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I DIDN T EVEN KNOW I WANTED THIS UNTIL I SAW IT WAS COMING OUT THIS YEAR Yes. Oh wow, I don t know what I expected, but it wasn t that It was MUCH spookier than I anticipated When Mother Knows Best showed up in my mailbox, I thought my ten year old daughter might like to read it, but I m glad I read it first because I think it would be too much for her Plus, it s a young adult book ages 12 18 , not middle grade ages 9 12.It s a really good book and it doesn t have anything graphic or descriptive in it, but it s pretty creepy Which, of course, is why I enjoyed it so much.This is the story of how Mother Gothel became the villain we know from the movie Tangled It starts hundreds of years before Rapunzel, back when Gothel herself is a girl with two sisters and a mother They all live together in an enchanted thicket that nobody can enter and nobody can leave without a special spell.Gothel s life changes dramatically as the years pass, and each change twists Gothel into the frightening woman who steals a baby princess and keeps her captive in a tower.There were two things that I didn t like in this book The first one is there are so many exclamation points that it felt like everyone was shouting all the time And the second is that it s not a true stand alone story I didn t realize that it s tied to all the other villain stories with an overarching plot that weaves them all together Since this is the first villain story I ve read, some things were confusing and didn t get explained Regardless, this was a fantastically fun read that I devoured in just a couple of days It had magic, adventure, deceit, monsters, and betrayal I was completely drawn in and hooked on the story I couldn t wait to find out what happened next and had a hard time putting it down With all its spookiness and dark magic, it makes a perfect Halloween binge read Content Some scary perilous situations, but nothing graphic or descriptive.Source Thank you to Disney Hyperion for sending me a copy of this book OH MY GOD THE NEXT ONE IS A MOTHER GOTHEL STORY I M FREAKING OUT HSHSHSHHSS THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED IN LIFE TAKE MY COINS I didn t enjoy this as much as the rest of the series.I love the Odd sisters and didn t really like how they were portrayed in this book.I do love that it was left with an opener for another book [ Free Pdf ] ☾ Mother Knows Best ♠ The Tale Of The Legendary Golden Flower Is Widely Known The Story Has Been Told Many Times And In Many Ways But Always The Flower Is Coveted By An Old Witch To Keep Herself Young And Beautiful And Always The Flower Is Used To Save A Dying Queen, Who Then Gives Birth To A Princess With Magical Hair Not Willing To Lose The Flower, The Old Witch Steals The Princess And Locks Her Away In A High Tower, Raising Her As Her Own But The Princess Always Finds Out Who She Truly Is And Manages To Defeat The Old WitchAnd Yet This Is Only Half The Story So What Of The Old Witch, Mother Gothel Where Does She Come From And How Does She Come Across The Magical Golden Flower Here Is One Account That Recounts A Version Of The Story That Has Remained Untold For Centuries Until Now It Is A Tale Of Mothers And Daughters, Of Youth And Dark Magic It Is A Tale Of The Old Witch Ok I m really tired of the Odd sisters in this series They may be my most hated characters I ever come across Once they enter the story it becomes all about them instead of the villain the story is supposed to be about These books have become about the odd sisters disguised as the story of the villain of the story They are so annoying and are always the cause of the villain s downfall which is becoming so tiring and is the same shit over and over again If the author wanted to write about the odd sisters then just give them their own damn series Someone needs to kill them off.I really liked the first book of this series Fairest of All because the odd sisters were in like 3 chapters and then they left and were not part of the story any They just bother me and I m probably going to stop reading this series not because I don t foresee them going away I was so excited for this book that I preordered it as soon as I could Mother Gothel s story is so mysterious, but considering the timelines presented in the movie and the TV show, this book doesn t fit into canon at all I m sure I could have appreciated this book if I wasn t so obsessed with Tangled and hadn t picked apart every single piece of the movie until I have it memorized, but there were a lot of fallacies in this novel While I haven t read the other books in this series, I was able to pick up on the basic undercurrent with the Odd Sisters and the larger story at hand However, the inconsistencies in this story really turned me off from it One thing I took issue with, that doesn t really spoil anything, is that the flower was found by the King s guards in a flowery meadow by a cottage, not alone on a craggy cliff face like in the movie and TV show Gah And that was the least of the errors In addition to all of the darkness and magic qualities introduced multiple times I almost put it down just by the graphic details, and I m not afraid of a few gory scenes I m so disappointed Super horrifying and creepy I loved it My least favorite of the series so far but still enjoyable and still good enough to keep me interested in finishing the series These books are great at offering insight into the background and mind of the villains we all grew up hating as children. I m not sure how I feel about this one.I get it s a villain series, but these 3 witches that pop up everywhere aren t in any other film except maybe Hercules and that is one hell of a tenuous link The backstory was one a hell of a one, but one honestly I could feasibly believe in the fiction world or associate with Gothel It s never suggested in any film work, the latter part of the book me the relationship with her mother was convincing It just seemed to jump around and assume things to much.It made her complicated in a way I wasn t happy with personally either.