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&READ EBOOK ⇺ Hyperspectral Imaging ✗ Hyperspectral Imaging, Volume , Presents A Comprehensive Exploration Of The Different Analytical Methodologies Applied On Hyperspectral Imaging And A State Of The Art Analysis Of Applications In Different Scientific And Industrial Areas This Book Presents, For The First Time, A Comprehensive Collection Of The Main Multivariate Algorithms Used For Hyperspectral Image Analysis In Different Fields Of Application The Benefits, Drawbacks And Suitability Of Each Are Fully Discussed, Along With Examples Of Their Application Users Will Find State Of The Art Information On The Machinery For Hyperspectral Image Acquisition, Along With A Critical Assessment Of The Usage Of Hyperspectral Imaging In Diverse Scientific FieldsProvides A Comprehensive Roadmap Of Hyperspectral Image Analysis, With Benefits And Considerations For Each Method DiscussedCovers State Of The Art Applications In Different Scientific FieldsDiscusses The Implementation Of Hyperspectral Devices In Different Environments