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I finally finished reading all of the Ian Fleming James Bond books I picked up a paperback collection of all the Fleming Bond books years ago from Sam s But never got to this last book Till I finally picked it up via Kindle and now I knocked it out Another collection of short stories.Most of the time, the Bond movies have little to do with the actual books, like Goldeneye not even a short story , or The World is Not Enough family motto mentioned in a Bond book Three of the stories in this collection are somewhat tied to the movies The main character in Octopussy never appears in the movie, but he was mention by Maud Adams playing Octopussy , he was her father in the movie, not the book , and the Faberge Egg that was featured in The Property of a Lady was also featured in the Octopussy movie but not like in this short story And finally, the female assassin in The Living Daylights did appear in the Timothy Dalton Bond movie of the same name.Loose ties, but ties nonetheless.I have read a few other James Bond books by other authors, but felt I needed to complete the original series Now on toBond.. This was going to be dirty work and Bond, because he belonged to the Double 0 Section, had been chosen for it Perversely, Bond wanted to force M to put it in black and white This was going to be bad news, dirty news, and he didn t want to hear it from one of the Section officers, or even from the Chief of Staff This was to be murder All right Let M bloody well say so.Four Bond short stories None are very interesting.1 OCTOPUSSYThis is a short story about a man, living in Jamaica, who stole some Nazi gold during the war Now, decades later, Bond has come to collect What the man has done is even worse, because in stealing the Nazi gold he murdered a man who was like a father to Bond It is called Octopussy because the man has a rather tame octopus named Octopussy or just Pussy Told from the Major s point of view, it is interesting to get another view on Bond and see another aspect of his life and job I thought that this was the strongest story, although there is very little Bond in it.2 THE PROPERTY OF A LADYA woman who is working for MI6 but is really an agent from the KGB receives her payment in a Faberge worth over 100,000 pounds Nothing really happens in this story Again, we are confronted by Fleming s belief that ugly people are prone to turn to evil because they feel slighted and inadequate.3 THE LIVING DAYLIGHTSBond travels to Berlin in order to murder a sniper who is planning to kill a British agent This is very rough for Bond because Bond is not an assassin Actually, he has a huge problem with killing people in cold blood Bond also shows mercy on a woman in this story.4 007 IN NEW YORKBond travels to New York in order to warn a British woman that her boyfriend is KGB This story is pointless and, by the way, Bond hates NYC The only thing worth mentioning is that it includes a recipe for Bond s scrambled eggs.SCRAMBLED EGGS JAMES BOND For four individualists 12 fresh eggsSalt and pepper5 6 ounces of fresh butterBreak the eggs into a bowl Beat thoroughly with a fork and season well In a small copper or heavy bottomed saucepan melt four ounces of the butter When melted, pour in the eggs and cook over a very low heat, whisking continuously with a small egg whisk.While the eggs are slightlymoist than you would wish for eating, remove pan from heat, add rest of butter and continue whisking for half a minute, adding the while finely chopped chives or fine herbs Serve on hot buttered toast in individual copper dishes for appearance only with pink champagne Taittainger and low music. #E-PUB Á Octopussy and The Living Daylights Û Whether It Is Tracking Down A Wayward Major Who Has Taken A Deadly Secret With Him To The Caribbean Or Identifying A Top Russian Agent Secretly Bidding For A Faberg Egg In A Sotheby S Auction Room, Bond Always Closes The Case With Extreme PrejudiceThis New Penguin Edition Comprises Four Stories, Including Fleming S Little Known StoryIn New York, Showcasing Bond S Taste For Manhattan S Special Pleasures From Martinis At The Plaza And Dinner At The Grand Central Oyster Bar To The Perfect Anonymity Of The Central Park Zoo For A Secret Rendezvous This is to Ian Fleming s Bond stories as Coda is to Led Zeppelin a thin collection of what s left after it s over.Led Zeppelin was noafter the demise of their drummer John Bonham in 1980 Coda was released in 1982 featuring a collection of previously unreleased tracks from various sessions throughout the band s twelve year reign as metal gods Ian Fleming passed away in 1964 and Octopussy and The Living Daylights was published posthumously in 1966 after Fleming had taken the world by storm, introducing us to his master spy James Bond.The 14th and final Bond book by originator Fleming, this follows the 1960 publication of For Your Eyes Only as a collection of short stories This edition has four stories Octopussy , The Living Daylights , Property of a Lady and 007 in New York.What readers of the Bond stories will discern as compared to the popular films is the greater depth of characterization James Bond, as written by Ian Fleming, is muchhuman and vulnerable, often struggling with the moral dilemmas of taking lives for the service of his country Fleming, a lifetime smoker and heavy drinker, describes Bond as such as well, and supporting players like M and Moneypenny worry about Bond s fragile health.These are all extremely entertaining and I highly recommend the entire collection Here s my list of the Best of Bond but they re all good and I liked them all So light up a cigarette, take a sip from a vodka martini with a lemon peel and enjoy.ThunderballFrom Russia with LoveGoldfingerOn Her Majesty Secret ServiceYou Only Live TwiceDiamonds are ForeverLive and Let DieMoonrakerMan with the Golden GunDoctor NoCasino RoyaleFor Your Eyes Only Octopussy and The Living DaylightsThe Spy Who Loved Me A collection of four short stories Two share titles with James Bond movies, but the substance is nothing like the subject matter of the stories Will reviewlater. 3 stars for the short stories.5 stars for Tom Hiddleston s narrations.The short stories were good Here we have Octopussy, The Property of a Lady, and The Living Daylights All three have very different tones to them and all have a different version of Bond.Octopussy was probably my favorite Bond is actually only a minor character and the story really centers around Major Dexter Smythe, a retired WWII hero who is implicated in a murder that involved a stash of Nazi gold Smythe is a very interesting character and the story is mostly told via his flashbacks of his involvement in the murder And, of course, there is Smythe s famous Octopussy, his pet name for the giant Octopus living in the coral reef off of his bungalow who ends up having a surprising role to play in the story.The Portrait of a Lady was only worthy of note for me because here Bond is a muchlaid back character He was very amusing in this piece and the stakes are not really that high as he mainly attends an auction in order to identify his target, who is then simply deported from London Bond s inner thoughts during the whole auction proceedings gave me quite a few laughs The Living Daylights has a muchserious tone throughout and I actually loved Bond in this piecethan the other short stories and even the previous two books that I read in the series There is a lot of depth and complexity to him here that I was surprised to find. Number 14 in the James Bond series, Octopussy and The Living Daylights is the last Book penned by Ian Fleming in the series It consists of four short vignettes OctopussyAn officer succumbs to a moment of greed after World War II in collecting a couple of bars of Nazi gold, a crime which catches up to him The Property of a LadyA surprising payday for a KGB spy and one of the few actual spying cases done by James Bond in this series The Living DaylightsAn East Germany escape, a cello playing assassin and a killer job for 007 007 in New YorkBond has a nice tourist trip to New York City not America, the home of sterilized food and unimaginative hotel decor These little short stories share almost nothing except their titles with the movies that were made by Hollywood under the same titles Bond is shown undertaking yes, that is a pun quiet little jobs without the usual wham bang excitements But these experiences give Bond and readers pause for thought about long term undercover secrets. Ian Fleming shows that the James Bond adventures work equally well in the short story format While not perhaps on such an epic scale as other 007 tales all three episodes are written with Fleming s superb journalistic style. SCRAMBLED EGGS JAMES BOND 12 fresh eggs Salt and pepper 5 6 oz of fresh butterBreak the eggs into a bowl Beat thoroughly with a fork and season well In a small copper or heavy bottomed saucepan melt four oz of the butter When melted, pour in the eggs and cook over a very low heat, whisking continuously with a small egg whisk.While the eggs are slightlymoist than you would wish for eating, remove the pan from heat, add rest of butter and continue whisking for half a minute, adding the while finely chopped chives or fine herbs Serve on hot buttered toast in individual copper dishes for appearance only with pink champagne Taittinger and low music.This recipe for eggs is included with the last short story in this book, 007 in New York After reading this, I could only say James Bond eats 12 eggs at a time That s impressive Only Cool Hand Luke has aimpressive egg eating resume.This book collection of short stories was the last Ian Fleming James Bond release It was also released posthumously You will recognize the titles of two of the short stories from the movie series and some of the elements you see in the movies did come from here But, in the grand scheme of things, the connection is only minor OCTOPUSSY 3 out of 5 starsThis one is not much about Bond of the close to 50 pages, he is only in it for 4 or 5 It is a decent story about a good guy going bad and what happens in the aftermath And, in this case, view spoiler Octopussy is actually an octopus hide spoiler Reread this book after such a long time This was my first brush with the iconic British spy in a book written by the creator, Ian Fleming I had read a Bond novel by John Gardener earlier though.The edition I have contains the following three stories Octopussy The Living Daylights The Property of a LadySome editions feature an additional story 007 IN NEW YORK I wish my edition included this one.In these stories you will get to accompany Bond on his missions across the globe Jamaica, West Berlin and London Enter the world of espionage, spies, traitors and assassins The best part there are no outlandish plots, larger than life villains hell bent on taking over the world, even the iconic cars and fancy gizmos are absent The stories are realistic or at least what readers and critiques of spy fiction claim to be realistic and I found then enjoyable But a little bit of sexism is there in one of the stories.Now we come to the storiesOctopussyHere, surprisingly, Bond has limited presence and dons the role of cop rather than that of a spy 007 deals with a ex British army major who had committed a crime during his posting in post WW2 Germany Interestingly, the character ofHannes Oberhauserwas first introduced in this book I recognized the name from the movie Spectre But, the story around the character has been somewhat altered in the movie.I had watched Octopussy before reading the stories But, the movie adaptation contains elements of this and The Property of a Lady and has built up on then Octopussy has been condensed into a dialogue in the movie and while The Property of the Lady became a sceneThe Property of a LadyBond is tasked with identifying a top ranking Soviet spy during the auction of a Faberge art in Sootheby s in LondonThe Living DaylightsHere Bond s mission is to facilitate the escape of a spy from East Berlin to West Berlin by taking care of a KGB sniper In this story, the famous 007 would actually express his distaste at having to kill someone The story would be part of the beginning scene in the movie adaption featuring Timothy Dalton as Bond.The book also has some illustrations which use dots to create profiles of weapons, cars among others I liked the designs.Bond buffs and people interested in spy fiction would enjoy the book The book is only 127 pages long and can be read in one sitting.