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[[ Free E-pub ]] ☔ The Persistent Spiral ↯ What Do Dinosaurs, A Neanderthal Elder Named Nandy, Otzi The Ice Mummy, Ancient Chinese Chickens, Roman Cats, Richard The Lionhearted, And Catherine Of Aragon Have In Common The Answer They All Suffered From Lyme Disease Or Related Tick Borne Infections Lyme Disease Is Caused By A Group Of Bacteria Called Borrelia That Have Been Around For Millions Of Years Borrelia Are Spiral Shaped Spirochetes That Are Spread By The Bite Of Ixodes Ticks Lyme Disease Is Recognized By The CDC As The Leading Cause Of Tick Borne Infection In The United States The History Of This Spiral Is One Of Persistence Paleoborrelia Was Its Very Ancient Ancestor It Has Been Found Within Fifteen Million Year Old Ticks That Became Fossilized Within Amber It May Have Infected The Dinosaurs It Has Been Lurking In And On The Edges Of The Temperate Forests Of Eurasia And North America For Eons It Bugged The Neanderthals Spirochetes And Bone Infections Have Been Found In Some Of Their Ancient Skeletal Remains The Earliest Verified Case Of Lyme Disease Was Found During DNA Analysis Of The Genome Of The Mummy Named Otzi, Who Died Years Ago And Was Preserved In Ice On The Italian Alps Borrelia Anseria, Which Afflicts Poultry, Was Spread Around The World Along By The Popularity Of Cock Fighting The Crusaders Were Plagued By Ticks, Lice, And Disease On Their Way To Jerusalem Richard The Lionhearted Suffered From Borrelia Vincenti, Better Known As Trench Mouth, And A Relapsing Fever Ticks Harbor A Multitude Of Pathogens These Include Rickettsia, Bartonella, Babesia, Powassan Virus And Anaplasma Cats Helped Spread Bartonella Around The World King Henry VIII S First Wife, Catherine Of Aragon, Was Chronically Ill For Much Of Her Life After She Suffered From The English Sweating Sickness, Which May Have Been Caused By A Particularly Virulent Mix Of Lyme Disease And Babesia Infection That Swept Through England Afterwards, Catherine Endured A String Of Heartbreaking Miscarriages And Still Births This Book Covers The Ancient History Of Lyme Disease And Tick Borne Infections It Can Be Considered A Prequel To Disguised As The Devil How Lyme Disease Created Witches And Changed History