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Two squirrel best friends think they are exactly alike umtil a sleepover where one starts to feel self concious about their family Love the message Elementary and up A sweet story addressing the strength of friendship and the anxiety of comparison Definitely a good read aloud to a group with lots of opportunities to talk about what makes a real friend and how we could handle embarrassment Would Sorrel have been happier if she d talked with her mother or Sage about her fears What happens when we lie Do we steal our own joy when we compare ourselves to others etc Definitely a good choice for a friendship, family, sleepover, or feelings themed story time. Sage and Sorrel were exactly the same, or at least that s what Sorrel thought until she had a sleepover at her best friend s Sage s house Sage lived in a huge tree with lots of branches and lots of family Sage was embarrassed about her tiny tree with the broken branches where she and her mother lived alone So when Sage wanted to have a sleepover at her house, Sorrel made one excuse after another But one day Sage saw a beautiful cherry tree in full bloom Sorrel was surprised that Sage would like that tree because it was so small and had broken branches and was her own home When she learned that Sage loved her tree even though it was different from her own, Sorrel invited her to a sleepover. What an adorable book about finding your best friend for the first time in your life and being so excited to have so much in common.until Sage invited Sorrel over for a sleepover Her tree was so full and fun and so different from Sorrel s Sorrel was afraid to invite Sage over because she was embarrassed by her tree, which she felt was very inferior to Sage s She made up many excuses, until one day Sage ended up coming over She was thrilled with the differences and the uniqueness of Sorrel s tree and loved her family too A wonderful, heartwarming story about being content with what you have and who you are, and not afraid to share with your true self with your best friends A very good read aloud to younger children or lower elementary classroom. ( READ EPUB ) ☪ Sorrel and the Sleepover ⚆ Sorrel Had Never Had A Friend Who Was Just The Same, Until She Met Sage But Can One Sleepover Ruin A Whole Friendship Squirrels Sage And Sorrel Are Just The Same The Like The Same Games, Sing The Same Songs And Say The Same Things At The Same Time They Even Have The Same Stripe On Their Tails But When Sage Invites Her Friend For A Sleepover, Sorrel Discovers They Aren T The Same At All While Sage Has A Huge Family And An Even Bigger Treehouse Home, Sorrel Lives With Her Mum In A Tiny Tree Sorrel Must Hide How Different She Is, Otherwise Sage Won T Be Her Friend, Will She A Celebration Of What Friendship Really Means, No Matter How Rich Or Poor You Are, From The Creator Of Classic Bestseller Badger S Parting Gifts Kuinka suloinen kertomus t m olikaan Kirjan kuvitus oli my s varsin suloista, mutta pidin erityisesti yst vyyden pelkotilojen kuvainnollistamisesta siit kuinka paljon voi mietitytt oman kodin esitteleminen parhaalle yst v lle Ent jos yst v ei haluakaan en olla paras kaveri, kun n kee millaisessa kodissa sin asut Tarina ei ollut mitenk n kummallinen h pe omasta kodista ja perheest kaverin edess , mutta kun t m n kuvitus on niin kauniin hele ja s p Pelk st n kuvien takia t m on sylikirjana hieno Teksti minimaalisesti, jota koko sivun kuva tukee. Erilaisuus ja k yhyys kuorrutetaan kauniiksi vaaleanpunaisilla kukilla Nyt kukkahattut ti v h n hermostui, turhaan Kuitenkin lapsille tehty herttainen satu y kyl ilyst ja erilaisista kodeista. Very pretty illustrations and lovely evocative language.