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It s Grover s birthday, so Percy takes him his favorite treat cans Apollo comes because he has a trio of automaton singers and his problem is that it s supposed to be a quartet One of his singing automatons has gone rogue Apollo assigns Percy and Grover the task of finding and bringing the automaton to him before his production He also lends Grover his lyre, which will help in the quest The automaton is not happy to be tracked down and uses her enchanted voice to evade capture Percy and Grover work together to capture her and give her back to Apollo. This was such a fun story Very short, but nice Makes me want to read the Percy Jackson books again I want to read new books with him as an adult [Free E-pub] ☪ Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo ⚑ The Trouble Starts When Apollo Introduces Percy And His Friend Grover The Satyr To The Chryseae Celedones Three Golden Women Living Statues Appear In Front Of Them, And Sing One Blissful Chord Apollo Has A Concert Tonight At Mount Olympus, And He Needs The Celedones As His Backup Singers But There Should Be A Quartet, Not A Trio One Of The Singers Has Gone Rogue It S Up To Percy And Grover To Find The Missing Celedon Somewhere In New York City Before She Causes Any Problems Capturing An Attention Seeking Automaton In A Crowd Of Mortals Is Going To Require Some Cagey Thinking Will Percy And Grover Succeed, Or Hit A Sour Note Percy and Grover, how I ve missed you , Funny short story Percy Jackson And The Singer Of ApolloRick RiordanA lovely little short story which is ruff set between Percy Jackson And The Olympians and Heroes Of Olympus.Percy is at his best friend s Grover s birthday party, when Lord Apollo turns up and send Percy and Grover on a quest to find his missing backup singer.It was cute and enjoyable, any addition to this wonderful world is welcome Loved it 5 5 Percy Jackson La historia fue muy divertida aunque no la sent necesaria. Grappig en avontuurlijk kort verhaal over Percy die Apollo s zooi weer eens moet opruimen Leuk avontuur en zeker voor die prijs A great short story with another adventure for Percy and Grover This has humour, adventure, humour and it is a fantastic read Riordan has done it again.