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!Ebook ♷ Mulan ♦ Mulan, The Legendary Woman Warrior, Comes To Life In This Empowering Retelling Of T He Ballad Of Mulan With Stunning Full Color Illustrations By New York Times Bestseller Joy AngMulan Loves Nothing Than Her Family She Will Do Anything For Them Even If It Means Joining The Army In Her Ageing Father S Place Since Girls Are Not Allowed In The Army, Mulan Cleverly Disguises Herself As A Man But She Must Look Deep Within Herself To Find Her Might And Her CourageFaye Lynn Wu And Joy Ang Turn This Ancient Chinese Ballad Into An Uplifting, Empowering Ode To Young Girls Everywhere, Showing That True Strength Comes From Within, Regardless Of Appearance, Inspiring A New Generation Of Women Warriors The Book Also Includes The Original Ballad The legendary tale of Mulan is beautifully illustrated in this picture book It is the well known tale of the brave woman warrior who courageously fought in her father s place. I love, love, love this book The illustrations are gorgeous, the writing is wonderful, and I love the message It s different and the same as the Disney movie, and I adore the way this was done This is absolutely one of my favorite picture books now I love it I read this book with all the kids, and we all loved the pictures and the story Yes, it was all a bit brief, and it definitely could have been expanded on a bit , but somehow the strength was in that too Loved the thing about the rabbits Recommended Beautiful illustrations and the true legend of Mulan but short enough for kids yah girl women power If your liked the Disney Mulan movie you should totally read this. Stunning illustrations and a good retelling of the story If you like Mulan it s a gorgeous book to have for the collection I enjoyed the story and the beautiful illustrations. Gorgeous I think this might be a slightly truncated version of Mulan or at least the ending felt a little abrupt but it s so well done that it hardly matters Wu s text puts an emphasis on Mulan being a strong and able girl and proving, again and again, that she is just as capable as any man The focus on equality and Mulan s strengths are timely and much needed right now Wu s translation is complemented with the original ballad of Mulan included in the back in Chinese Ang s artwork is stunning The palette here is dark and muted, as the cover suggests, but still leaves a lot of room for nuance There is a soft focus feel and a lot of beautiful layering and detail work I can t really overstate how magnificent this book is Every page is a work of art Add this to your list as a wonderful non western legend and keep it there as one to watch hopefully for some Caldecott recognition.