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FREE º The Vampires Witch (A Witch Between Worlds, #1) â Magic Vampires Fallen Empires And Dangerous Prophecies Fans Of The Vampire Diaries, A Shade Of A Vampire, And Twilight Will Be Blown Away By A Witch Between Worlds Haunted By Vivid Nightmares, Seventeen Year Old Clara Blackwell Suffers A Miserable And Downtrodden Life In Great Britain When A Simple Act Of Kindness Leads Her Astray, A Chance Encounter Casts Her Across The Dimensional Barrier Between Worlds Clara Is Thrust Into A Captivating Realm Of Vampires And Magic That Is Desperate To Tear Her Apart Awaking In A Mysterious Castle Under A Cosmic Sky, She Quickly Learns That The Beauty Of This New World Is Matched Only By Its Immense Peril Ripped From Her Nightmares Comes Elliott Craven, Her Dream Savior Cold, Logical, And Deeply Suspicious Of Her Intentions, The Dark Lord Of The Castle Will Be Her Only Chance At Survival If Only He Can Find A Way To Save Her But The Subjects Of His Castle Aren T The Only Danger Of This Strange New World If Word Of Her Arrival Spreads, The Entire World Could Erupt Into A Brutal War Over Clara S Fate After All, There Hasn T Been A Human In This Vampire Realm For Thousands Of Years, And That S A Very Dangerous Position For A Teenage Girl A Fresh And Epic Story That Flips The Entire Genre On Its Head READ IT Selena Reviews Forget Everything You Think You Know A Witch Between Worlds Will Surprise You At Every Turn Fantasy Daily WowI was a little sceptical at first about reading this series but I am glad I did I look forward to major differences in the life of these vampires and eager to find out what Clara is How I feel about all the women in this book They killed it.In this story, the men women are the true warriors The women are tricky, little devils In the best kind of way Like a predator just playing with its food Let s take a look at how the women are described I leaned forward and took a good look at the sorceress as she lifted her head and pulled back the hood A golden circlet with an inset emerald sat on her forehead, holding back long, black hair Her fierce, green eyes were glued to me as she held my attention But her most striking feature was the array of rust toned markings, all thickly tattooed across a face of the purest, palest ivory I d ever seen Um Can I be her Thank you, Emma Glass, for describing women as powerful and beautiful And then there s Nikki Not only are women goddesses, but they are coy, clever little creatures as well. You know, brother, I think I ve just decided I m not gonna eat her after all Is that so He wryly asked her Nah She s fun It d be a shame to waste it And the mother, Lorelei What troubles me is that I can t decide if you were meant to be here, or if the trap was left and you were merely the fly who wandered into it And let s not forget how the women are viewed in this country. One woman soldier was a fierce older woman with half a dozen confirmed kills to her name And only the female scientists could multi task effectively enough to properly maintain the madness.In a world full of magic, vampires humans are the mythical creatures Humans are fairy tales.Women are power.And I loved exploring this realm.I am eager to see where the next book takes us. OMGI can t believe it The reviews were right I loved Twilight but this is so much intriguing I already purchased the 2nd book, I HAVE to know what happens next with Clara and Elliott. Now that I m into my 20s and have lived through the era where vampires were the new thing and everyone was writing them into their romance books, whether they were meant for an YA or adult audience, I don t usually go looking for stories with them It s not that I dislike vampire tales or anything, but the market is just ultra saturated and with ultra saturation comes repetitiveness, cliches, and a lot of books that just miss the mark.While I will say that The Vampire s Witch does come with a lot of repetitive story elements from YA lit in general, I was still pretty engaged The author s writing is pretty well done and the story thus far is moving at a decent enough pace that I don t think it s especially rushed but my praise comes with a grain of salt because I ve been burned badly before This is an episodic, installment series This first season pet peeve I hate book series that refer to themselves as seasons like they re a TV show has 10 total books and this book cuts itself off very harshly mid scene with a to be continued style ending For all I know, book 2 might very quickly sink into being everything I dislike about a book being too simple, too fast, too underdeveloped.On that note, I am tolerating its episodic nature purely because book 1 is so long If this was a 100 page each installment sort of series I d be furious especially since these books are like 2.99 a piece there was a point before book 7 was published that they were all just 99 cents but the author jacked up the prices sadly I feel like the title is somewhat misleading because Clara isn t even like exposed as being a witch in this part She s just a human and there MAY be something up based on her traveling to this alternate world and being able to communicate with everyone and read their language, but within the actual context of the book itself she hasn t been established as being a witch Based on what the next books are titled I m assuming Clara is definitely going to be a witch, but in this one, she s just a human caught in a strange situation.One perk in this book s favor is that it s using dual points of view between Clara and Elliot We get to see both facets so the story has that extra layer, which is nice The thing is though that we re quickly told that Clara is important and will cause trouble out in the world but I feel like the build up for that isn t well established Outside of being a previously mythical creature for being human, Clara s not established as having any particular worth to vampires within the narrative She apparently enhances Elliot s abilities but that s not explained to her as a reason for why other vampires might start a war over her Sure she seems tasty to them but what vampire would go to war for one meal It seems like the states having been clearly established enough in my opinion I m sure once she s come into her witch powers she ll prove invaluable, but at it stands, I can t help but wonder why Elliot doesn t just drain her himself She s a risk to his throne and his people so why not just devour her It s not like we can t sort of fill in the blanks to connect the dots as to why she s relevant but I just don t feel like the narrative properly supports this and it s kind of a big deal The majority of the book focuses on Elliot trying to decide what to do with Clara and how to keep her existence from ruining his fragile position on the throne of Stonehold and starting a war amongst other vampire nations Kind of seems like having a solid, legitimate reason for Clara being anything but a mythical, tasty snack would be a good idea We re not given consequences for why her dying or being taken by another vampire lord is a bad thing either, like it s not you re a royal guest and if you re stolen from me it ll be a sign I m an unfit ruler and we ll plunge into chaos as a nation or anything it s you re a human and that s dangerous Despite the cliches and reused ideas however, I am appreciating the transported to a different world angle in a vampire story and I did like this installment enough to want to give book 2 a try and see if things continue doing well I m hopeful that a series 10 books long with 200 pages each proves to have a nicely complex, layered narrative but if CW shows have taught me anything it s that length doesn t always mean substance.