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!Kindle ☦ Godspeed (Earls of East Anglia, #2) ⚔ Can A Gruff, Seasoned Knight Win Over The Love Of His Life In The Midst Of Political Chaos AD Dashiell Dash Du Reims Is The Eldest Son Of The Earl Of East Anglia And A Cousin To The Great House Of De Lohr Much Like His Warring And Politically Involved Cousins, Dashiell Is Also Waist Deep In The Political Turmoil That Is Sweeping England At This Time As The Captain Of The Guard For The Powerful And Senile Duke Of Savernake, His Is In The Middle Of The Baron S Rebellion Against The King Although His De Lohr Cousins Have Been Trying To Lure Him Over Into Serving Christopher De Lohr, The Greatest Knight In The Realm, Dashiell Is Reluctant For One Very Good ReasonA WomanSpecifically, The Duke S Youngest Daughter, The Lovely And Sweet Belladonna With The Duke S Senility, There Is An Undercurrent Movement From Within The Family To Usurp The Duke By Two Of His Ambitious Sons In Laws As A Man With Only Three Daughters, The Husbands Of The Older Daughters Are Plotting To Steal The Duke S Power And His Seat, And Dashiell Is The Only Thing That Stands Between Them And The Mad Duke He Is Also The Only Thing That Stands Between Their Wicked Intentions Towards Belladonna Nothing Will Get Past Dashiell When It Comes To Belladonna, Not Even Men Who Technically Outrank Him He Ll Fight To The Death Soon Enough, The Evil Husbands Are Plotting To Be Rid Of Dashiell As Well, But Not If The Powerful De Lohr Family Has Anything To Say About It Enter A World Of Grand Medieval Pagentry, Passion, Battles, And Politics In Dashiell And Belladonna S Story, Where Love Is The Only Thing That Truly Conquers All And Family Bonds Are The Strongest Of All It S An All Out Knightfest In This Glorious Medieval Epic My favourite sort of books are the ones where the descriptions are so vivid, it s like a movie running through my mind This is such a book , a true epic.The feeling and emotions running through the story are wonderful, I couldn t put it down.Dashiell is a real romantic character , a true knight in shining armour.Belladonna is soft and gentle ,a woman of feelings and immense love , love for Dashiell.I found myself grinning and crying , I love when books give me these reactions, it shows the depth of the characters, and how immersed I am in those characters.Bentley and Lily are great secondaries, all through the book I found myself hoping for a happy ending for all four of these people.You will never regret reading this book , if you love epic battles, love , romance , devotion, hope when all else fails, and the most hateful , devious,Duke in waiting you ll come across , this is one book you can t miss All I can say is enjoy the book and Godspeed I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own As always this is a wonderful read from Kathryn Le Veque Her writing is so good you get she weaves you into her stories and characters and you can t stop reading until the end Fabulous Godspeed will sweep you away into Medieval England, where knights battle for dominance for their King and are loyal to their leaders This is a wonderful love story that made my heart smile and kept me engaged the entire story Enter Dashiel Dash du Reims, a knight who is cousin to the House of de Lohr and eldest son of the Earl of East Anglia Captain of the Guards for the Duke of Savernake, Dash is the leader of the men and his best knight Seeing the Duke s three daughters grow up, he has always had strong feelings for Belladonna, but never acted on them An older knight who felt unworthy of Bella, he has struggled to distance himself from her Bella on the other hand has loved Dash since she was a child but never let him know Sound like a conundrum Will they ever be together when others work against them This tale takes you to a world that comes alive with the amazing story telling of Kathryn Le Veque Full of history, adventure, intrigue and strong emotions, she makes the characters real to the point you will laugh and cry with them while they engage your heart Take the epic journey with Dash, Bella and the wonderful supporting characters to a time where family, loyalty and fighting for beliefs were the most important things in life I would give much than 5 stars if I could and this book will be on my shelf to be reread in the future Cannot not wait for by Kathryn Fabulous Classic Kathryn Le Veque She never disappoints I truly believe no one writes better heroes I loved it. 5 Stars Phenomenal This author holds me hostage every time she writes a new story, Godspeed was no exception The painting Godspeed by Edmund Leighton was brought to life with such creativity I love being transported to another place in time.Dashiell Dash du Reims is an older knight who has been smitten for several years with his liege s youngest daughter, Belladona, who happens to be half his age Being the loyal and chivilarous knight that he is, he has never acted upon what he feels for the beautiful woman she has transformed into He believes she deserves a young and handsome warrior.Belladona has been secretly in love with her father s Captain of the Guard, but he seems to not see her.There is a lot going on in this story, such as Secret feelings, greed, intrigue, betrayal, brotherly bonds with extreme loyalty, vengeance, devastation and hope A great combination that keeps you wanting to absorb and I loved it I always enjoy a piece of history when author Le Veque pens another tale John, King of England is a thorn in the rebel barons sides as well as the Lords of the Marshes Dashiell, cousin to the de Lohrs, is a mighty, noble warrior, well within his prime, with a protective streak a mile long for the Duke of Snavernake and his three daughters, believes in himself on the battlefield, but when it comes to Bella, he doesn t see himself measure up He sees himself too old for her You ll find yourself cheering Bella along as she tries to convince Dash he s her prince charming.Belladonna is the youngest daughter of the Duke of Savernake, yet her character is stronger than her sisters She s unhappy with her lot, because she s always loved Dashiell, moving from adolescent adoration to much Dash treats her even remotely From 12 on, she was his shadow and had great camaraderie up until 17 Then she became Lady Belladonna, Dashiell having a formal tone with her, not to her liking, and definitely Dash had trouble keeping his emotions in check He focused on being their protector nothing.She is hurt, doesn t understand the change and when she does, the story becomes delightfully complicated Dash must protect the Duke from greedy power mongers The three sisters love their father, but he is just a shell of the man he was The duke had been a well respected knight, his daughters loved him, but the duke believes himself to be Apostle Paul and extremely vulnerable His death would change much at the keep The political balance could very well be changed and to the worse for the knights of the Marshes.The other two sisters, Lily and Arcade have troubles of their own Lily and Arcade, Bella s older sisters, enrich the telling even further As with most of Le Veque s stories, there are subplots woven into the texture, producing a truly three dimensional setting and fabulously entertaining one The tension of the situation coils ever tighter as the duke accidentally chokes to death How can Dashiell protect Belladonna and her sisters now, against their own brother He can t very well go against the new duke.The story has all the markings of a Le Veque tale its timbre is definitely Le Veque If you are a connoisseur of Medieval Historical tales with dash no pun intended , excitement and deep emotional pull, Le Veque is your author. By Anna Katharine Koehler on March 12, 2018Format PaperbackI really love Kathryn Le Venues, her medieval books truly live way beyond expectations In each of her books, which I am steadily adding to my personal library has taken the reader back in time to a time where heroes are so hard to accept that they are the heroes of a country that goes through so much, they don t expect the accolades that they receive, they just do what is right for their country, family and fellow Knights and friends But when Kathryn Le Veque adds a heroine that is just as much a strong person as the hero doing what she feels is right, Kathryn pulls them together with lots of twists and turns that you are guessing from the first sentence if they will be together at the end with sabotaging villains that will do anything in getting the power, money and land that they feel they deserve.In Godspeed, you have Dash who is an older knight who has loved Bella since she came of age but always felt that he didn t deserve her, then you have Bella, with two sisters and a father that has what we term in today Alzheimer s, has loved Dash ever since she met him Put, obstacles in their path as a father who thinks he s Paul the Apostle, and a evil son in law wanting power and a King out to destroy England you have a Kathryn Le Veque Medieval Romance.In this book, Kathryn brought together many loved characters back to help Dash and Bella, and most important she took us back in time to see, hear, and feel how that life could of been to us her readers, which in turn we fell in love with the Knights, their loves, families and country through the wonderful, impactful words of Kathryn Le Veque.And you will fall in love with Dash and Bella as I and many others have Now waiting patiently for her next book Misunderstandings, a duke plagued with delusional thinking, two knights hopelessly in love with the duke s daughters, a hopeless misalliance, epic battles this book had so much going on My emotions were wrought Dashiell du Reims, the heir to the earldom of East Anglia is hopelessly in love with Belladonna and has been since she blossomed into womanhood That s a huge problem for him since he is an old man of 44 years and she is quite young Surely, she would be appalled if she knew of his regard Belladonna considers Dash to be the perfect man and she is quite put out that he treats her quite formally when they had been the best of friends during her childhood Personally, I agreed with Dash He was too old for her But, nevertheless, she persisted and they married after overcoming the roadblocks set in their way This book was very well written The story flowed smoothly The bad actors received their just rewards The lovers were united and all was well in their lives It was great to see the de Lohr men alive and well I hated to hear the news of the demise of one of our earlier heroes But he lived a good long life and died doing what he loved I loved this book and I can t wait to read the next release Humor, longing, and intrigue just terrific I loved this story of two people who truly loved each other and struggled and fought for their love Sir Dashiel Dash du Reims is in charge of the the knights for the Duke if Savernake It is during a time of civil war in England and they are often called to the battlefield This is all well and good for a knight like Dash, who is known far and wide for his abilities, but his liege really shouldn t be on those same fields His liege, a man Dash has cared for and respected for years, has been greatly affected by dementia and could be harmed as the duke doesn t battle on the field he blesses The duke has three daughters, and one, Belladonna, is special to Dash, and he to her, but neither is very forthcoming about their feelings at first They have known each other for years, and there is an age difference, but their friendship has matured into a love that is deep and strong Their desire to have a life together is threatened by an evil antagonist with designs on the dukedom The plot is filled with intrigue and danger and longing, so much so that the reader cam almost feel it The descriptions of the locations and living conditions right down to what they ate makes you feel as if you re watching events unfold The cast of characters in this story adds so much to it that I hope at least one has a story of his own There were several times I laughed out loud at the dialogue in this one This is terrific and I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy historical romance or any romance with adventure and humor with their hea.