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@Download Pdf æ Introductory Financial Accounting for Business ⚦ Learning Financial Accounting Can Often Feel Like Learning A Foreign Language To Students, In Particular When Terminology And Procedure Is Piled On Before Core Concepts Are Truly Mastered Introductory Financial Accounting For Business Is An Innovative Approach That Emphasizes Critical Thinking Over The Rote Memorization Of Terms, Such As Debits And Credits The Sequential Learning Model Employed By The Authors Helps Students See The Bottom Line Consequences Of Financial Statements As It Relates To The Overall Business, Better Preparing Them For Careers As Accountants, Entrepreneurs, And Decision MakersThe Authors Focus Initially On Conceptual Underpinnings The Reasons Why We Approach Procedures The Way We Do Rather Than Confusing Students By Front Loading The Material With Over Complicated Details Author Chris Edmonds Has Also Created A Highly Popular And Widely Used Series Of Video Lectures, Which Engage Students By Clearly And Charismatically Going Over Each Learning Objective In A Conversational Style These Videos Help Reinforce Important Lessons And Are Always Available For ReviewBy Developing This Stronger Foundation, Students Understand Accounting Ideas Broadly And Are Able To Ultimately Learn Procedural Applications Quickly And Accurately With A Straightforward Writing Style And Highly Engaging Video Lectures, This Dynamic Author Team Leads Students Down A Streamlined Learning Path Focused On Critical Thinking, Clarity Of Concept, And Applicability Of Material To The Real World