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This was awesome and weird If you like Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld and Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, I have a feeling you ll enjoy this as well. Okay book with lots of plot twists, especially at the end Not much to say, it seemed like your average comic book recommend it for 11 and up. [Free E-pub] ⚆ DeadEndia ♹ Barney And His Best Friend Norma Are Just Trying To Get By And Keep Their Jobs, But Working At The Dead End Theme Park Also Means Battling Demonic Forces, Time Traveling Wizards, And Scariest Of All Their Love Lives Follow The Lives Of This Diverse Group Of Employees Of A Haunted House, Which May Or May Not Also Serve As A Portal To Hell, In This Hilarious And Moving Graphic Novel, Complete With Talking Pugs, Vengeful Ghosts And LBGTQIA Love This is a wild ride of a book, and it appears to be just the first in a series Barney, who named himself after the purple dinosaur, has left his home, because he can t live there, with his parents not accepting his sexuality He gets a job at a theme park that is actually a portal to the demon world Oh, and his dog gets pocessed by one of the demons and learns to talk and has magic powers.And through all this, Barney is falling in love.It is a strange book, but once you get into it, it was a lot of fun.Give it a try It is very different, and that is a complement Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review. HOLY SCHNIKES.This was so freaking good Some young 20 somethings work at DeadEndia, a haunted house in the middle of a theme park Oh, and it is also a portal into hell This comic has everything Amazing artworkHumorDiversity Demons Time TravelThe series starts out as a monster of the week type formula as we get to know the main ensemble, but little do you know that this wild story arc is woven in the whole time I m just so impressed, this series has so many layers. I received a DRC for free from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars THIS WAS SO FUN And really weird But so diverse I don t even know how to explain it, but if you like things like Welcome to Night Vale, I think you d like this It got characters of color, a trans dude, other queer characters, a girl who wears a hijab, and angels and demons I mean honestly, what can you ask for I knocked off half a star because it made me cry But I seriously can t wait to read Actual rating 4.5 5 Really loved this Lots of diverse representation This was a fun, fast, comical, and colorful read It reminded me a lot of Scooby Doo If you are interested in my full length review where I break it down into different categories, click 2019 Read Harder Challenge A comic by an LGBTQIA creator I finished this book club book very late I loved the story a portal to hell in a theme park a character who is trans A few things were muddy to me some of the visual layout speech bubbles placed really far from the character talking , some of the plot time travel, sometimes unclearly , and the audience this is billed as all ages, but going out for work drinks, everyone being in their 20s, and words like orgasmic made me feel it was teen and new adult oriented, in spite of the colorful, Muppety art Sorry, but I m not gonna waste my smile energy on you I AM MY OWN KITTY Neurodivergent people support each other Doesn t mean we re all compatible You ve become a REAL problematic fave, Pauline Ah well this was all kinds of crazy Demonic pugs, a Dollywood inspired theme park which is a portal to a thirteen dimensional world something like that it is pretty hard to logically follow the larger plot machinations here but as someone that normally eschews cartoons of any kind I actually had some fun with this This comic has a very warm heart but ultimately I think it maybe lost control of it s demonic storyline in the end there, poor Pugsley So, I picked up this book two days before the end of 2019 I read it, I loved it, and I was completely changed by it It has a pretty typical, Cartoon Network esque plot, but the kind diversity and unique life lessons elevated it The artwork is fun and fantastic, allowing itself to be emotional without betraying its cartooness I ve never read a book with a trans male main character that I connected with as deeply as Barney This is not a story of Barney s struggle or pain Instead, we get to see his growth as he shares things he s learned and is still learning as he transitions This being a webcomic that got published By an actual publishing company is incredible and rare, and I can t wait to see where the story of DeadEndia goes in the future I m crossing my fingers for a show, and since DeadEndia originated as a short for Cartoon Hangover, that fantasy seems likely Kudos to Hamish Steele for creating one of my favorite comics, and one of my favorite stories, ever.