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In all fairness, this probably was a cutting edge book when it was released but since it was released before the trial, it feels unfinished to someone reading it in 2015 I kind of felt like this book was a rough draft of a long essay that a mediocre high school student wrote In addition to the writing being fairly dull, there were actual spelling and grammar mistakes For example, at one point, John Walsh, whose son Adam Walsh was abducted and killed and who later co founded what is now the National Center for Missing Exploited Children was identified as John Welsh Additionally, the misuse of apostrophes was very distracting because the mistakes were of the sort I d expect my students not to make and I teach 5th grade The characters, though real, were developed in a very disjointed way that was jarring to the reader The author tried to portray Susan Smith as the monster she was but the praise her friends and family heaped on her was only challenged by the occasional story of her getting angry at a high school friend or ex boyfriend Her attempts at suicide were glazed over and as the reader, I would ve been interested in knowing how her friends and family, the same people who sang her praises, reacted to THAT This case certainly lends itself to talking about the issue of race and though the climate of today is different than it was two decades ago, I thought the author really did the topic a disservice Susan Smith accused, publicly and hysterically, a black man of snatching her from her car at gunpoint in broad daylight and stealing off with her children days later, she confesses to killing them herself There wasn t outrage about that There wasn t a discussion to be had about the climate of the town that set the tone for her choosing THAT story I find that hard to believe The town was described as a bastion for racial harmony but the actions of the people in it paints a different story Even the words her brother, Scott Vaughn used to issue an apology to the black community were telling He said, On behalf of my family, I would like to apologize to the black community It is really disturbing to think that this would be a racial issue It is a terrible misfortune that all this happened First, this is not an apology Someone can t make an apology to a person or group of people and then say, I can t believe people are even pissed about this Secondly, it s not exactly a misfortune your sister murdered her babies because she felt rejected by a man who, among MANY other misgivings, said he wan t ready for children Lastly, it s NOT disturbing that this would be a racial issue, meaning, there were people just making it out to be a race issue when it really wasn t, but it IS disturbing that innocent black men all over the area were picked up and questioned about the kidnapping of these two boys when there was NEVER a black man involved in the beginning What s the MOST telling Law enforcement doubled down, even after they had the knowledge that they were harassing black men in their community for no reason, and said they were just doing their jobs They said they d do the same thing if they had it to do over and they weren t going to apologize to no one, no WAY, no how because they didn t have it coming to them Again, that s racist, pure and simple, even when it happens in a town that s supposed to be the promised land of racial harmony I did think the author did a nice job with guiding the reader to get the feel for the small town atmosphere where these murders took place Certainly, at this point, there are many up to date and relevant books out there on the topic and personally, I don t think this is a book to pick up even to provide a short historical background of the crime. [[ PDF ]] ⇱ Sins of the Mother ↟ On October , A Hysterical Susan Smith Told Police A Tale That Would Strike Terror In The Hearts Of Mothers Everywhere An Unidentified Gunman Had Sped Off With Her Two Little Boys, Leaving Her Screaming On The Side Of The RoadFor Than A Week, The People In The Tiny Town Of Union, South Carolina Rallied Around The Young Mother They Combed The Woods And Neighborhood Parks For The Missing Children And Prayed For Their Safe Return, While FBI Teams Launched A Massive ManhuntNo One Ever Suspected That The Pretty Year Old Who Tearfully Pleaded For Her Children In Front Of Millions Of TV Viewers Could Be Capable Of Such A Heartless Actuntil She Led Police To The Watery Graves Of Her Young Sons Now, As A Shaken Community Confronts Its Outrage And Sorrow, A Stunned Nation Asks How Is Could Have Happened Heart wrenching storyCreatively told of a tragedy that should only happen in fiction books A story of a young mother that does the unbelievable by killing her two babies A town and a nation that rallies behind her to help find her babies until the bottom falls out and leaves millions feeling betrayed and heartbroken I highly recommend you read this story and please bring your Kleenex God bless these poor babies Really good book the investigation was so calm and cool got the job down Hands down to the lawmen I certainly wish if Susan Smith was so sad and wanted out of her life she would have reached out to the many people that loved her and the children. Good read There is no mystery to the story, yet the author keeps the reader hooked as he or she wonders how the truth will be revealed. Good readI was a teenager when this happened and I remember how tragic it was then The author did a excellent job informing the reader of what occurred that dark October night. So sadLike the story Hope to find answers soon Still don t understand why she did what she did and would like to know. I guess maybe because this was writen so soon after the event there wasn t a lot about Susan and what she was feeling.