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R Cooper does it again his Mossy boy is officially my new favorite by her Martin is so precious and confused and wanting to be brave while terrified to take chances As always, Cooper know how to pack the feelings in and this book does not disappoint Add in a character I m dying to know about from Book 4 in the series and I just SQUEED all the way through this read.If you re looking for a sweet, somewhat sad book full of mutual pining, love, and eventual happiness with a touch of the paranormal, too , then this book is not to be missed. Lovely and thought provoking Thoughtfully written with lots of feelings and complicated characters I like that R Cooper continues to expand this world, and frankly, I have a real craving for a certain imaginary comic book I wonder if there will be a story there someday I liked how the main being in this story was handled, tooExcellent and a real treasure to read. #FREE DOWNLOAD í His Mossy Boy (Beings in Love, #8) Ö Years Ago, A Very Intoxicated Martin Nearly Died In The Woods Outside Everlasting, And A Beautiful Creature Saved Him, Although Martin S Done His Best To Forget It He Spends His Time In A Haze Of Weed As He Avoids His Emotionally Abusive Mother And The Way He Feels About Men Martin Is Already A Weirdo In His Isolated Small Town He Doesn T Need A Sexuality Crisis Too He S A Mess, But Someone Or Something Always Seems To Take Care Of Him, Usually A Tall, Sarcastic Deputy By The Name Of Ian ForresterNo One Knows Much About Ian, Which Is How He And His Family Prefer It Ian Has Resigned Himself To A Lonely Life Keeping His Secrets And Guarding His Forest It S Safe To Dream Of Martin, Because Martin Never Remembers Ian Helping Him Besides, Martin Barely Speaks To Ian, So Nothing Can Ever Grow Between Them Right But With The Dragons And The Magic Back In Everlasting, Suddenly Anything Seems Possible, Even A Happily Ever After For Two Men Who Never Expected One 4.5 stars rounded upA warm and fuzzy, emotional Yes from this happy reader.I loved it for being long and unhurried and immersive in the way that reminded me of some of the best fics I ve read I loved seeing Ren and Joe again seriously, R Cooper characters are my crack None of the couples in the magical, supernatural world of R Cooper s Being s In Love series have had an easy time of it, and none of them were of the insta love type at least in terms of any of the prospective partners doing something about their feelings However, His Mossy Boy is the slowest of the slow burn romances I have encountered so far The angst, doubts, special considerations, and hang ups of both men truly reach epic proportions in this book For me, at times this made it almost painful to read its over three hundred pages of anguish and doubting And than once, the only thing that kept me going was the pretty unshakable faith that the author was going to stick with the series tradition and make the characters and my suffering all worthwhile in the end A promise R Cooper kept in spades Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Ahhhhhh, mushy feels all over the place Trigger warnings for a lot of verbal and emotional abuse perpetrated by one of the the main character s mother.These two I have so many feelings for this pairing My hurt so many times reading this story because Martin and Ian are flawed and imperfect and beautiful I love the development of their relationship and the bravery, different types of bravery, that they both show and develop.I also absolutely adore they mythology and world development of this universe The Beings world is stunning and so well developed, bringing a lot of familiar issues to light while still allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a fantastic world I love how imperfect everyone and everything is I think it s so important how Cooper points out how much history has been lost for so many beings, how some have even lost their names, how elf is really just a catch all term It s, the world is so well developed and beautifully articulated and so wonderful.I also loved seeing Albert again Ugh, but what is he doing in Everlasting instead of Wolf s Paw Hoping he ll get his own story in the near future And what s happening with Graham grabby hands I want all the stories and happy endings I m still anxiously awaiting the day Clematis gets his story 11 10 18 reread Ugh, I adore Martin he s such a freakin disaster I just wanna hug him so excited for Can t wait for Albert s story to exist 4.5 StarsSo while this series jumps around into different areas and has a whole bunch of relatively unrelated stories other than they exist in the same world this one is a direct sequel to the last one which I just finished Albeit with a different duo of main characters Thus why I couldn t put off reading it and had to jump in right away.I really love this little town and the cast of characters we are getting to know I kinda hope we stay here for awhile and get beings coming into town so we can hear about how Zarrin and Joe and Ian Martin are getting on The premise is wonderful and the town is changing as Zarrin and Ian are really coming into their own I didn t love this book quite as much as the last one, really only because I wanted a bit growth in the characters of Ian and Martin While they are wonderful together and Martin s bumbles are just so cute, I wanted to see them start to be and comfortable with each other and it really only happened right at the end I wanted Martin to really start to own who he was It s part of why I really hope we come back to this town I want to see of his character I wouldn t hate a direct sequel with these two at all. Good addition 3.75 starsI liked this one, it was a very long book and occasionally was a little bit of a hard slog, but Martin and Ian worked their magic and I enjoyed their story I felt for Martin trying to work out who he was and liked the way Ian dealt with him, I also liked watching Ian open up the idea that he wasn t as alone as he thought he was Good addition to the series Looking forward to seeing from this town, especially Albert Fits slots 21 A book from a nonhuman perspective of 3.75 I do love R Cooper s books They are my comfort reads The writing is effortless and imaginative I like the characters and the dialogue.I did enjoy this one as well, even though I thought it could do with a bit of tightening In parts, it felt slightly repetitive, but overall it was a great read The first book in the series remains my favourite fairy RayRay