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The back pages of the book sells this as an expose of what it is really like to serve in the prison service in modern britain.The author seems to find fault all around him apparently most governors, senior staff and his fellow officers are of poor calibre, some dishonest, some just weak, some just stupid or with little ability He puts himself in the minority of being effective in their jobs in the prison service Unashamedly he then goes on to recall tales of his own extreme unprofessionalism, poor standards and personal weakness He seems to be able to find fault in others as if looking at them through a magnifying glass but seemingly is unable to see his own many inadequacies He sums up asking for the public to have respect for prison officers, apparently unaware that he had provided a book full of reasons to respect them less.Overall this is a story from a prison officer who has a chip on his shoulder, always seems to see the glass as half empty rather than half full and, were it not for him having had a secure and loving upbringing from a stable family which most cons probably wouldn t have had the privelege of , it is obvious that he would probably have ended up on the other side of the bars Mildly entertaining stories but probably a book only enjoyed by mainly young male those easily impressed by tales of bravado. A fantastic real life insight into the life of a prison officier screw I couldn t put this down I can t for the life of me understand the poor reviews this has received surely after reading the description before you pick this up, you kind of expect the bad language and straight talking This bloke didn t water flowers for a living he worked in one of the grimmest prisons in the UK Absolutely loved Ronnie Thompson s attitude to life Fantastic morals I ll be buying his other books Brilliant stuff. Aside from the interesting subject, his coprolalia like swearing, belief that everyone other than him is a fuckwit , and tough guy way of speaking makes this completely atrocious I actually read this with Danny Dyers mockney accent, it fit in so well I have no problem with swearing, I ve dropped a few F bombs before, but when you find yourself claiming everyone around you is a fucker, wanker, a piece of shit, a c t, when you finish every second sentence with and we did fuck all , most of your stories come from getting pissed constantly, it becomes a bit of a problem I counted 74 Bad Words in the first 28 pages Aside from the swearing, his articulation doesn t go very far Every man is a geezer or, as above, a wanker who throws his weight around several men he describes as alright strike me as totally untrustworthy and morally deplorable and every woman is a bird and, in a fair amount of cases, complete whores willing to sleep with turn on anyone to further their career Either he is one in a big group of arsewipes or his vocabulary is a bit too black and white He is a bit of a bully His overall manner within his writing is very very aggressive, so when he claims to dislike the bully boy types then admits dishing out his own punishments to unruly prisonershypocrite No, thank you. I almost decided to reject the book after reading the first several pages, owing to the extensive use of coarse language in the author s preamble However, I persevered and, although further chapters included frequent use of expletives, it seemed to be in context and somehow blend with the awful environment in the prison.How much of this fictional book is based on the authentic is a moot point, but it nevertheless highlights highly dangerous situations of which few ordinary people may be aware Moreover, the book gets better in the latter stages, particularly as the language becomes acceptable Overall I would recommend it as an interesting read. ( FREE E-PUB ) ⚕ Screwed: The Truth About Life as a Prison Officer ⚇ My Name Is Ronnie Thompson Being A Prison Officer Was Something I Used To Be Proud Of I Soon Realised The Truth Of What Its Like Working As A Screw, ThoughIt S Afucking Headache Corruption, Danger, Violence Welcome To My World Ronnie Thompson Was Just An Ordinary Guy That Is, Until Hebecame A Prison Officer By The Time He Started Work At HMP Romwell, He Realised He Was Actually A Nurse, A Copper, A Probation Officer, A Carer, A Councillor, A Social Worker And, Of Course, An Incarcerator All In One Oh, And A Punch Bag For The Cons And BossesIn SCREWED, Ronnie Tells It Like It Is Hereveals What Really Goes On Behind Bars The Times When Force Is Necessary And Used, And When It Is Unnecessary But Still UsedHe Exposes The Underworld Of Bent Screws, The Drugs They Traffic, The Firms They Work For And What They Get Paid For Their SinsHe Shows How It Is Left Down To A Small Group Of Officers To Control An Over Flowing Prison, Keep An Eye Out For Corrupt Govenors, And Dodge The Deluded Human Rights Campaigners Ultimately, He Shows Us That Being A Good Screw Doesnt Always Mean Sticking To The Rules Dropped it after page 100, not well written and just reads very angry and foul mouthed And this person is s full of himself, it just gets under your skin Such a shame because the subject and point of view is so interesting A good insight into prison life in the UK from the perspective of a screw. I have really mixed emotions about this book On one hand, it was a great read and I couldn t put it down I have a huge interest in these real life on the job kind of books so when I saw this it instantly got my interest What I did enjoy was the brutal honesty Ronnie doesn t stop at anything, he will tell you exactly how it is, even when he s the one in the wrong It was really interesting to get that perspective of inside a prison, how it actually runs and how the officers are treated At the start, he tells you about an event that happened You don t find out the result of this until the last chapter So he essentially takes you back in time, through his journey from training right up and through, leading up to this event You can feel his emotion and passion for his job It was a different layout to what I m used to Generally these kinds of books have a chapter per story But this was one flowing story, following him from start to where he is now What I didn t like Firstly, the language in this is really extreme and takes a bit of getting used to I m glad that he doesn t sugarcoat it, but especially at the start it s a bit much and might put people off the book The language does get a lot better as the book moves on, it s a lot less frequent He also tends to always call women birds This is just a personal pet peeve All that aside, I did enjoy the book He does have some others out, so I might check them out too. An enlightening insight into the real daily dirty work of the Prison Officer I knew this must be a tough job, but the realism of Thompson s description of prison life is quite startling at times, bringing to life the real danger, grimness and all round grubby nature of the job This is also reflected in the frequent use of expletives, but I think an hour in this guy s life would have the same effect on anyone Also a worthy expose of the appalling state of the British prison system generally, highlighting the problems of over crowding, low morale of staff including the destruction of his own personal life and the ineptitude and nepotism of management. Rating this one a 3 because it was tough to get through it with all the cussing and a little too much repetition However, if this is what the prison officers in Britain s prison system have to endure with little or no protection from the violent crazies confined within, I am surprised any person with any sense would actually apply to become a screw There is no prison system that is not flawed, but at least U.S prison guards are likely to survive intact than in Britain Interesting book.