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Breathtaking book of the treasures of Tutankhamun s tomb The narrative thoroughly explains each piece showcased An invaluable source prior to the internet. When they say complete they mean complete Wow So much information and detail Full review to come 5 StarsI don t even know where to begin with this one when they say complete, they mean complete Every last inch of this book is crammed with texts, photos, sidebars, captions, diagrams you name it, this book has it It is almost overwhelming, to be honest There is so much information and detail, I could see it scaring off someone who only has a passing interest On the other hand, it is a great place to start if you are just learning of Tutankhamun, beyond him being the boy king who died mysteriously.As I said, there is an insane amount of detail here The book starts by laying the scene, giving a history of Tut, his father, the religious upheaval, and such Then it moves toward who Howard Carter was and his work prior to discovering Tut s tomb The author then moves step by step, from the discovery, to the death of Lord Carnarvon, the politics of the time that impacted their work, then eventually moves room by room within the tomb and details the discoveries in each space After that, the author also provides ample information about the kinds of objects discovered that accompanied Tut to the Afterlife ritual couches, games, chariots and necessary equipment, weaponry, wine jars, pottery, tools, lamps, and so on There are even charts describing specific statues and figures I don t think I can stress enough how much detail is here I feel like I ve said it a lot, but it s so very true.I kind of have this love hate relationship with the field of archaeology particularly these, who explore these tombs and remove the treasures to put on display for the world These are tombs, final resting places of real people who lived and died thousands of years before us But they still deserve respect and the opportunity to rest in peace I love seeing the treasures but this is still a kind of state sanctioned grave robbing In our never ending quest to know everything about these people, we ve raided their tombs and robbed their graves of anything of value Sure, it is now done in the name of academia, but it truthfully is no different then those who did this thousands of years ago when the tombs were new and easier to access of the burial.So, rant aside, I still enjoyed this book for the wealth of knowledge it provides I do wish there were color photos I also found Carter s notes an interesting read and the author uses excerpts of them throughout the book He took copious amounts of notes, recording what they saw from room to room and these insights are intriguing The author also includes drawings that Carter s made, though his notes were never published as a volume It is interesting to see from his perspective as the discoverer, though his methods seem terrible today The treatment of the mummies never ceases to infuriate me The fact that Tut and who knows how many others, by other archaeologists throughout the centuries had to be dismembered to be removed from his sarcophagus make me so angry Archaeology is an important field, but so destructive at the same time It is a field that has to destroy in order to discover, and this is uncomfortable for me.Side note the photos of the mummified remains of what are thought to be Tut s two little daughters are absolutely heart breaking They re just so tiny duh.Overall, this is about as complete a book as you can find about the tomb of King Tut While there is some history of his reign and the suspicions surrounding his death, as well as information about his father before him, it is focus on the tomb itself and the treasures it held and what they tell us about burials of the time Highly recommended. It s a bit boring but very educational An easy, simple, pleasant read. ( Ebook ) ☩ The Complete Tutankhamun: The King. The Tomb. The Royal Treasure ♰ Fascinating, Authoritative And Enlivened With Than Illustrations, Many Of Them In Brilliant ColorLos Angeles Times The Tomb Of Tutankhamun, With Its Breathtaking Treasures, Has Exerted A Unique Hold On The Popular Imagination Ever Since Its Discovery In It Remains The Greatest Tombfind Ever Made Here Is The Fullest Account Yet Published Of This Fabulous Archaeological Discovery Contents Includethe Story Of Howard Carter And Lord Carnarvon S Long Quest For The Tomb In The Valley Of The Kings Double Page Features On Each Stage Of The Discovery, Each Chamber Of The Tomb, And All The Main Treasures Extracts From Carter S Notes And Diaries And First Time Publication Of Many Of His Drawings And Reconstructions Tables On Everything From The Ornaments On The Royal Mummy To Tutankhamun S Wine List A Full Reference SectionBound To Hook You On The Boy King And His Rich Tomb All Over AgainKMTThe Most Satisfying Work To DateAmerican Journal Of ArchaeologyA Renowned Egyptologist And One Of The World S Leading Experts On The Period, Nicholas Reeves Was For Several Years A Curator In The Departament Of Egyptian Antiquities At The British Museum His Books Include Valley Of The Kings The Decline Of A Royal Necropolis And With Richard H Wilkinson The Complete Valley Of The Kings Tombs And Treasures Of Egypt S Greatest Pharaohs Thames Hudson Very good read for everyone interested in Ancient Egyptand how it might feel to discover a 3000 old tomb, still full with treasure The facts and events are outlined without being a boring tell An extensive description of the objects found in the tomb with a lot of pictures so it is really easy to imagine how it looked like when it was first seen by the excavators. this is a really great book to read for any essay This book is full of information and facts It is really cool.P.S Did u know that King tut had 2 little daughters Anything you ever wanted to know about the young pharaoh.if your not at a college reading level buy a dictionary Nice one for the coffee table And very informative, too Could have gained a lot with colour photgraphy of the treasures and less black and white. This book is awesome anything you could possibly want to know about the tomb and expedition.