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Read Camilla Monk novels I feel Camilla Monk needs a big shout out She is an amazing author and her books need to be read Her books are action packed and hilarious This is it This is my favorite Camilla Monk novel It s full of Titans, Roman gods and Roman god stuff, paranormal abilities, a hobo and cats Still is about, well, everything going still for Emma Time freeze for Emma She has no control over it or why it randomly happens Being an outcast in her family, Em heads to Rome to find her deadbeat dad And then, stuff happens Exciting stuff Hilarious stuff, and Roman mythology stuff I cannot wait till the next book But Camilla I have to ask a question Who the fuck is Silvio Wowowowwowowowow, this is one of the most promising series I have read in a while The plot is wonderful with the time stopping and mythology, but the real gem for me is the characterization In one moment, I was annoyed by the girl s hot bloodedness and in another, I was crying for her Here are some of my thoughts I fuckin love the protagonist, Emma She is so complex I was expecting an interesting story about Rome and historical context and just fun , and I got a story where I felt deeply invested and captivated by a character s well everything Her backstory makes me sympathize for her Her personality is multi dimensional with her thorny, acerbic barbs, IDGAF attitude, vulnerable heart, tendency to feel jealous and biter because of her perfect step sister, and lone wolf demeanor I love that she acts tough and is rather tough considering how much she has gone through , but she is also such a softie She feels heavy guilt because she never intends to hurt anyone She tries to do the right thing even though she tends to act out And I don t know, but I just really feel for her because her backstory and her current lingering feelings about her family shape so much of how she is today I don t usually like hot blooded type characters, but wow, she is just so damn real and complicated I actually found myself crying several times throughout the book because I feel SO bad for her because she is a good person in general, but her family has made her lonely, unaccepted, and abandoned THAT is why she is so cynical and abrasive to people And she acts like she doesn t care, but she actually cares than anyone would suspect Everything she does makes sense to her character Geez, she got my heart pummeled I can imagine that her experiences and feelings are going to be relatable to a lot of people I love her character, and truly, this is such a well written character Besides the sad aspect of her character, she is also just genuinely funny and entertaining with her sassy attitude Some series take books to show such complexity and character development in a character, but this character is already starting off fleshed out and original Also, random note, but love that she has turquoise hair And I m thankful that the book cover reflects it because my pet peeve is when people on book covers don t match the actual characters of the book The main male character, Faust, is another amazing character He is a unique and entertaining character to read about He is an immortal, blind guy who can stop time, is frequently seen as a hobo, and has a million cats Like, whatttt This is already so different on so many levels, especially for a love interest His calm, confident, and fun loving attitude makes the adventures that Emma goes through even fun I love the way he talks to Emma He often comes across as un serious and flirty, but there are also scenes that show that he does care and has a sincere side to him I can t wait to see where his character goes and where their relationship will go There is still an air of mystery about him, so I am really hoping we will dive into him in the later books He has a sad past and a lonely life of 2000 years , and it is interesting to see him having these dual sides of him where he acts impish and careless, but he has a sadder, darker side of him The scenes with the time stopping, the mythology with titans and Olympian gods, the destiny talk, immortality love it, love it, love it I am already a fan of mythology, and this is certainly a new and fun take on it I can t wait to see of how the plot will develop This book is filled with quirky characters, such as Silvio, the Uber driver Faust s sidekick, Ryuuko, a collector of dead animals and is a possible dragon, and Lady Palombara, a titan who can reads mind and will scold you for cussing I adore reading about them The emotional intensity in this book was not expecting it view spoiler I cry for Emma s past and the way her mom treats her I cry for how Emma s perfect sister is nice, but is also a passive bystander as she gets the attention and care, while Emma gets nothing I cry for Emma s vulnerable side because she is so hurt from her abandonment issues and she feels such guilt when she acts out but she can t help it when the world has been rather cruel to her I cry for how Emma was homeless for over a year, and it prickled her when she saw Faust act like a hobo when he had a home and money I cry for how she even knows that she tends to push away people because she is too scared and tired of getting hurt hide spoiler READ EBOOK ♰ Still ♊ It Always Started Like This, A Pulse Inside Me, Like A Warning Before The Tide Surged, Roared And Froze Everything Twenty Year Old Emma Just Landed In Rome, To Find The Father Who Walked Out Of Her Life Than A Decade Ago And Was Too Busy Eating Pizza To Call Traveling With Her Is A Secret She S Carried Alone Since Childhood Sometimes, Around Her, Time Stops People And Cars Freeze, Rain Hangs Still In The Air And There S Only Her Left In The SilenceTo Make Things Worse, Instead Of Her Dad, Em Runs Into A Past She D Rather Forget In The Person Of Lily, Her Step Sis Kind, Harvard Honors Student Lily The Perfect Daughter Em Never Was As The Two Of Them Reconnect, Em Starts To Pick Up Some Creepy Vibes From Katharos, The Mysterious Archaeological Foundation Lily Works For And Specifically The Ancient Stone Table They Re Digging Up Near The Coliseum Faust, The Blind Hobo Em Keeps Running Into, Might Be The Key To Piercing Katharos S Secrets Actually, He Might Even Have Something To Do With That Time Freezing Thing With Lily S Life On The Line And No One Else To Turn To, Em Chooses To Trust This Unlikely Ally, But Behind His Charming Smile And Lunar Antics, The Guy Comes With Some Serious Fine Print Emma grew up in a loveless family Her father abandoned her when she was 6 and not long after that her mother married another man and showered all of her love on his gifted and beautiful daughter Emma has a secret She can freeze time She doesn t know how or why She doesn t even know if she is saneWhen she turned 18 she left the happy family that she wasn t a part of She lived on the street She worked dead end jobs And finally she decided to track down her father who had moved back home to Italy.While sitting in a park trying to summon the courage to approach her father she runs into her step sister, Lily, who is working on an archeological dig in Rome She is pulled into Lily s world and the shady organisation she works for Dark happenings are afoot and together with a blind beggar named Faustus she faces down an evil that has been biding its time for thousands of years.This book is just great I completely loved it from beginning to end Honestly it makes me so happy I could jump I have not read anything from this author before But I did really enjoy this book I enjoyed the main character, Emma, this was a character I could understand and relate too This book was exciting and I was on the edge of my seat The humor was a real treat in this book for me as well I loved it all This book was given to me for free at my request from Netgalley and I provided this voluntary review. 5 Stars At 10% of the book I knew.I knew that I was going to rate this 5 stars Bravo Bravo Bravo If you loved Spotless, you ll love reading Still The stories are definitely different, but they have similar amounts of humor and cheesiness that only Camilla Monk can deliver I laughed I cried And now I can t stop thinking about book 2 All the characters are interesting and bizarre For example, Emma s ally in Rome is a sexy blind hobo Just read the bookThe only thing I m a bit confused about is the limitations of Emma s power What can she touch and not touch Hopefully book 2 will answer my questions A MUST READ 5 yaycamilla stars I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this book I know the author s previous work well and the blurb lead me to believe this adventure would be totally different I loved the fantasy supernatural aspect of this adventure There is something very satisfying about learning while being entertained and I learned a bunch in this book Though, I hope Camilla s a fact checker or spouting mythological stories from this book could potentially be really embarrassing for me.Fascinating characters, each with their own quirks that make them fun to read while propelling the story in various directions I HATED the ending because now I have to wait It s not a cliffhanger per se since none of the characters are left in peril but still I hate waiting and I m so curious nowOh and here is something else that bugged me view spoiler Women in Camilla s books sure have a hard time getting some hide spoiler I ve never really read anything like this before I ve got so many questions and I want to know Camilla Monk creates magicwith a blind hobo hero4.5 stars I picture Camilla Monk having a cackling laugh She s an evil genius who likes to mess with her readers In the Spotless series we have an extremely intelligent heroine who steps up to save the world She s matched with an extremely obsessive clean freak who s also a hired killer In the Still series we have a high school dropout heroine who is forced to save the world and doesn t really get a choice whether she wants to or not Her hero, well, he s a blind hobo She can write a whole series and each book is completely different She can start a new series and it is nothing like the first if anything it s almost the complete opposite.I never know what to expect when I pick up a book by Camilla Monk Her imagination is extraordinary, her humour original and her avoidance of writing sexy times, somewhat of a standing joke Here s the amazing part her books don t need them Yes, you read that right, HER BOOKS DON T NEED SEX IN THEM to be bloody brilliant.Could you imagine spending your life disappointed in everyone and everything For Emma, she has a mother who prefers her step daughter to her own flesh and blood A weekend father who after six years decided even that was too hard and leaves A life where if you expect nothing, you re not surprised when nothing is all you have She also has a secret that no one can know about that even she doesn t believe At 20 years old, completely on her own after cutting ties with her mother and her mother s new family, Emma decides to track down her dad She s hoping for a hallmark moment but is scared that it will be another nothing in her life Taking a risk, she hops on a plane Instead of knocking on his door, she comes face to face with her evil step sister who s actually not evil, just everything Emma s not Lilly, Emma s step sister, is sweet, kind, pretty and intelligent who wouldn t hate her What follows is something you would have to read to believe Time stops, faces freeze, magic resurfaces and gods, titans and protectors are all vying for power, control or to save the world Funny thing is, Emma is at the heart of it She was destined to be here and it s her job to help save the world with a blind hobo.It s so hard to explain a Camilla Monk story and the feelings she provokes I can tell you that I laughed, cried, sighed and smirked It s as if time stopped as I read some of the fast paced, action packed and brain swirling scenes Those particular scenes always seem to fly by as I read, and at the end, I sit back, take a deep breath, look around and I m surprised that the world kept going on around me That, is the magic of Camilla Monk.A new series and I m a fan Still is like nothing I ve read before I didn t expect to be saved by a swearing, disrespectful and unhappy heroine I m gobsmacked that I ve fallen for a blind hobo who sees better than most The main characters were easy to fall in love with and the additional characters were interesting and helped the story flow I loved that I was so surprised with the storyline and I was sad but content with how it ended I m still waiting for a sex scene, though This will not be a review of what Still is, but rather of what it is not.It s not Spotless.Readers have been waiting for, like, a billion years for Spotless 5 there s been reports of self harm and what do we get for all of that A paranormal hobo, a gutter punk girl and a taxidermized fox Really F ing really The sex better be good in that one