller can t never wait for that Every critter s got something waiting to get it Big things eat the little ones, even big trees choke out the shoots And guess what Them trees ain t safe neither wood hicks cut em down The longer her husband is missing, the May Rose begins to enjoy her freedom My plans are uncertain, she says, and She liked the power of these words, as though she might stay or go on a whim Suzie, who runs the brothel, suffers none of the illusions May Rose has She s learned men will take care of us, then we learn they re weak and faithless If they mean to keep us on our backs, we re fools not to take advantage Dessie, the cook, is also world wise than May Rose I suppose when you re young, you believe your man has to be head of the house and boss of you, too, she says When you re older like me, you know that s a lot of tripe May Rose fell for that If I d disobeyed or spoken out, I think Jamie would have beat me, she tells Dessie, and all these years later, after all those Virgina Slims ads and women fighting just for autonomy and simple respect, too many women still live like May Rose.No doubt there are men who suffer and get browbeaten by women, but they tend to keep a low profile To be fair, one woman in this novel is as rotten as any of the men Her sons are known to sexually assault girls but she defends them, and when they bully their stepbrothers, she hands them the board to beat her own husband for trying to intervene on behalf of his sons.The number of injustices in this novel, great and small, are too numerous to mention It s one of the reasons I can take only so much historical fiction These things really happen Maybe this novel is a fiction, but the characters are real, and the things they suffered are not just imaginary sufferings One book like this and I m ready for a silly, unbelievable romance or a paranormal full of magic, or a space opera with aliens and technological marvels.It may be a while before I m up to reading the two sequels to this story Real life is too brutal I m happy to have grown up in enlightened times even if too many women still live under the thumbs of men , and I m grateful to the women who fought to make the Virginia Slims ad ring true You ve come a long way, baby but we still a way to go Until then, like the old Calgon, take me away commercial, I ll be out on the porch swing escaping into a fairy tale. Pdf ☩ The Girl on the Mountain ⚈ May Rose Married Young And Unwisely, And Now Her Husband Has Abandoned Her In A Rough Town Ruled By One Of The Lumber Companies Logging The Last Of The Eastern Virgin Forest She Has Nothing But Her Wits, A Litter Of Pigs, And The Attachment Of A Wild, Homeless Girl Somehow She Must Survive, But In There Are Few Honorable Options For A Woman On Her Own The Girl On The Mountain Is A Heartening, At Times Chilling Story Of How May Rose Finds Friends, Escapes Predatory Men, And Protects The Girl Who Sleeps With A Doll Clutched Tight And A Knife Under Her Pillow This is usually the kind of book I like one of those West Virginia mountain stories centered around logging camps and company towns Young woman who gets a rotten deal from a pretty boy husband has to find her way after he abandons her with no support But I just couldn t get emotionally involved in May Rose s struggle, her connection with Wanda her husband s daughter by another woman that May Rose was entirely unaware of til she was forced to leave the mountain and move to town , or any of the other characters for that matter The writing was not notable enough to rescue the book for me. A copy of the book was provided to me as part of the Goodreads Reviewer Program Thank you to the author for making this available.I ve had a copy of this book sitting on my TBR shelf for months As a disclaimer, I want to throw out there that I read historical fiction for entertainment, for mostly the happy endings and insight into what life was like during another time period So, when I was entering the giveaways and saw Ervin s book, I thought, Here we go, something set in West Virginia just before the turn of the century I think of something sweet and wholesome with an inspiring message, like Christy by Catherine Marshall The Girl on the Mountain was not at all what I expected.This would be a great read for someone who wants a gritty, survival tale of a woman struggling to make ends meet in a poor, rural area It s a time when women didn t have a lot of options and for May Rose the main character , her opportunities were severely limited Ervin is pleasantly descriptive of life in the area where she s from and I had no trouble imagining the world she s describing Additionally, May Rose shows a lot of pluck in looking out for herself and someone who eventually falls into her care.There were dark moments that were difficult to read remember, I like happy fiction I won t go into those spoilers but at several points, I cringed and wanted to stop reading I don t think the cover really does the story justice at all The scene depicted is central to the story s plot you ll learn why when you read it I realize that this is the author s first novel but the cover is sub par for the historical fiction genre and if I saw it in a major book retailer store, I wouldn t pick it up on the cover alone I think that s kind of disappointing because there s a definite audience for this book I m probably not it but I think that if someone is looking for this type of read, then there s a lot to like. La ambientaci n me gust , nunca hab a le do novelas en el Lejano Oeste pero avanza muy lentamente y ninguno de los personajes es querible. Good bookGood book The ending is surprising May read the rest of sequel Books 2 and 3 Worth reading and decide for yourself. Nicely detailed historical, but not enough happens Carol Ervin captures the triumphs, tribulations, and feel of the late 1800s perfectly in The Girl on the Mountain Life at this time was real rough for women, and the same holds true as May Rose Long must contend with company hardliners and brothels while caring for herself and a young girl This novel is heartfelt and powerful and I look forward to seeing where Ervin goes with it next Captivating, compelling and a whole lot of other C words come to mind, like Couldn t put it down Carol Ervin s writing is subtle and strong, the setting is powerfully portrayed without getting in the way, there s an undercurrent of dread that creeps along The Girl on the Mountain is one of the best books I ve read lately the best I ve read by an indie author Seldom have I felt so transported to another time and place, or caught myself yelling at the top of my lungs at a bad guy, fists clenched on my Kindle What seems to be effortless scene setting and characterization is no such thing Carol Ervin made me, the jaded writer, really care about these people I won t get into details I hate spoilers I ll just say that anyone who thinks this is a simple historical romance will be pleasantly surprised from the very first page If I had to compare Carol Ervin s writing to another author s, I d choose Eudora Welty for the gutsy complexity hidden beneath her beautiful, but never purple , prose.