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This guy is nuts I feel like I just read false religious propaganda as crazy as that of scientology. (((BOOK))) ↿ The Secret Government ⇯ In His Shocking Book, The Secret Government, Author Ismael Perez Exposes The Existence And Purpose Of A Secret Society Which Has Been In Existence Since Pre Biblical Times Perez Uncovers A Secret Government, An Underground Society Of The World S Most Influential Leaders, Working Together To Form One Government The Society, Known By Many As The Secret Government, Includes World Leaders, Politicians, Religious Organizations, Corporations, And Some Of The Most Influential Families In History Its Purpose Is To Mold World Events, Using Calamities, Assassinations, Diseases, Terrorism, And Political Elections, In Their Quest For World Domination And Control They Have Been The Power Behind Most Of The World S Empires And Institutions And Have Maintained Their Stronghold Over The Earth Through Secrecy, Conspiracy, Manipulation, Division And Wars Taking The Reader Through History, Ismael Perez Exposes The Workings Of This Dark, Hidden Hand Society As They Attempt To Bring All Nations Under Their Control From The Days Of Adam And Eve, Their Bloodline Has Evolved And Is Currently Behind The Economic, Political, And Social Corruption Facing The World Today The Secret Government Reveals The Real Reasons Behind The Attacks On The World Trade Center And The Assassinations Of Presidents, As Well As Their Method Of Economic Dominance Through Control Of The World S Banking System From The Highest Echelons Of World Organizations, Perez Provides Proof That This Dark Brotherhood Exists In The United Nations, The Pharmaceutical Companies, In Organized Religion, As Well As The Political Arena Years Of Research Performed By Perez And Other Truth Seekers Bring These Undeniable Truths To Light It Is Time To Familiarize Ourselves With The Meaning Of The Great Awakening In Relationship To The Declining Power Of The Dark Forces The Great Awakening Has Long Been Prophesied, And It S Taking Place For Many People Who Are Becoming Aware The Disclosure Of The Oppressive Forces Will Be A Great Step In The Awakening Process, States Perez