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This book is so phenomenal I use it frequently in my research Though I have yet to read every essay collected in these pages, it is the most excellent collection I ve found on music This book was an important part of the class I taught on music and communication last summer Though most of the readings I assigned for the class were articles and book chapters, this was the only entire book I assigned Frankly, I had a hard time finding any books that provided what I wanted to teach fromuntil this one.It is a reader, and so it compiles many of the seminal works regarding music not really the popular variety, but experimental composition Cox and Warner are excellent editors Not only did they compile and abbreviate some of the best writings on music into compact essays, they wrote excellent introductions for each of the sections Further, they include compilations of important quotes for each chapterthe book is worth it for the compilation of quotes alone, let alone the tremendously useful list of readings. Audio Culture is a magnificent collection of writings on music theorism, criticism, and analyses spanning the entire age of recorded sound to the present These writings are offered in their respective chronology and organized into sections Noise Sound Silence, Modes of Listening, Music in the Age of Electronic Re Production, etc Authors featured include everyone from Italian Fututist and author of the manifesto, The Art of Noises Luigi Russolo, to Cage and Stockhausen, and on to contemporaries like David Toop and Simon Reynolds with his article coining the term, post rock Each chapter opens with thoughtful quotes relating to the section and each paper begins with a brief summary of the author s musical and theoretical sphere.I found it most satisfying that by the final section, the book came full circle to the visions of the Futurists from Section I in their anticipation of the role noises would play in the future of music and culture The last section includes an interesting arrangement in which tapes of Aphex Twin and Scanner are sent to Stockhausen for his perspective on modern electronic music and the artists are then presented with his response But the circle was truly closed with the final paper The Aesthetic of Failure Post Digital Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music by microsound artist Kim Cascone The article examines the nature of modern glitch music and speaks to its future artists.Magnificently, the article closes with an excerpt from Russolo s Art of Noises We therefore invite young musicians of talent to conduct a sustained observation of all noises, in order to understand the various rhythms of which they are composed, their principal and secondary tones By comparing the various tones of noises with those of sounds, they will be convinced of the extent to which the former exceed the latter This will afford not only an understanding, but also a taste and passion for noises A most engaging and inspiring read Highly recommended. Having read this book extremely slowly over two years, it seems to me that my listening experience and growing appreciation of experimental side of music must have helped in perception of these texts I would say that this book of essays, articles, interviews and other kinds of strange texts, with extensive chronology, bibliography and discography is a great sneak peak into what was happening in the music of 20th centrury, especially in the fifties and sixties If you are open to it, you can find how it can spur furher interest in you To me it felt like reading parts of a great dialogue that is in fact still going on, with all arguments and impressions not yet processed or understood I like being part of this audience and I already got a few must reads out of it I d recommend this book to anyone who keeps wondering about what can still count as music and how it is possible that this increadible genre plurality we have now came to be by developing inspiration from the grand old master composers and availability of music from other parts of the world. This is as good an overview of the evolution of experimental avant garde approaches to sound music as you re likely to find, presented in perfect bite sized chunks This could should be and I m told it has been used as a textbook for a class on the subject of modern contemporary sound practice Even if you ve done a lot of reading on this subject, you re sure to find lots here that will be new Essential. A lovely collection of crucial essays on modern music I use it sometimes like a dictionary, looking for names in the index and read the article they re in, or sometimes I just jump through the pages until I get stuck somewhere So much material, so many good articles.The only thing I m missing is a critical discussion on modern music Some discussions on atonality, and why it s still not particularly popular among audiences, and perhaps on the obscurity of some electro acoustic music.Great acheivement, very entertaining book. The idea of these reviews is to write while the book is still fresh Hard to do as it s taken me 18 months to finish Having said that it is great for dipping into and out of as you have the time, whereas its a hard slog trying to read it as a traditional book.The writing is for the most part is very theoretical although not necessarily academic, having been written largely by the artists and composers operating in the respective fields covered, with the odd philosopher and music journo thrown in That said these are artists who know their theory and their music and for that reason is a very rewarding read.I am not in the music industry creative, journalistic or academic, I read this for pleasure and so with that proviso understood this is the best, broad ranging book on twentieth century avant garde music I have come across. |Download Book ♕ Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music ♑ The Groundbreaking Audio Culture Readings In Modern Music Continuum September Paperback Original Maps The Aural And Discursive Terrain Of Vanguard Music Today Rather Than Offering A History Of Contemporary Music, Audio Culture Traces The Genealogy Of Current Musical Practices And Theoretical Concerns, Drawing Lines Of Connection Between Recent Musical Production And Earlier Moments Of Sonic Experimentation It Aims To Foreground The Various Rewirings Of Musical Composition And Performance That Have Taken Place In The Past Few Decades And To Provide A Critical And Theoretical Language For This New Audio CultureThis New And Expanded Edition Of The Audio Culture Contains Twenty Five Additional Essays, Including Four Newly Commissioned Pieces Taken As A Whole, The Book Explores The Interconnections Among Such Forms As Minimalism, Indeterminacy, Musique Concr Te, Free Improvisation, Experimental Music, Avant Rock, Dub Reggae, Ambient Music, Hip Hop, And Techno Via Writings By Philosophers, Cultural Theorists, And Composers Instead Of Focusing On Some Crossover Between High Art And Popular Culture, Audio Culture Takes All These Musics As Experimental Practices On Par With, And Linked To, One Another While Cultural Studies Has Tended To Look At Music Primarily Popular Music From A Sociological Perspective, The Concern Here Is Philosophical, Musical, And Historical Audio Culture Includes Writing By Some Of The Most Important Musical Thinkers Of The Past Half Century, Among Them John Cage, Brian Eno, Ornette Coleman, Pauline Oliveros, Maryanne Amacher, Glenn Gould, Umberto Eco, Jacques Attali, Simon Reynolds, Eliane Radigue, David Toop, John Zorn, Karlheinz Stockhausen, And Many Others Each Essay Has Its Own Short Introduction, Helping The Reader To Place The Essay Within Musical, Historical, And Conceptual Contexts, And The Volume Concludes With A Glossary, A Timeline, And An Extensive Discography This is that rare book that makes you see something you ve known your entire life here, recorded music in a completely different light It expands your boundaries farther than you ve ever thought and it makes you totally reevaluate everything you know about music Yeah, it can get incredibly dry and academic, but the fundamental ideas are what counts and those are incredible.Especially the chapters by William S Burroughs, R Murray Schafer, Luigi Russolo and John Oswald. From the history of the Walkman leading to the urban nomad to Brian Eno s surprisingly readable discussion of ambient music to Cage s dry, dense explorations of sounds and meanings, this is a great choice for anyone interested in electronic music of any kind. Review originally written for in 2008 when I was 20 so apologies Great great reference book which is logically laid out and wide reaching Very inspirational This book is jam packed full of information and is split neatly maybe so than i was expecting into sections such as The Open Work and Noise, Sound, Silence.At the beginning of each essay the editors have given a brief account of the author who in most cases practice d work with sound, i.e Derek Bailey, John Cage, Luigi Russolo, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Tony Conrad, John Zorn etc etc etc, the list goes on and on The book has 57 essays admitidly i haven t read everone just yet which gives a wide scope of different perspectives on the subject.The title says it all really Audio Culture Readings in Modern Music if this title interests you then the book will It does exactly what it says on the tin But don t get confused, this book describes modern music correctly as changes that are of interest in audio culture that have appeared through the avant garde, jazz, noise and electronic age Do not think that modern music refers to Usher or Britney Spears cause you will be disappioted.Yeah, well worth reading, comprehensive book for anyone interested in the subjects.