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Stephen King recommended book Noted as important to the genre we have been discussing from FREE PDF ♩ Ghouls in My Grave ♣ Contains Gold Teeth The Shadowy Street I Killed Alfred Heavenrock The Cemetery Watchman The Mainz Psalter The Last Traveler The Black Mirror Mr Glass Changes Direction Author S Real Name Is Raymundus Joannes De Kremer He Also Published Work Under The Name John Flanders We need Jean Ray Sadly, I d already read probably the best stories from this volume elsewhere, but it was well worth tracking down Ray s excellent grasp of the weird and his gallows humor make for some spectacular reading that s right in the line that I long for when I pick up a book of uncanny tales So, why haven t I gotten my hands on a copy of The Horrifying Presence yet I have no excuse. Far less sophisticated than Ray champions would have you think, but still very much worth reading, especially for lovers of moody, pulpy short horrors of 20s and 30s. I read two of these stories previously in the Vandermeers collection The Weird The Shadowy Street and The Mainz Psalter These are masterpieces of weird fiction, but what I remembered about them was they weren t just weird, they were actually scary too.At his best Ray s stories generate a thick, uncanny atmosphere, and some genuinely creepy moments A lot of what happens in these stories is simply not explained, or left open ended in ways that are both thought provoking and quite eerie.But that said, should you search out this rare expensive book to read these rarely re printed stories I would say no If you ve read The Shadowy Street and The Mainz Psalter you ve read the best this book has to offer.I d suggest picking up The Weird anthology, it has the best two stories here and it s the same translation Sure, there s a few other good stories in this book, but nothing significantly better than the best stories by many Victorian Edwardian era ghost story authors like M R James, E F Benson, Sheridan Le Fanu, Marjorie Bowen, Blackwood, Machen, Malden, Onions, etc And most of their work is public domain Gold Teeth A weird story with it s share of gallows humor It does have one fairly eerie moment A graverobber describes his work, his challenges, and his loves.The Shadowy Street The longest story in the collection, and a re read for me I enjoyed it a lot this time around, this is a really excellent piece of weird fiction, very well plotted, sinister, and with enough vagueness that it leaves you wondering long after it ends The story concerns two manuscripts in the first a young woman describes how people in a town are plagued by horrible murders and sudden disappearances In the second a man finds a street only he is able to see and at first steals things he finds therein, but later after the same disappearances happen in his town, he tries to find a way to close the portal I Killed Alfred Heavenrock This story surprised me, it starts out rather light hearted but turns very weird by the end I ve read a story with a similar theme, but can t recall the title or author A man makes up a cousin out of thin air so he can marry a woman, only to discover his fantasy becomes reality.The Cemetery Watchman A pretty pulpy tale, entertaining but not overly memorable A poor drifter takes a job as a cemetery watchman, but is and unsettled by his suspicions about the place and the strange men who hired him The Mainz Psalter This was another re read for me I think this story is probably the best by Ray, it has so many chilling moments and the uncanny atmosphere is perfect The crew of a ship find themselves transported into another, menacing dimension after they agree to work for a strange schoolmaster.The Last Traveler A good, effective ghost story that s eerie and climactic I thought the setting and general mood were excellent A hotel keeper shuts down his hotel for the season and is the last one left as snow begins to fall, until he gets a strange visitor.The Black Mirror A pretty good cursed object type of story It has some nice touches in it, and some eeriness, but it also feels a bit predictable A poor doctor steals a cursed mirror once owned by a notorious necromancer and finds he has a sinister supernatural power watching over him.Mr Glass Changes Direction A decent horror mystery story, I felt like there was a deeper supernatural element to the story but it was either very subtle, or I just didn t put it together A man turns 50 and decides to start settling some scores in horrific fashion. Ignore the cheesy title, the book is entertaining and imaginative throughout, but stories 2, 5, and 6 are among the most atmospheric, and disturbing supernatural stories in literature, regardless of language or date of composition The translations of Lowell Bair in this collection are solemn and sonorous than the breezier translations by Hugh van Calenbergh for the equally desirable Midnight House collection, MY OWN PRIVATE SPECTRES, which has only two stories in common with this one 2 5 For about Jean Ray, and a comparison of these two collections, see John Eatman s review at